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(To my readers, I have not given up my Outlaw Star fic. This is just a little something I'm doing on the side. I was inspired by beta reading the works of two of my associates Seiker Hikaru and Topgamer18 and I couldn't resist getting back into Cross Ange. And since there are an abundance of SEED crossovers with Cross Ange, I felt it was time to do a Gundam Wing crossover since it was the first Gundam series I watched.)

(This story follows the continuity of the primary series albeit with a separate timeline following the defeat of White Fang)

Chapter 1


The view of the Earth from space was really something else. As a kid, Duo never had much time to look up at the Earth. He had been too busy trying to figure out where his next meal was going to come from. But with peace, he found himself not only with a full stomach but more free time than he knew what to do with. It had been three years since the end of the Eve Wars and in that time it had been relatively quiet. 'Relative' being the key phrase. While Treize's plan for the most part had worked and the majority of humanity had lost its taste for war, humans were by nature stubborn bastards. Be it embittered remnants of OZ, White Fang, Romefeller, the Alliance Military, or some military industrialist not willing to give up his bottom line; it always seemed as if there were a fire sprouting up somewhere that needed to be put down.

Which is where Duo and the others came in. Despite the mess of politics and warring factions that had dominated Operation Meteor; the Gundams and their five pilots were still regarded as vigilantes at best and terrorists at worst. But with some help from friends in high places, a deal had been made. In exchange for pardons, the five of them were drafted as agents of the Preventers, a counter-insurgency organization meant to defuse explosive situations before they could escalate into something serious. It wasn't a bad gig overall. Sure Duo and the others were still soldiers but now they were allowed to serve on their own terms. Trowa and Duo had both divided their time between their missions and day jobs at the circus and the junkyard. Quatre spent most of his time running the Winner corporation which had become the Preventers' chief source of technology while Wufei was the only full time member from their group. Which was probably a good thing considering at times the pilot of the Gundam Altron Tianzi could be even more intense than Heero. If it weren't for the Preventers, Duo sometimes worried Wufei would have fallen in with one of the dissident groups. To no one's suprise, Heero was the only one who had rejected the offer, opting instead to remain on standby to make sure the Preventers wouldn't go unchallenged if they ever turned into another OZ. Still, he managed to keep tabs on what was happening and if a situation was serious enough he'd come to their aide, like the incident with the Barton Foundation or Noin's brother. As a result, Lady Une had drafted documents for the ESUN Parliament claiming Heero was an undercover operative so they would leave him alone. I bet Relena was happy to hear that, Duo smirked. After a brief time spent walking the Earth, Heero had settled down in Sanc Kingdom and was now working as her bodyguard. You'd better propose to Relena soon Heero, Duo mused. I am NOT losing that bet with Quatre.

Behind him, the door to the observation deck opened and in the reflection of the window, Duo watched Lady Une and old man Howard appear. In the years since the war, the former right hand of Treize Khushrenada had been appointed head of the Preventers while Howard had become their Chief Engineer. As to be expected, Une's uniform was immaculate and perfectly fit to her slim frame. The very model of professionalism. Howard on the other hand with his shorts and Hawaiian shirt looked more like he was on vacation than supervising a test run of the new systems installed into Deathscythe Ahriman.

"We're almost at the testing site Duo," Une announced. When they had first met, Une had actually been slightly taller than him. But in the three years since the Eve Wars, Duo along with the other pilots had undergone a growth spurt and he now found himself looking down her. "Are you ready?"

"Yeah just taking in the sights," the young pilot answered. "The Earth sure is beautiful from up here." Stepping up to the window, Howard leaned back against the glass.

"You okay Duo? You seem kind of out of it."

"What are you talking about? Do I look worried to you?"

"No and that's just it," Une agreed. "We've known you long enough to know that the more cheerful you act Duo, the more you're trying to hide something."

"Problems with Hilde again?" Howard guessed. "I'm guessing she didn't appreciate us pulling you away out of the blue again. Ah don't worry. I'll tell her it was my fault and let her take it all out on me. That should get you out of the doghouse."

"Not this time," Duo sighed. "We both decided to end it. It just wasn't working out." The two adults looked to each other and Une came forward to join them.

