Jane was lying in the living room, reading a book, waiting for Tarzan to get home. He had gone to fetch some food with Turk and Tantor this morning. It was now mid-afternoon, and Jane was getting sick and tired of waiting around for him. Her father was asleep and Jane was feeling, dare she say, a little stir-crazy.

She wanted to get out of this bloody tree house, for Lord's sake! She knew Daddy would kill her for talking like that but it was true; she had to get out of here! She'd been hauled up in here all day and she needed to get out now!

Jane groaned and started walking around in frustration. Yes, she was a little clumsy but she ultimately meant well. She understood that Tarzan was just looking out for her, as he ought to be, but sometimes he went a little too far. She felt as if he treated her like a child at times, acting like she had never been out in the jungle before.

This was rather funny, as Tarzan usually acted like the child in the relationship most of the time, with him often embarrassing her in front of her friends. Jane sighed. She should be thankful, right? She gets to live a life full of adventure and excitement every single day, whereas most of her friends live in England, with their boring husbands and no career prospects.

Still Jane thought If I am to live here, then certainly I should explore it, should I not? She looked up at the clock. The clock read 2:30. She was not going to wait anymore.

She got up and set her book down on the wooden table in front of her. She stood up and walked over to where her father was sleeping. She was going to tell him where she was going, so that why he didn't panic if he woke up and she wasn't there.

Jane quietly walked into the room, being careful not to step on anything. When she reached her father's bed, she lightly shook him, just to wake him up.

Professor Porter grumbled and opened his eyes a bit, a worn out look in his face.

"Jane?" He asked, confused. "What time is it?" He looked around him, searching for a clock.

"It's 2:30, father," Jane said. "I'm going to go for a walk now. I need some fresh air. I've been here all day long and I need to get out."

Professor Porter blinked. "Why, I'll come with you." He said, sitting up and grabbing his hat, which was sitting on the nightstand.

"No Daddy, I-I want to go by myself." Jane explained, putting her hands on his shoulders. Professor Porter froze and looked at her.

"You want to be alone, my dear? Oh alright. As you wish." Professor Porter set his hat back down and laid back in bed, preparing to go back to sleep.

"No Daddy, I need you to be up so that you can tell Tarzan that I left." Jane explained.

"Oh well alright Jane. I'll tell Tarzan for you." Professor Porter said. Jane nodded at him and said "Thanks Daddy."

Jane walked to the door and left the house, making sure to close the door behind her before she left.

Jane took a deep breath as soon as she stepped outside. It was nice and warm out. The air smelled sweet and Jane thought she smelled marigolds. Jane walked around, enjoying the crisp air around her. It just felt so good to leave the house for once.

Whenever she stayed in the lodge for too long, Jane always felt as if she was slowly being suffocated to death. The house was her safe haven, but it could also be oppressive and stifling if one stayed there too long.

Jane walked around the jungle, feeling her heart begin to flutter as she walked. She looked back, making sure her father hadn't tried to climb down the treehouse to go after her. He was getting older and he was having a harder time walking up and down trees.

Jane shook her head and continued walking. Honestly everyone around her treated her like she was a little kid. She was sick of it. She was a grown woman, nearly thirty years old, but everyone acted like she was fragile.

Ok, so there were a couple of times where she had put herself in danger, but other than that she was completely fine. She could handle herself really. She didn't Tarzan to be looming over her like a female gorilla over its baby.

Jane lifted her skirt as she stepped over a branch. As she walked, she began to feel lonely. It was hard, constantly being treated like this, like she didn't matter. She needed to go talk to someone. Birds chirped as she walked along the muddy path, making sure not to step in anything.

Jane walked through the forest, knowing right where she was heading.

Kala was sitting on the edge of the riverbank, watching the rambunctious little monkeys as they splashed in the river. Jane sullied up to her, feeling herself smile at the scene. It felt good to see Kala again. Jane hadn't seen her in months; in fact, the last time Jane saw her was at her birthday party, when Kala brought all the children to see her.

Jane smiled as she walked up to her. Kala had always treated Jane like a daughter and Jane had always treated her like a mother, mostly because her own mother was dead. She had died years ago, when Jane was thirteen. Jane didn't like to think about that; it was too painful.

Kala didn't seem to notice her as she approached her.

"Hello Kala, how are you?" Jane asked, smiling wide as Kala turned around to face her. Kala looked alarmed at seeing Jane alone. She usually only saw Jane when she was with Tarzan, and even then it was usually for a family gathering.

"Jane, I'm doing well. Thank you for asking. Is everything alright?" Kala asked, looking up at Jane. Jane forced a smile.

"I'm doing alright." She said, failing to hide the sad tone in her voice. Kala bit her lip, and turned to the other ape who was watching the children with her and said "Zulu, can you watch the children please? I'll be right back."

Zulu nodded as Kala turned back to Jane.

