Cat is getting ready for school

Sam: Dressing up for school?

Cat: Yes. If you want, you can come and visit us. Sikowitz doesn't mind.

Sam: Okay I got nothing else to do. I'm sure Jade will want to see me again.

Cat: Sweet. Let's go.

Cat Valentine TheSlap Update: Heading off to Hollywood Arts. I love that school so much. FEELING: Awesome

At Hollywood Arts High School, Tori and the others walk in

Tori: Thanks for the ride André.

André: No problem.

Trina: Why didn't you want me to take you to school?

Tori: Because André doesn't need me to shave him.

Robbie: Hey guys.

Tori: Sup Robbie.

Cat and Sam walk in

Cat: Hi.

André: Sup Cat.

Jade: Hey Sam.

Sam: Sup Jade.

Beck: What are you doing here?

Trina: Yeah you don't go to school here.

Sam: I came to visit.

School bell rings

Tori: Time to get to class.

At Sikowitz's class, he's teaching the class how to act as married couple while being grouchy

Tori: I am so happy we got married!

André: Me too!

Jade: I love being married!

Beck: It feels great!

Sikowitz: And cut. You may take your seats.

Sam: That was funny.

Cat: Right.

Sikowitz: Sam it was great for you to come visit us.

Robbie: Just don't let Vice Principal Dickers find out.

Sam: Why?

Jade: He's a skunk bag.

Tori: He gave us all Saturday detentions.

Cat: And yelled at us.

André: He's the worst.

Sam: What's he going to do. Suspend Cat since we're roommates.

Beck: Just be a lookout for him.

School bell rings

Sikowitz: Class dismissed.

They go to their lockers

Sam: Nice locker Tori.

Tori: Thanks.

Jade: Hey Sam wanna see my locker?

Sam: Sure.

Jade shows Sam her locker

Jade: I decorated it black with scissors.

Sam: Nice. Who's locker is this with baby bottle nipples?

Robbie: Oh that's my locker.

Principal Dickers is walking down the stairs

Tori: Crud it's Dickers.

Dickers: Hey blonde!

Sam: What?

Dickers: Do you go to school here?

Sam: No.

Dickers: Then get out. Only people who go to school here are allowed in.

André: But she's visiting.

Dickers: Shut it Harris.

Cat: Can't my roommate stay for the day?

Dickers: She's your roommate?

Sam: Yes.

Dickers: Cat you're suspended for 2 weeks.

Cat: Why?

Dickers: Because you aren't allowed to bring in people who don't go to school here. Whether she's visiting or not! Now get out now!

Cat leaves crying

Sam: Dude that's too harsh.

Dickers: Yeah well you better leave before I call the cops!

Sam: Fine. I got better stuff to do anyways.

Sam leaves

Dickers: What are you punks looking at! Get to class!

Jade: (whispers) Skunk bag.

Dickers: I heard that West!

Jade: You were supposed to.

Tori walks by Trina

Trina: Hey what happened?

Tori: Dickers suspended Cat.

Trina: Why?

Beck: Apparently she can't let Sam visit.

Trina: Well that's stupid.

Robbie: He should be arrested.

Tori: Let's discuss this later.

Back at Apartment #22

Sam: Cat I'm so sorry I got you suspended.

Cat: It's okay Sam. It's not your fault.

Sam: Dickers really is the worst. I guess it shows since it's his name.

Cat: What am I going to do?

Sam: I'm sure your friends can get you your homework.

Cat: I'll be in the bathroom. For an hour. Or 6.

Sam: Don't cry kid.

Cat didn't hear Sam and goes to the bathroom to cry

As she does, there's a knock at the door

Sam: Who is it?

Jade: It's us.

Tori: Can we come in?

Sam: Sure.

They walk in

Beck: How's Cat?

Sam: Terrible. She ran to the bathroom to cry.

Trina: Dickers is such a horrible person.

Robbie: He doesn't own the school.

Jade: We should get revenge on him for suspending Cat.

Sam: We will. Cat told me the stuff he did to you guys. Giving you Saturday detention and yelling at you.

Tori: What are you going to do?

Jade: Butter sock?

Sam: Butter sock.

Trina: What's a butter sock?

Beck: It's a sock filled with butter.

Sam: I've been using this bad boy since 2009.

André: Why?

Sam: Because of the Totally Teri writers.

Robbie: Oh I remember that.

Tori: They stole a lot of ideas from iCarly.

Sam: Yeah.

Jade: Alright let's kick the dick in Dickers.

They head off to get revenge

Back with Dickers

Lane: Dickers why did you have to go suspend Cat like that?

Helen: Yeah that is not your job.

Dickers: I do what I want!

Helen: Who hired him?

Lane: The superintendent.

Helen: He made a terrible mistake.

Dickers: I'm going home! If you try to get Cat back in the school, you're both getting detention!

Dickers leaves

Sikowitz: Man he really is the worst.

Lane: For real.

Dickers is at his house while Sam and the others (excluding Cat) have arrived

Trina: This is where he lives?

Jade: Yep. I tracked him down.

Sam: Alright time to beat his ass.

André: Good luck you two.

Jade: Thanks, André.

Tori: Trina you should help them.

Trina: Why?

Robbie: You and Cat are friends.

Beck: Besides you can irritate him with your terrible singing.

Jade: Yeah if you help us, maybe we'll actually like you.

Trina: Okay I'll do it. For Cat.

Sam: Shall I?

Jade: Go ahead.

Sam kicks down Dickers's door

Dickers: You?

Sam: Yeah it's me!

Jade: You shouldn't have suspended Cat.

Dickers: Well I did. Nobody is allowed to visit Hollywood Arts without a pass.

Trina: You know she's from iCarly.

Dickers: Oh yeah. That webshow sucked ass. I'm glad you guys ended it. Freddie should die and rot in hell.

Sam gets very angry at Dickers. She had a lot of fun doing iCarly. Sam takes out her butter sock and starts beating him with it

Sam: You do not fucking talk about my boyfriend like that!

Trina: Yeah. He's hot.

Trina starts kicking Dickers until he faints

Jade: Call your dad.

Trina: On it.

Mr. Vega comes to arrest Dickers

Mr. Vega: You're going away for a long time.

Tori: Ha ha.

Helen: Sam.

Sam: Who are you?

Lane: She's the principal.

Helen: Tell Cat she can come back to school starting tomorrow.

Sam: I will.

Beck: You were amazing.

Robbie: He got what he deserved.

Jade: I can't believe I'm saying this but thanks for the help Trina.

Trina: You're welcome.

Back at the apartment, Sam told Cat she can come back to school

Cat: You guys beat him up?

Sam: Yep. Well I used my butter sock and Trina used her karate skills on him.

Jade: And now he's in jail.

Tori: Never to return.

Cat: Thank you.

Trina: You're our friend.

Robbie: Yeah we do anything for you.

Beck: You'd do the same for us.

Cat: I love you guys.

Sam, Jade, Robbie, Tori, Beck, André, and Trina: We love you too, Cat.

They all hug as the story ends

Note: This is a crossover between Victorious and Sam & Cat

Note #2: Vice Principal Dickers from the Victorious episode "The Breakfast Bunch" appears in this story

Note #3: Helen from Drake & Josh appears as she is still the principal at Hollywood Arts

Note #4: The events of the iCarly episode iTake on Dingo is mentioned by Tori