"What happened?" she asked. "Was it because of your missions?"

"Hilde knew about my arrangement with the Preventers when I first moved in with her," Duo said. "But I guess between her constant worrying about my safety and me always leaving her to handle the junkyard by herself it just got too much for her. It's something that's been building up for a while now so I really can't say that I was surprised."

"I'm sorry kid," Howard said. "Hey you know, my salvage crew is doing some work off of Tijuana. There's a strip club there with women you wouldn't believe. And they don't check for ID either so..."and Howard immediately shut up when he noticed the cold glare Une was giving him. Actually that's not the worst idea I've heard today, Duo thought.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Une asked. "Every time I called you in you answered without hesitation. I could have gotten Trowa or Wufei instead." A look of realization crossed Une's face. "Or is something else going on?" Duo hung his head as he gazed back out at the Earth.

"You ever feel out of place?"

"What do you mean?" Howard asked.

"I became a Gundam pilot because I didn't want anyone to go through what I had. Having to see everyone around you die for no reason while you keep living, it does something to you. Everyone else is moving on. Heero has Relena. Trowa has Catherine and the circus. Quatre has all his sisters and their company. Wufei, well, he's Wufei of course. Maybe it was because Hilde and I were never very stable to begin with but I just didn't feel like the life I had with her was going anywhere. And so long as there's still people out there willing to start up another war for stupid reasons I can't ignore that either."

"You know," Howard said, "if anyone would have trouble adjusting to peace I always thought it would be Heero."

"Rub it in why don't you. The point is, the war's over, we got everything we fought for, and I don't know what to do anymore. I tried to start a normal life with Hilde but that didn't work out. And being a Preventer is starting to feel more like a job. But with what's at stake I can't just quit either. It's a brand new world and I feel like I don't belong in it." Feeling a warm presence beside him, Duo looked up just in time to see Une rest her head on his shoulder.

"I understand how it feels to face an uncertain future," she told him. "There are times I look back at how I used to be and I wonder if I have any right to be alive at all. So many people died, a good many of them by my own hand. But like you I just can't ignore those who would destroy the peace for their own ambitions. To do so would insult the memory of those who are gone so I live on as best I can. Just like you are. You're young Duo. You still have a future so maybe after this you should take some time to yourself. Because if anyone deserves the chance to be happy it's you and the others." Duo looked down at the Director of the Preventers and still found it hard to believe that this was the same woman who once threatened to nuke entire colonies just to bring them in.

"You know Director," he joked, "this could be considered sexual harassment." Une looked at him with an annoyed frown.

"Didn't the birthday incident teach you not to make jokes like that?" she asked.

"Don't remind me," he groaned as he rubbed his jaw. For someone who was both a dainty princess AND a pacifist, Relena had a surprisingly nasty right hook. At that moment, a sudden buzz from the satchel at Une's hip caught her attention and she pulled out the palm sized Personal Assistant on her belt.


"Director, we've arrived at the testing site. Hanger reports Deathscythe Ahriman is ready to launch."

"Understood. Engineer Howard and I will be up shortly." Pocketing the device, Une turned back to Duo. "We'll talk more about this later. For now, let's just focus on the test run."

