The mariners were one of the four humanoid species and one of the first to perish.

The Mariners were a coastal race of fishermen and sailers who's lives were dependant on the seas. Their burgs were made up of simple buildings of stone. But they also built vast zugurats out of a block that they had discovered: Prismarine!

Their blithe lifestyle lasted for hundreds of years, until their beloved ocean began to rise. In an effort to protect their places of worship they developed the sponge to soak up all the water. But it didn't work, despite the whole population working to stop the water it rose more and more.

They were losing hope until one of them suggested that they look for Hearts of the Sea, told of in a seaman's myth of relics that, if combined with shells of the nautilus, could create a Conduit that would grant conduit power to help entities breathe under water.

The Mariners agreed that any who had any experience in crewing a boat were to set-sail in search of buried treasure in the hopes that someone may find a heart of the sea.

While any others who had no experience on a boat would stay and collect Nautilus shells. In secret, the Mariner scientists also sought help from the Ancient Builders, to create mechanical fish-like creatures out of Prismarine so as to protect the Monuments from destruction if they should fail in stopping the water. They called these creatures Guardians.

The ships that were sent out as the salvation of their race all eventually were wrecked In storms not too far from their goals. And as the water rose back at the Monuments the Mariners refused to leave their beloved structures and eventually the entire race drowned still clinging to their nautilus shells in the hope that one day just one person would bring their salvation.

But as we know they were never saved. "Why?" You ask ,well because they are still there. Living on as the shell collecting,Trident wielding, Drowned