Jane and Maura! Love and Happiness! The Life We Have Chosen:

Chapter 33

Jane had surprised Maura with a surprised wedding and Maura had surprised Jane with a surprised honeymoon/family vacation with the help of her parents. Since Maura and Jane were running the Isles Foundation, they were able to run it from where they were. Maura had rented the same vacation house they had rented years ago when they vacationed in Paris. Their were going to spend the summer there and repeat what they had done years ago. Maura felt like they really needed it and alot had changed since they had last been here. They both retired, had two more children, and just had their wedding.

Now that school had ended the whole Rizzoli-Isles family was enjoying the pool at the house. Constance and Arthur spend their days in Paris at their flat, and evening at the vacation house in order to allow Jane and Maura to go out for dinner, to the opera, ballet, and other various other events, and was taking several mini trips to all the places that the family had went to before, just like they did all those years ago. They also were going to spend 2 weeks in Greece for a repeat honeymoon, with a few extra surprises that Jane didn't know about. Over the years of marriage, Jane had showered Maura everyday with gifts and told her several times a day that she loved Maura, and showed her everyday when she made love to Maura, sometimes up to 3 times a days with mind blowing orgasms, not including their love making marathons. She love her wife, children, and her life. Tonight Maura was taking Jane out for a surprise romantic evening, they took turns planning their nightly evenings outing, the only nights they did go out were Wednesdays and Sundays, they were designated family days and nights, devoted to their kids, and the kids decided everything down to the menus. But tonight Jane was all Maura's, so as they arrived at the restaurant, they were swept away to their table in the

corner of the room, dimly lit by candlelight, soft music playing, the waiter poured the wine, and they were lost in each other's eyes, and conversation, enjoying their meal. Maura asked Jane to dance, she said yes, and as they were approaching the dance floor, their song started playing, pulling Maura into her arms, Jane kissed her passionately. She loved this woman, their children and their life, nothing else matter. Swaying to the different songs being played, each one was special to them and had meaning. Finally Maura asked if Jane was ready to go and she nodded yes. Quickly Maura paid their bill and their headed out the door to the next part of their date. Arriving at the Eiffel Tower, the got out, got their tickets and proceeded to make their way into the first floor of it, to the elevators. Waiting in the line for the next elevator, Maura was standing in front of Jane with Jane's arms wrapped around her waist, keeping Maura pulled closely to her.

Arriving at the top of the Eiffel Tower, walking out onto the observation floor, looking out over the beautifully lit Paris night, this is the scene that they both had grown to love. They spent alot of their nights here after arriving and getting married in Paris, Jane had asked Maura to marry her, they decided to start a family, planned various trips, and when they were asked to return to Boston it was here that they had came and spent hours talking and deciding to return. It held alot of important moments and memories for them, it was their special place in Paris. They had brought their children here a few times, but as usual they were not interested in it, after seeing it once. But tonight it was about Jane and Maura, just being together in their special place, enjoying their time and making new memories. Standing there enjoying the view, being lost in Jane's arms, and Jane being lost in Maura's arms. After spending an hour on the observation floor, they headed back to the elevators to head down to the first floor. Waiting in line again, they talked about their family and about some of the activities the kids had mention that they were interested in doing. They never denied their children an opportunity to learn about things that interested them.

As they were going down in the elevator, Jane asked her wife about when they were going to Greece and what was their schedule going to include and be like. Maura leaned in kissing Jane, saying she was still working on it, they were leaving in 2 weeks to go. Jane sticking out her bottom lip out like she was pouting, says "Baby, how am I going to plan things if I don't know the dates? I have a few things I would like to organize, but I have no idea about the dates, can you please give me the dates, pretty please, I promise I will make it worth you while." smirking Jane leans in placing a passionate kiss on Maura's lips. Breaking the kiss both were breathless, grabbing Maura's hand they exited the elevator, walking to a cafe and sitting at a time enjoying some tea, coffee and a dessert, they continued to talk about their upcoming honeymoon. Maura quickly added the dates, hotel information and a couple of other things in Jane's phone. After finishing they took a walk along the water, and went to a park. Paris in the was was beautiful, but Paris at night was breathtaking, romantic and the City of Love.

As their were arriving back at the car, someone yells "Maura, Maura Isles is that you? Maura Isles, you haven't changed a bit since the last time I saw you." Both Jane and Maura both turned in the direction of the voice calling Maura's name. Seeing a red headed woman making her way to them. Jane arches her eye brow at her wife, "Maura, baby who is that woman coming towards us and why is she yelling your name? Before Maura could answer Jane, the red hair woman pulled Maura into a hug and kiss. Maura pushes the woman away, seeing a very hurt and shock look on her wife's face. Jane's face is now a beat red, and Maura can tell her wife is furious. Jane ask, "Maura, I will ask you one more time, who is this fucking woman and why is she kissing you?" "Maura, are you going to answer me?" Clearing her throat, Maura looks at Jane. "Jane, I have no idea who she is, I am just as shocked as you are. Can you please calm down." Taking Jane's hands in hers, looking into Jane's eyes, she keeps repeating calming, loving words to Jane. Finally, Jane turns to the red headed woman asking " Who are you, how do you know my wife, and why in the hell did you kiss my wife?" "Because you just heard my wife says, she doesn't know you or have any idea who the fuck you are? I don't play games when it comes to my wife, so you might want to answer me." The red headed woman, swallow a big lump in her throat, looking at two very pissed off women, especially Jane. She starts to speak, " My name is Stephanie Deluca, I went to broading school with Maura, when we would 14 years old.

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