"Fine with me. I could use a little excitement to take my mind off of things." After a brief stop at the locker room to change into his flight suit, Duo floated down the corridor and arrived at the primary Mobile Suit Hanger. As this was a test flight and not an official mission, only one unit was in attendance. Standing before his longtime partner, Duo gazed up at the gunmetal black armor of Deathscythe Ahriman. An upgraded version of the Deathscythe Hell, the Ahriman had most of the armament and features of its predecessor albeit with some considerable upgrades. The dual beam scythe had been redesigned into a beam halberd with the upper blade fixed to vertical position, creating an L-shaped energy blade with a far greater cutting surface than before. The Active Cloak had been modified so that instead of mounting over the unit's shoulders it now mounted on its back. Inspired by the changes Heero had made to Wing Zero, Duo had requested Howard create something similar for him and the co-creator of the Talgeese had more than delivered. Instead of merely folding over the chassis like before, the wings were now able to fold over and back the same way Zero Angeles's did. This made the Ahriman far better suited to fighting in closed-in environments than Hell without sacrificing either the defensive abilities, the mobility, or the intimidation aspect. Professor G himself had consistently drilled into Duo the importance of psychological warfare. Unlike Hell however, Howard had removed the Buster Shield and replaced it with a variation of the Crash Shield used by the Mercurius. It could still generate a short beam blade from the forward end, but the flat now housed something special, a prototype particle shield generator capable of blocking both beam fire and ballistic shots. Rounding out the arsenal were the standard issue head vulcans and a new addition, a pair of beam canons mounted in the clavicles. Slower in firing than a machine canon but with power drawn from the Gundam's core reactor, they had nearly infinite use so long as Deathscythe still had fuel. But the greatest change was the Lightwave engines. Smaller, more efficient, and more powerful than the standard issue rocket boosters, the Lightwave engines used electromagnetic waves rather than jet propulsion to generate thrust. One benefit of the new peace was that resources once devoted to weapons development were now used for more productive means. EM engines had long been regarded as purely theoretical but now there was talk of even using them in a planned colonial settlement of Mars. Deathscythe Ahriman was equipped with three of them. One in the back, one in each calf, plus a series of mini thrusters in the underside of the Active Cloak. Being a Preventer certainly did have its perks.

"Everything ready?" Duo called.

"You're all set," one of the mechanics saluted as he floated past. "Good luck with the test. Can't wait to tee the Lightwaves in action." The engines aren't what concerns me, Duo thought as he rose up to his Gundam's cockpit. Deathscythe had one more upgrade installed in it and that was the only one Duo had any doubts about. Sealing the hatch after he climbed in, Duo settled into the pilot's seat as he began powering up the systems.

"Everything okay?" Howard's voice asked over the radio.

"10-4," Duo answered.

"Then lets begin the test," Lady Une's voice interrupted. "All personnel clear the hanger. We are commencing launch." Outside the Gundam, hanger technicians dropped what they were doing and gathered up their tools so they wouldn't get sucked out into the vacuum of open space. "All personnel accounted for. Depressurizing the hanger." Audio scanners detected the low hiss of the atmosphere being sucked into the storage tanks. No sense wasting good air if they could avoid it. "Opening hanger door. Unit Deathscythe Ahriman okay to launch when ready." Well here we go, Duo thought. The massive hanger doors spread open, revealing the star pocked void of outer space. Let's do this partner.

"Deathscythe Ahriman," Duo broadcast. "Launching now!"

From the bridge of the Peacemillion II, Director Une and Chief Engineer Howard watched as Deathscythe Ahriman emerged from the ventral hanger beneath them and flew off past the bow, the black finish of the Active Cloak making it invisible against the void of space save for the bluish light emanating from the Lightwave engines. A good deal smaller than it's predecessor, Peacemillion II was only a little larger than one of the Libra's quadrants with an arrowhead shape to its hull. The smaller size had been deemed more efficient and cost effective for the vessel's role as a staging ground for interventions rather than a mobile battle station. Especially since it's mobile suit payload had been reduced by half in accordance with the peace accords.

"How's it handling so far Duo?" Howard asked.

"Smooth as silk," Duo replied. "These Lightwave engines are something else."

"You've got about 10,000 meters before the obstacle course," Howard said. "Let's try out how they do in pursuit mode."

"Adjusting the cloak now." On the forward monitor, footage taken from the surrounding satellites fed the video of the broad wings of the Active Cloak spreading out like a giant bat before they began to close and fold into each other as they swiveled around to the back. With the mini thrusters in the Active Cloak now focused to a single point, the Deathscythe began to pick up speed, moving at a pace that nearly rivaled that of Zero Angeles. "Woohoo!" Duo howled. "I'd like to see Heero beat me in a race now!"

"Well he seems to be enjoying himself," Howard chuckled. Director Une however was less than impressed.

"I still don't think we should be using a Gundam for this test. It almost feels like we're trying to trigger a new arms race."