"Come on," She said. "Let's go for a walk." Jane smiled at her and led the way.

Kala looked up at her as they walked.

"So what is it that you came to talk to me about Jane?" Kala asked, her tone concerned.

"Well," Jane fumbled a bit, unsure of how to start "I was wondering what you were doing today."

Kala gave her a look that said "Really?", clearly seeing through her lies. Jane sighed.

"Ok. Well the truth is I was feeling a little lonely today. Tarzan's been out all afternoon with Turk and Tantor and I really had no one to talk to. I just, I feel so ignored, you know? And I absolutely hate how Tarzan sometimes treats me like a child. He acts like I can't do anything on my own. He always says 'Jane, are you doing alright? Are you sure you can walk? Do you want me to carry you?' I'm just so sick and tired of being treated like I don't know what I'm doing, when, in reality, I've lived here for four bloody years!" Jane grumbled.

Kala looked at her as she finished her rant. She didn't know Jane was holding so much inside her, so much pain. Jane looked down, feeling defeated. Great. She had just told Kala about how she was feeling. Now she was going to go off and tell Tarzan, which was what Jane didn't want. She didn't want Tarzan to know how she was feeling. Yes, she wanted to talk about him, but she didn't actually want him to know how she was feeling, at least not yet. She wanted him to hear it from her.

Jane sighed and shook her head. Why was everything so complicated? Why couldn't anything just be easy? Kala took her hands and looked at her.

"I'm sorry you feel this way Jane. I know what it's like at times to feel ignored or underestimated by the ones you love." Jane nodded solemnly before starting to cry. She couldn't help it; she was feeling sad. She hated feeling this way and she shouldn't ever feel this way, not when she had such a great husband like Tarzan.

Kala wrapped her arms around Jane and hugged her. Jane sniffled and wiped her eyes. She wondered what Tarzan would be doing right now if he saw her crying. Actually, she didn't have to wonder. She knew what he'd be doing right now. He'd be wrapping his arms around her protectively and stroking her hair, just like what Kala was doing right now. Jane groaned at this image. Why was she always the damsel in distress?

Kala decided to speak up.

"You know Jane, you could try talking to him about this," Kala said gently. Jane turned away from her. She knew she was going to say that.

"But Kala, I don't-I don't want to make him feel guilty," Jane said. Kala shook her head, a small smile creeping on her face.

"No Jane. You need to tell him how you feel. He has to know."

Jane twisted her mouth into a frown, unsure of what to say to that.

After some thinking about it, she turned to Kala.

"Thank you Kala. I truly appreciate it." Jane hugged her one last time before walking back home. When Jane got back, Tarzan was already home. She opened up the door to the tree house, and found Turk and Tantor wrestling over a book. She playfully rolled her eyes at the image. She heard someone rustling through the kitchen and she turned to see Tarzan helping her father make lunch.

Jane sighed and walked over to Tarzan.

"Um Tarzan?" Jane said timidly. Her husband of four years turned to her, a curious look on his face.

"Yes Jane?" He asked, sounding concerned.

"Can we talk?'' Tarzan knitted his eyebrows together. He seemed confused.

"Sure." He said plainly. He turned to Professor Porter.

"I need to talk to Jane for a second Professor." Tarzan said. Professor Porter's eyes widened.

"Oh. Well ok then. Just be back for lunch you too." He said cheerily.

"Will do father." Jane said, and walked out of the tree house with Tarzan, closing the door behind her. The two walked out into the front of the porch, Jane leaning against a tree.

Jane hated to say this, but she was nervous. She didn't know why; she had never gotten nervous over anything before. She supposed it was because she had to talk to her husband about this, a subject she really didn't want to talk about.

Tarzan, bless his heart, seemed confused. He kept staring at her, expecting her to say something. Jane decided to go first.

"Look Tarzan, I- I need to say something and I'm not sure if you'll like it." Tarzan definitely looked concerned now. He stared deep into her eyes, a pained expression.

"Look I just- I just feel undervalued at times, ok?" Jane said. Tarzan looked at her quizzically. Oh great. He had no idea what she was saying. Jane loved her husband, but honestly, his lack of understanding what she was trying to say really frustrated her at this moment.

"What I'm trying to say is that I hate the way you treat me like a child," Jane stated. "I hate how you always feel the need to talk down to me Tarzan. I hate how you wouldn't let me go hunting with you today."

Jane felt tears well up in her eyes as she said this. It sounded like such a stupid thing to cry about but it was true. She was upset over it. Tarzan reached over and stroked her hair.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you Jane," Tarzan said apologetically. "I really am. I didn't know you felt this way. I'm so sorry. From now on, I'll let you go out into the forest with me and Turk and Tantor."

Jane smiled and kissed Tarzan's cheek. Tarzan smiled and kissed her back.

"Come on," Jane said. "Let's go get some lunch."

Tarzan smiled and led her back into the treehouse for lunch.