"Hey Grace, do you wanna do arts & crafts with me , Erin and the other campers ?" He asked . "Sure sounds good I like arts and crafts ." Grace replied . "Alright good to hear let's get started ." He smiled as he brought out the craft stuff .

"What do you wanna make ?" He asks curiously. "Bracelets ." She suggested as she smiled . "Alright bracelet's it is ." He smiled back . "Yay." She said happily and excitingly . So with that we all began making bracelets with different types of beads and the radio was playing near us while we were working on some crafts together at the arts and crafts table .

"Hey Andrew, I like shoes are they Nike ones?" I asked while looking at them while he was wearing them . "Thanks and yes indeed they are ." He smiled as he responded to the question . "You're welcome ." I smiled back then went back to making the bracelet .

Two minutes later .

"Hey ,Andrew can you pass me a blue bead?" I asked him . "Sure thing , what shade of blue dark blue or light blue ?" He asked . "Light blue please and thank you ." I smiled as I responded to his question . "Alright ." He nodded then handed me a light blue bead . "Thanks " I took it then smiled. "You're welcome ." He smiled back . I then finished putting together the bracelet and gave it to him since I had made it for him . "Here this is for you ." I smiled as I passed it over to him. "Awww thank you that's very sweet of you ." He replied . "You're very welcome ." I said as I smiled and kissed his cheek softly .