"You forget," Howard said, "the strength of the Gundanium alloy that makes up their frame makes them perfect for pushing new gear to its limits. And if the Mars Colonization project is going to be successful than we need to make sure the Lightwave engines can take the strain. Even with their velocity, it'll take about two months of continuous propulsion for the colony ship to reach Mars. There's also the particle shield generator. Mars's environment doesn't offer the same protection the earth does. If mankind really is going to settle the rest of the solar system than we need to make sure we have enough protection to get ourselves situated."

"I know that," Une admitted. "But was it really necessary to install Seraphim into Deathscythe Ahriman? The ZERO system is one of the most powerful and dangerous weapons ever made. I'd rather not subject anyone to that if possible."

"The Seraphim isn't the ZERO system," Howard reminded her. "Keep in mind that the original five Gundams were all based on Wing Zero so an incomplete version of the Zero System was installed in all of them."

"Yes I know. The imperfect ZERO system only received data from the pilot's neural impulses, allowing the CPUs to learn and adapt to their pilot's fighting style."

"And the Seraphim is the middle ground between them. Like the True ZERO System, it can both receive and transmit data. But, I've designed it so that it doesn't overwhelm the pilot with probability data. It helps them focus on what's happening now rather than what could happen. And it's not just military applications that the Seraphim could be good for. Rescue missions in hazardous conditions, complex surgery where precision can mean the difference between life and death, communication. All of it could be revolutionized by the Seraphim. It might even prevent further conflicts by promoting true understanding between people."

"I never pictured you as one who believed in that old Newtype theory," Une said.

"Well anything's possible," Howard shrugged. "Look, I installed a limit on the Seraphim to make sure Duo doesn't get too overwhelmed by it. And Duo is the best overall pilot of the entire bunch. That's why we asked him to do this test in the first place." Meanwhile, the image on the screen showed Ahriman spreading its wings back open as it approached the obstacle course, the wing thrusters breaking its momentum as it hovered in place. "How'd they do?"

"No problems on my end," Duo confirmed. "Sending the data now. Just give me the signal to start the next test."

"Receiving data now," Howard answered. For this next test, Deathscythe was going to be sent on a prepared course though the debris field hovering in low orbit around the Earth. A mass of scrapped satellites and broken off chunks of meteorites that had managed to avoid getting caught in the planet's gravitational pull, with the advent of space colonization, the debris surrounding Earth had been cleared away for processing or herded into permanent orbit over Siberia where it posed the least danger to launching ships or human settlements planet side. During the time of the Alliance, the debris field had been a key testing site for prototype space-based mobile suits. OZ itself had performed its initial run of the Taurus here. "Alright Duo. This one is going to test the mobility of the Lightwave engines as well as the reaction time of the pilot with the Seraphim installed. Just give me the signal when you're ready."

With a great deal of reluctance, Duo keyed in the command code for the Seraphim. While he didn't doubt Howard's technical skill, the thought of being subjected once again to something even remotely similar to the ZERO System made him uneasy. Besides, he didn't even think he needed it. Deathscythe wasn't as fast as any of Heero's suits but it's mobility and reaction time was second to none. Coupled with his piloting skills, the only one who came close to matching Duo in close combat was Wufei thanks to his martial arts training. But as Howard had told him in the debriefing the Seraphim could have other uses besides combat so if something better than killing people could come out of it then Duo was willing to give it a chance.

"Duo here," he broadcast. "Ready to go when you are."

"Mobile workers have already set up the course," Howard told him. "Go ahead and give us a show."

"I aim to please. Seraphim, activate." Around Duo, the interior of the cockpit suddenly faded into a world of light and then it was like he wasn't in the cockpit anymore. It was like he was floating in open space wearing nothing at all. His body felt heavier, larger, and the chill of the void sent shivers all over his body.

"Duo report!" Une ordered.

"I'm okay," Duo gasped. "Just got a little disoriented that's all." So this is what Hero feels like when he uses ZERO, he thought. Unlike the time Trant had used him as a lab rat, Duo didn't feel as if his mind was being torn in a hundred directions at once. There was no confusion, no visions of potential death, just an increased awareness of everything around him. "This...this is some feeling. It's like me and Deathscythe are one."

"Don't waste time Duo," Howard reminded him. "The clock's ticking and you've already wasted 30 seconds."

