The fall of the world.

In the beginning of this blocky world of ours there were four humanoid species;

Piglins, a culture of brutish bipedal pig warriors;

Mariners, a humanoid civilisation of pirates and fishermen;

Villagers, a big headed race of traders, whose focus was on commerce and trade;

And Ancient Builders, an ascendant people who built some of the grandest structures in the world and kept the peace between the aforementioned species.

The Piglins were a nomadic people who raided the Overworld for many generations, they had special enhanced warriors called Brutes and they rode their beasts of burden, the Hoglins into battle, ransacking any gold that they could from the other civilisations. But, eventually the villagers got tired of this constant raiding and decided to rise up against the Piglins.

The Villagers went to war with the piglins and, seeing that the piglins were more skilled in warfare than them, they decided that the only way to beat them was to imitate them. At first they simply wielded the Piglins crossbows but this was not enough. The Villagers killed some Piglin Brutes and used them to enhance their warriors to be stronger and faster than before, and the Vindicators were created.

The scientists also used some Hoglins to develop their own war beast and created the Ravager via the vivisection of other villagers. And seeing as they could create these monsters, the scientists decided to give themselves great abilities as well and gained the ability to conjure up a conglomeration of souls called the Vex.

But, after finally seeing how unethical their scientists had been, the villagers decided to exile the them and send them away, the Evokers left but also took with them the other warrior villagers, and so not only did the Villagers lose their greatest scientists but also the Ravagers, the Vindicators, and their Pillagers. They all banded together and took hold of the Villager's battle outposts and built great mansions to plot their revenge against the Villagers who shunned them.

Once the Illagers left, the villagers went to the witches for help and the witches created a way to zombify the Piglins in the overworld, but the Piglins discovered that traveling into the nether would nullify the curse, so they moved their entire civilisation, including their war mounts, to the harsh Nether, smashing their portals and building large Bastions so as to store their plundered gold, keep their Hoglins, live in safety, and defend from if another war broke out. The Piglins also avoided anything that would remind them of the open sky that was so dangerous (soul fire, warped fungi and the like). Eventually some Hoglins escaped the Bastions and began living in the crimson forests and began breeding rapidly until the Piglins started to hunt them for food. After more time had passed the Piglins forgot altogether how to mount a Hoglin, seeing them only as a food source.

Unfortunately for the Villagers the zombie virus also spread to the great builders and some yielded to the virus and became the common Steve zombies you find roaming the Overworld. But zombies attacked the villagers and thus spread the virus to tm.

So the Witches established remote laboratories beneath igloos in the snowy tundra to develop a cure for the villagers, and, after many months, by combining a golden apple and a weakness potion they could cure the villagers, but the same did not work for the Steve zombies

Back to the ancient builders, after the zombie virus affected some of their people they decided to go to the nether and wait out the virus. When they got to the nether they began developing a way to harness the teleportation ability of the nether portal and,using ingredients from many a place to finally create the "enderpearl".

While in the Nether the builders built fortresses to protect against the hostile environment around them, Nether Fortresses.

But of course as always happens some of the builders died, so the others buried their dead underground. But little did they know that this "Netherrack" had supernatural properties, it sucked the souls out of the dead and turned into soulsand leaving only withered skeletons that rose from the ground and did what they had been charged with doing before they died, they guarded the fortresses and drove out the builders from their nether home.

As they retreated the builders killed some of the skeletons and got a hold of some wither skeleton skulls. Running to their old graveyard the builders found the soulsand and, after some testing they pieced together what happened. After gathering the soulsand and retreating to the overworld (were the zombie seige had ended) the chief scientists and magicians were called together to devise a way to combine the soul (contained in the sand) and the body (the wither skeleton skulls) together to resurrect their fallen brothers. The builders had done so many great feats, the conquered the nether, built monuments and created many means of magic, so they thought they could conquer death as well.

They tried to reunite the soul and the Body back into one to bring their fallen members back to life.

But they couldn't.

They tried every combination until they hat a T shape of soulsand with 3 skulls on top, you can probably see were this is going.

The wither destroyed their cities and towns and other buildings,all that was left un-destroyed were their monuments beneath the sea, mine shafts were they gathered their resources and out of the way desert temples. The builders were almost wiped out and their fallen allies were turned into legions of the undead to serve the wither.

The few who did survive retreated to their underground bunker called the Stronghold. They tried to escape the withers terrible wrath but had no way out. Until their scientists used their teleportation technology (ender pearls) to create a portal leading to the unknown. They brought their war horses and battle armour. And jumped through the portal...

Little did they know that the unstable portal shattered and closed up behind them leaving them stranded in this new dimension, The End

They were well prepared for everything they could think of, but they could never imagined such fearsome foes as ender dragons, and with no way out it was looking bleak for the builders.

Eventually after slaying all but one of the Dragons the builders forged an un easy Peace with the last Ender Dragon and, in exchange for building healing pillars for the Dragon, she flew the Builders one by one to the outer islands. The builders then used the resources around them to build cities to hold their loot. Eventually their food ran out and they had to eat the only food source available to them, a strange Chourus fruit. After many years the fruit had an effect on them, they gained its teleportation abilities. And they grew taller so as to pick the fruit. Eventually they could no longer build, only hold simple blocks. They became endermen.

Some made it out of the end looking for someone to save them and they came across a new builder, Steve, the last of their race not corrupted by the End or the plague. They tried to ask him for help, but they could only screech, their language only barley understandable by him, to open the portal Steve needed enderpearls so the endermen sacrificed them selves to help him find the portal and save their race.

But when Steve does defeat the dragon the endermen are not thankful, they cannot apriciate the victory, so far gone are their former selves.

RIP in peace ancient builders