Frigga stood in her chambers just after finishing the evening meal in the dining room with the others. She knew that it would be some time before her husband would be going to bed, so she knew it would be safe to visit her son. After she closed her eyes, she concentrated her energy. When she opened them once more, she stood in the center of Loki's cell.

"Why are you back here?"

"I can't visit you?" Frigga asked as she turned towards his voice. She relaxed her shoulders at seeing him laying on the bed she had brought in for him, wearing a simple green tunic and dark trousers. When she didn't receive an answer she walked up to the side of the bed, noting that his food tray had barely been touched. "Loki, you need to eat."

"Why should I? If I rot down here nobody would care." Loki avoided her gaze, though he could feel her eyes on him.

"Did you receive the book I had sent down for you?" Frigga questioned, changing the subject.

Loki looked to his side, eyeing the large leather book that had been brought to him along with his dinner. "What of it?"

"Do you think I am dense Loki? I know what that book means to you. Not because of its pages, but because of what resides within it." She watched as Loki furrowed his brow before he jolted upward and opened the book to the bookmarked page to see the thick ribbon that sat inside.

"How did you know I have this?"

Frigga smiled. "You showed me once if I recall. Before... before everything happened." She watched as Loki ran a finger down the length of the fabric, feeling the velvet against his skin. "You know, she was rather surprised you have kept that all these years," she added slyly.

Loki looked up at Frigga, his eyes wide, before he quickly schooled his features. "What did you do? Write to her?" he asked.

"Loki my dear son-"

"I am not your son!" he quickly countered, his eyes boring into hers.

Frigga narrowed her eyes at him, but ignored his outburst. "She is here." Frigga smirked when a blank look took over Loki's face.

"Laney is here? She is back in Asgard?"

"Yes, and she will be visiting you tomorrow."

Loki quickly shook his head and averted his eyes. "I do not wish to see her."

"You do not get a say in the matter," Frigga stated firmly, "She mourned for you just as much as we did when we thought you were gone. I think she deserves to speak to you, even if you are stuck down here for your crimes."

"My crimes," Loki hissed, "You have no idea the meaning of them."

"I would if you would tell me Loki."

Loki looked at her angrily. "Why should I tell you anything? Everything you ever told me was a lie!"

Frigga closed her eyes at his bellowing voice. She knew they were both reaching their limit for the night. "Loki, Laney will be escorted down here tomorrow at noon. Be civil." When she met his eyes again, they were a hunter green, the light inside them completely gone. She nodded once before she let her projection vanish. When she became aware of her surroundings once more, she heard a knock on the door. She quickly walked over to it and opened it to see Laney. "Oh, hi dear. I-is everything alright?" she stammered.

"Evening Frigga, I... Frigga are you alright?"

It was then that Frigga felt the tears on her face and quickly wiped them away. "I'm alright Laney, I assure you," she replied as she stepped aside to let her in. "I was just speaking with Loki."

Laney felt herself tense. "He should never make you feel as you do." She quickly walked up to her and hugged her. "Why do you speak to him if he is so harsh?"

"Because he's my son," she answered quietly as she returned the embrace. "I just want to fix my wrongdoings. I hate to see him how he is now."

"It's not an excuse for his behavior-" she watched as Frigga shook her head and let go of her to sit on a chest that sat in front of her bed.

"I have hurt him. I understand his ire with me."

Laney sighed and sat beside her. "You cannot blame yourself for everything that Loki has done wrong. A lot of it was his own actions."

Frigga nodded. "I know. I just wish I could get him to talk to me, explain his reasons for Midgard. I know most of why he did what he did here." She looked over at the young woman beside her and gave her a soft smile. "What was it that you wanted to tell me when I opened the door?"

"Oh, I just wanted to thank you for letting me stay in my old chambers, and for letting me be here."

"Laney, you are welcome here any time. This has always been your home," she replied, then turned and looked out of the window. "It is getting late. You go and get some rest, I will be doing the same."

Laney stood and bowed her head towards Frigga, who smiled wider at her. "Good night."

"Good night Laney." Frigga stood as Laney let herself out of the room. Tomorrow is going to prove to be an eventful day.

Laney stood from her seat after she had just finished her morning meal. She had decided to eat in her own sitting room instead of with the crowd of people that would have been in the large dining hall. Turning towards her full length mirror, she smoothed out her dress, smiling as she marveled at the brilliant blue color of the fabric. The dress fit her perfectly, accentuating her natural curves, but it was also one of her favorites due to its length. Most of the women in Asgard wore their dresses floor length, but Laney enjoyed it when she had her dresses made to stop at her calves. It felt freeing and she felt less trapped.