"Well I guess I'd better get to work then." As if in response to his thoughts, the Lightwave engines sprang to life on their own as he felt himself fly into the debris field. All around him, ruined colony parts and half crushed meteors floated by on currents of gravity and stellar radiation; sometimes slamming against each other; other times seemingly changing direction of their own volition to crash into him. But with the Seraphim, even at the speed he was going and the span of the Active Cloak, it was almost as if the world was moving in slow motion. Deathscythe's sensors fed to him every location and movement of the debris, allowing him to weave in and out without so much as a scrape along his Gundam's hull.

"Flight mode looks okay," Howard checked. "Now let's try open combat." From their perch on some of the larger obstacles, the mobile workers grabbed pieces of the debris field and chucked them at the Gundam as it passed. Bits of rock and lumps of metal closed in on him from all sides but Ahriman's sensors detected each threat as they closed in. Reaching behind him, Duo pulled the beam halberd from its recharge port on the rear skirt, the dual scythe blades erupting from the end to create a blazing whirlwind of energy that sliced its way through the barrage like a blender. Deciding to shake it up a bit, Duo triggered the beam canons and alternated between slicing up the larger pieces that came in within range of the halberd and blasting those that kept their distance. Finally, the end of the debris field loomed before him and the final trap was sprung. From refitted defense satellites, a barrage of flare missiles launched towards him. In response, Duo cut loose with the vulcans, shooting them down in blinding flashes and allowing very few to get close enough to trigger a self-detonation. With the way now clear, Duo gunned the engines and blasted free of the debris field. With still 45 seconds left on the timer, Duo came to a halt and shut down the Seraphim, the world returning to normal as the cockpit reappeared around him.

"Well done Duo," Une said. "However, you missed about 40% of the flare missiles."

"Hey, if those were real bombs the blasts from the ones I did get would have triggered them to explode," Duo argued. "We both know that's how a real pilot handles a situation like that."

"He's right," Howard agreed. "Nice job Duo. Now we just need to do the defense mode and the stress test. Just give us a minute to attach the packs." From out of the debris field, a trio of mobile workers floated out towards the Deathscythe. Duo closed the Active Cloak around himself so the first two could begin attaching their gel packs to the armor plating. The third attached a parachute to his upper back right over the primary Lightwave engine.

"Are you sure about this?" Duo asked. Orbital drops were never one of his favorite things and even a Gundam could be seriously damaged from the heat of reentry. Heero's desperate move to detonate the last block of the Libra before it could strike Earth had nearly torn Wing Zero apart.

"Don't be such a baby," Howard mocked. "The defense generators in the active cloak should be able to take most of the heat. If it does get too hot, just trigger the ablative gel and you'll be fine."

"Fine let's just get this over with," he groaned. Once the gel packs and his chute were secured, Dio checked the timer and saw that the three minute cooldown of the Seraphim was nearly over. "Moving into position."

"Hope you had a light lunch," Howard chuckled. Not helping, Duo grimaced. "Preparing to drop. Activating Seraphim." Again, the cockpit faded away and in its place was the freedom of open space. Duo was just about to fall earthward when something wasn't right. He shook his head, expecting it to be just his imagination but it was still there. "Something wrong Duo?"

"I don't know," he answered. "Deathscythe just picked up a signal but I can't tell where it's coming from."

"Duo we did not copy," Howard said. "Repeat that."

"I said I'm picking up some kind of signal. It started when the Seraphim turned back on." Une looked to the communications officer, a young woman her age with dark green hair and glasses over her brown eyes. "Anything?"

"Nothing Director. I'm monitoring all frequencies but I'm not detecting anything within range." Une didn't like this. It had to be some kind of hallucination caused by the Seraphim. Best not to take any chances. "Duo, listen. Shut down the Seraphim and abort the test. Let the autopilot take you back to the ship so we can look both you AND your Gundam over.

"Hold on a second," Howard interrupted. "Duo, send the data directly to us."

"You got it." Over by the communications terminal, the radio officer adjusted her earpiece and frowned.

"Director, there's a signal piggybacking on the transmission from the Gundam. But it doesn't match any pattern I'm familiar with."

