Jane and Maura: Love and Happiness: The Life We Chosen!

Chapter 1

It is hard to believe that four months ago, Maura and I left Boston to go to Paris, and now here we are returning to Boston. After 7 years of dancing around our feelings for each other, we decided somewhere halfway into our flight that we wanted to same thing to be together. So what started out as a month vacation for me turn into the most amazing, life changing experience for me, instead of going to the FBI to be an instructor, I stay in Paris with Maura, our sex life was beyond mind blowing daily, iI learned alot about Paris, art, and our life in general, as well as to be happy. And things have worked out for the best. Maura was my wife, carrying our child since we had used both of our eggs to impregnate Maura, and our life together was an exciting adventure that we were looking forward.

Now as we are sitting on the Isles' jet, returning to the city I love, with the woman that i have loved for over 7 years, and the job that i love. I guess I need to explain a few things, we are returning to Boston to live, and also for work. We were contacted by the Governor, the Mayor, and Sean, my former Lt from the BPD, saying that Maura and myself were needed back in Boston ASAP. Apparently, Frankie was in over his head with several cases unsolved and Kent had destroyed evidences, both were on suspensions. Even Korsak was returning to BPD, so things were very bad. Maura and I were being met at the Logan by Korsak and KiKi and being brought to the Maura's house ( our home). It was great to see Korsak and KiKi, and to catch up on what had happened in the last 4 months. As usual, my Ma planned a welcome home party at the Dirty Robber, so after dropping of our luggage, we headed to the Robber. It was nice to see everyone, until Tommy tried to kiss Maura, and kept grabbing her, I lost it and punched the shit out of him.

Which brings us to the argument we are having now, with my Ma screaming at me for hitting him, and why can't I be happy for him if Maura and him are in a relationship, I looked at my ma and said "seriously are you that delusional to believe Maura wants a relationship with him?" I asked Maura if she is hurt and is she okay? She says yes, worrying more about my hand, and me. All the time Ma is going on about Tommy, me finding a good man and settling down. It was finally the last straw, listening to her go on and on about what I need in my life and poor Tommy. Maura has her hand on my shoulder, trying to calm me, reassuring me she is fine. I just snapped after years of listening to my Ma, making everyone else happy, putting others first, and me constantly being miserable. Finally not caring about anyone's feelings, I had spend the last 4 months, working on putting myself first with the help of Maura, being by my side, encouraging me and most of all accepting and loving me. I took a deep breath, screaming to get my Ma's attention, as well as, everyone else's, I took Maura's hand in mine and told them that Maura was my wife, we got married 3 days after arriving in Paris. My Ma was speechless, Tommy look like he was going to pass out, Frankie was shock, but Nina, Korsak and KiKi congratulate us, and said they had thought we were a couple for years.