Upon hearing a knock at her door, Laney turned her head towards the sound. "Enter!" she called out simply, only to smile wide as the large frame of Thor walked through the door. This caused Laney to squeal happily as she turned and ran up to him and let him squeeze her tightly in a giant hug.

"Good Morrow dear Laney," he said happily as he placed the young woman back down onto her feet.

"Good Morrow Thor. I'm so happy to see you!" she exclaimed as she met his brown eyes. "I did not get to see you yesterday when I arrived."

Thor chuckled. "I am sorry for that. I had court business to attend to with father yesterday. It has been rather eventful since Loki's sentencing."

Laney's face changed from happiness to something closer to sadness in an instant. "I am sorry about Loki," she responded forlornly. "I know it could not be helped."

"I am sorry as well. Father did all he could without making a harsher sentence. It could have been a lot worse."

"I am glad that he chose what he did." Laney took a big breath and put her hands behind her back in a relaxed manner. "By chance do you know why I am here? Has your mother spoken to you?" She watched as Thor looked towards the floor for a moment before he looked back at her.

"I have. I hope that she did not push you into doing something that you do not wish to do. My brother... he is not the same man that he used to me, nor is he the same one that you used to be close to."

"I have gathered that much," she replied. "But I would like to try... I could never give up on him, you know that."

Thor nodded, although his face changed to almost astonishment the longer it stayed quiet in the room. "Laney?"

She felt her hands grip themselves tighter at the sound of his voice. "What?"

"You still love him... don't you?" he questioned quietly.

Laney sighed and moved to sit on the arm of her small couch before she looked back over at her longtime friend. "I never stopped."

Loki sat up against the headboard of his bed with a book in hand. His eyes read the words on the page, but his mind was not taking in any of the information. He kept going back to the conversation he had with his so-called mother the day before. I cannot believe that she is back here in Asgard after so long. What in Hel would make her want to come back here?

He grumbled as he realized that he had finished the page but did not remember anything of which he had just read. Loki rolled his eyes before he shut the book with a loud clap and tossed to the mattress beside him. The longer his thoughts dwelled on Laney, the more that memories came to the forefront of his mind. Loki found himself smiling as he remembered the day that he'd first met her.

"Loki! Loki, darling where are you!"

"Here mother!" he quickly responded as he ran as fast as he could from playing in the courtyard, to the sound of his mother's voice. When he arrived to stand before her, breathing heavily, he noticed a small figure stood behind her.

"Loki dear, I would like you to meet someone," his mother cooed. She turned to the side and gently coaxed the small figure to stand in front of her. That's when he saw her for the very first time. "This is Laney Varindottir. Her father is in the royal army, so she will be living here in the palace from now on."

Loki grinned, happy at the prospect of a new friend to play with besides his brother. "Hi," he greeted happily, "I am Loki Odinson, and I am seven. How old are you?" He watched as Laney looked up at his mother for guidance, before she looked back at him and met his eyes.

"I'm five. I'll turn six in the summer of the next cycle."

"My birth feast will not be until this winter," he replied.

Frigga grinned broadly as she watched them both. "Loki, why don't you take Laney out to the courtyard to play, and you can introduce her to your brother. I won't be far away, I have to pick some herbs for your class tomorrow."

"Okay momma!" Loki held out his hand to Laney, and smiled when she took it and held onto it. "Let's go play!" he exclaimed, as he turned and jogged away from his mother, hearing Laney giggle as she quickly moved to keep up with him.

"Prisoner!" A guard bellowed, throwing Loki from his memories.

They don't even recall me by name, he growled inwardly. He turned to face the main cell wall to see a broad man standing in full armor.

"You have a visitor," the man stated, then turned and left from Loki's sight.

The familiar color of auburn soon greeted Loki's eyes as a female figure walked to stand in the middle of the translucent cell wall. When she faced him, he didn't say a word, but looked over her form silently. Her hair color was the same, but was longer than he last remembered, now flowing around her collarbone. She'd gotten taller, and he knew that she would now reach just past his shoulders. She had turned into a woman that would be pleasing to any man's eye. It was when Loki finally met her eyes with his own, he noted that they were the same brilliant blue that they had always been, which made him move his eyes back down towards the floor of his cell.

"Loki," she said simply. "It's been a long time."