"Run it through the translation hardware," Howard ordered. The technician typed in the commands and after a few seconds was taken aback. "What is it?"

"I think you should hear it yourself." The channel switched to intercom and a high pitched shriek echoed around the bridge.

" that an animal?" Une asked. It didn't sound like anything she ever heard before. It was like a mix between a reptile's screech and an insect's chirp. "Why can't we trace it?"

"It has to be the Seraphim," Howard theorized. "It works by syncing the CPU of the mobile suit with the neural impulses of the pilot's brain. Somehow the two of them in tandem are able to pick it up."

"So how do we locate the source?"

"I have an idea," Howard said as he turned back to this radio. "Duo. I want you to cut all non essential systems save for the Seraphim and the radio. Boost the excess power to the Seraphim and see if you can use it to zero in on the source."

"Just give me a minute." On the monitor, the Deathscythe's engines cut off as did the light in its optic sensors. "Okay, nothing so far. Hold on. I think I got something. Yeah it's definitely getting louder." From the bridge speakers, a white noise began to manifest and quickly rose in volume, drowning out even the crew's thoughts. "Ow! Damn it! What the hell is this!? Someone make it stop!" On the monitor, the Gundam grabbed its head as if the unit itself were in pain, red lightning beginning to arc and crackle across its armor as a pulsing light began to shine out from it.

"Duo!" Une yelled. "Cut the Seraphim now!" Now the pulse had increased to a blinding glow, forcing Une and the others to look away when a with a final flash, it faded away. What was that? Une wondered as she looked up only to see empty space where the Deathscythe Ahriman had floated just a second ago.

"Duo!" she cried. "What happened? Where is he?"

"Director," radar said. "He's gone."

"Scan the area," she ordered. "Check every channel. I want him found!"

"You don't understand," the technician explained. "Whatever that light was it wasn't an explosion. If there were we'd find debris, leftover radiation, or any other kind of trace."

"What are you saying?" Une demanded.

"I'm saying that he vanished into thin air."

In a darkened office, the curtains drawn to ensure privacy, a lone figure examined the image displayed on her terminal's screen. Such technology had been deemed obsolete centuries ago but due to her "condition" she was forced to rely on it. Thankfully, the confidentiality of her position ensured that very few were privy to that knowledge. And those that did were made abundantly aware that if they disclosed what they knew they and their entire family would reap the consequences.

Leaning forward, Entiè pushed aside a strand of her shoulder length brown hair and adjusted her glasses for a better look. Approximately five minutes ago, an unidentified object had suddenly appeared in the upper atmosphere over the Arzenal quarantine zone. If it was a meteor the security satellite would have detected its approach. And while the heat from atmospheric reentry along with the speed it was traveling had distorted its appearance, Entiè could make out the outline of a humanoid figure wrapped in some kind of armored cloak.

Is that a Para-mail? she wondered. As one of the few people even aware of their existence it was the first thing that sprung to mind. But it couldn't be. The design was bulkier, stouter, and while she couldn't be sure it looked as if it were three or even four times bigger. But where did it come from? Could it be a weapon made by those barbarians? she wondered. It was certainly possible. After all they had formed an alliance with the Norma before so it would make sense that they would try to deliver such a weapon to Arzenal.

Running some calculations, Entiè determined that its trajectory would take it towards southern Misurugi where one of her most capable agents just happened to be on assignment. Taking up the phone next to her terminal, Entiè dialed in the number. "Azrael," she ordered, "There's a small town about 200 kilometers south of your location called Jamil. Something has landed there. It's possibly an insurgent weapon. Take your squad and recover it immediately." Hanging up the phone, Entiè removed her glasses and coldly smirked at the image. Whatever you are, she vowed, wherever you came from. I will not allow you to sow Chaos in Master Embryo's world.


Awakening planet side, Duo finds himself in unfamiliar territory, facing wonders that he never could have imagined. Lost in a world that is identical yet completely different from his own, the lone Gundam pilot will come face to face with the dark secrets that this seemingly ideal world hides beneath its facade of peace. A peace based on heartless cruelty and the suffering of innocents. Next time on Cross Ange: Rondo and Waltz. The World of Mana.

