I smiled at Andrew before asking him something . "So Andrew tell me more about you ." I said as I smiled ."Well I'm a Scorpio that's my horoscope and also yours cause your born in November 8th mines the 9th which I mentioned,I write poetry sometimes , I'm afraid of spiders ,heights and sharp needles when I see them I get freaked out and start screaming ." He had explained . "I see that's the same with me I'm afraid of the same things ." I had told him . "Well at least I'm not the only one who is and that's pretty cool that you write poetry ." I smiled . "Yep ." He nodded as he smiled . "So Andrew can I ask you something ?" I asked curiously. "Sure what is it ?" He questioned. "Are you good at the game called Poker ?" I asked curiously. "Yes I'm quite good at it my cousin taught me how to play it a while back . " he replied . "Sounds cool maybe you can teach me sometime. I've never played it ." I told him . "It's okay if you haven't some people haven't and sure I'd be more than happy to show you how to play I don't mind ." He smiled . " Alright cool sounds good ." I said as I helped him set more things up on the arts and crafts table .

Later on we had finished setting the table up then the other people who were at the camp walked over to the table ,sat down and started doing some arts and crafts with us first we started out with making necklaces . I had put on some blue beads and and white ones and grey it looked pretty good actually. "How's this look ?" I asked Andrew as I smiled . "I like it so far very creative with the colors you picked ." He said as he smiled . "Thanks ." I replied . "You're welcome." He smiled as he spoke .