Gundam! Strike down the injustice of the world!

Author's Notes

So here we go. My next big project. I've seen a few crossovers between the various Gundam series with Cross Ange but none involving Wing. Let's begin with some stats first, beginning with our hero

Duo Maxwell

Age: 18-19

Height: 5' 8 (he's grown a bit in the three years since the end of the series).

Build: Slim, athletic

Occupation: Preventer agent, junk dealer, mechanic

Bio: As previously mentioned, this version of Duo follows the series continuity albeit on a different timeline following the Eve Wars. As the Gundam Pilots were pressed into service as Preventer Agents in exchange for pardons, the events of Endless Waltz and Frozen Teardrop never occurred. However, the time he spent away on assignments placed an extra strain on Duo's relationship with Hilde leading to their breaking up. I usually have rules against breaking up canon couples but considering how the various side materials show their relationship as being prone to an on and off pattern, not to mention how the various sequel and side materials can be interpreted as AU's, I figured I could get away with it. Especially since I'm still deciding which Cross Ange girl to pair him off with or even if I might even be able to pull off a polyamory scenario. At this point even I don't know so we'll just have to see.

And now for his new machine:

Gundam Deathscythe Ahriman

HEIGHT: 16.3 meters

WEIGHT: 7.5 tons


-Beam Halberd: The primary weapon, an upgraded version of the dual beam scythe based on the Glory of Losers version with the upper beam emitter fixed at a 90 degree angle to the lower, creating an L-shaped beam blade for a wider cutting surface or either one by itself for precision slashing or stabbing. When not wielded, the haft can be collapsed for easy storage on the rear skirt.

-2 x Vulcans: Mounted in the temples, the vulcans are primarily a defensive weapon useful only against smaller and weaker opponents though they can be used to damage especially vulnerable spots such as the eyes.

-2 x Beam Guns: Mounted in the clavicle, the beam guns have the same output as the Mercurius's beam pistol. They have a slower firing rate compared to machine canons and far less range and power than a proper beam rifle but near infinite use provided by the Gundam's fusion reactor.

-Crash Shield: Mounted on the left forearm, the shield no longer can be launched as a projectile although it does retain the ability to extend a beam blade from its forward end for close range attacks. The shield is also equipped with a particle shield generator which provides not only defense but can also be used in a charging bash attack.

-Freeze Bullet Launcher: A weapon from the Cross Ange world used by Para-mails to flash freeze DRAGONs, which will be equipped to Deathscythe by the Arzenal technicians. Deathscythe's version will be mounted on its right forearm with a magazine of three bullets.


-Active Cloak: Like the EW version, the active cloak is mounted on the back instead of the shoulders. Unlike the series and film, instead of merely closing around the Gundam, the wings can also fold into themselves to allow for easier mobility in tighter confines as well as converting the Deathscythe Ahriman to a high speed pursuit mode. Like in canon, they are equipped with electromagnetic field generators on their exterior that can generate a protective cocoon against beam weaponry or an invisibility cloak when closed.

-Lightwave engines: An experimental propulsion system mounted in the calves, the back, and in the underside of the Active Cloak's interior. More compact and efficient than traditional rocket boosters, the Lightwave engines used by the Deathscythe were based on a larger design meant for the Mars colonization project.

-Particle Shield Generator: A prototype defense system meant to protect settlers of the Mars Colonization project from hazardous conditions of deep space travel and settlement. Built into the flat of the crash shield, the Particle Shield generator generates a circular field of antiprotons (the antimatter equivalent of protons) As antiprotons have greater mass than electrons but the same polarity charge; rather than destroying each other on contact as positrons and electrons do, the Particle shield repels electrons in both energy blasts and those forming the exterior of solid matter atoms, allowing it to deflect both beam weaponry and ballistic projectiles.

-Seraphim: A variation of the ZERO system, the Seraphim serves much the same function although without the overwhelming probability data of the original, analyzing the present instead of possible futures and allowing instantaneous interaction between the pilot and his mobile suit as if it were an extension of his own body. As a safety precaution, Howard programmed the Seraphim with a five minute limit of continuous use before shutting down followed by at least a three minute cooldown.