Dramatis Personae

(For the reader's reference; bold are character POVs)


Jazal—(f) Miraluka from Alpheridies, Jedi Knight

Kev Rel'skar—(m) Bothan from Dressel, Jedi Knight

Rael Aveross (non-OC)—(m) human from Ringo Vinda, Jedi detainee

Jan-Ca Suldor—(m) Mon Calamari from Mon Cala, Jedi detainee

Masana Tide (non-OC)—(f) Dowutin from Dowut, Jedi Knight

Direct Action Operatives:

Commander Wilhuff Tarkin (non-OC)—human Direct Action Operative; member of the Strategic Advisory Cell

Captain Lir Sey'les—(f) Bothan from Bothawui-4, Direct Action Operative

Lieutenant Razal Wulf—(m) Ardennian from Ardennia, Direct Action Operative

Ensign Itoll Oc'nel—(m) Bothan from Botha'ahir, Direct Action Operative

Ensign Brent Fojo—(m) Rodian from Dennon, Direct Action Operative

Sergeant Knot—(m) Clone Direct Action Operative

Corporal Dubs—(m) Clone Direct Action Operative

Trooper Grath—(m) Clone Direct Action Operative

Lieutenant Buzz—(m) Clone Arc Trooper

Sergeant Dawn—(m) Clone Arc Trooper

Sergeant Isaac—(m) Clone Arc Trooper

Sergeant Scorch—(m) Clone Arc Trooper

Anti-Terrorism Unit

Lieutenant Commander Jan Archard—(m) human from Coruscant, Direct Action Operative

Captain Oryon—(m) Bothan from Bothawui-4, Direct Action Operative

Captain Coop—(m) Clone Coruscant Guard Captain

Detective Ellian Nox—(f) human from Coruscant, police detective


Zuro Pax—(m) Duros Director of the Shadowfeeds

Dr Ull Haber—(m) Geneticist; propagandist; disseminator of pseudoscience

Dr Selatti—(m) Miralian bacteriologist; germ warfare specialist

Loth Danlos—(m) human Shadowfeed operator

Passel Argente (non-OC)—(m) Koorivar Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance

Sterpen Vaj—(m) Koorivar assistant to Passel Argente

Krissie Logera—(f) Twi'lek propagandist

General Erron—(m) Koorivar commandant of the Corporate Alliance Training Center

Shiptar Tovrak—(m) Shistavanen mercenary captain, Apex Security


Yarua—(m) Wookiee from Kashyyyk, Senator

Woshyrryagh—(m) Wookiee from Kashyyyk, Yarua's Chief of Staff

Archumagh—(m) Wookiee from Kashyyyk, mercenary Captain, Éxecutive Outcomes

Notable Bothans of Influence:

Admiral Liska Gyar'trek—(f) Shistavanen-Bothan hybrid from Bothawui-4; Grum of Clan Otrek

Gavin Azi'skar—(m) Bothan from Dressel, Grum of Clan Askar

Thot Ni'mai—(m) Bothan from Bothawui-9, CEO of Thrask Industries; Grum of Clan Amai (husband of Hakorsk Ni'mai)

Olanir Krit'skar—(f) Bothan from Tawa, head of the Askar Credit Union

Vasa Ro'val—(f) Bothan from Kothlis, Coruscant Spynet Director; psychiatrist in the Republic Navy

Polo Se'lab—(m) Bothan from Bothawui-4, Junior Senator of the Bothan Slice

Klaes Oc'skar—(m) Bothan from Botha'ahir, Investment banker; Itoll Oc'nel's brother

Colonel Zrask Oc'skar—(m) Bothan from Botha'ahir Engineer; Botha'ahir Corps of Engineers, Itoll and Klaes's father


Morst Ni'skar—(m) Bothan from Thellus, Thot Ni'mai's bodyguard; husband of Thot Ni'mai's niece

Trigger Faf'skar—(m) Bothan from Thellus, Gavin Azi'skar's bodyguard

Freyir Ben'skar—(f) Bothan from Tawa, Gavin Azi'skar's bodyguard

Crew and Guests of the Yu'tor (Askar's flagship)

Zerir Vri'skar—(f) Bothan from Dressel, Captain of the Yu'tor

Raskyer Vri'skar—(f) Bothan from Dressel, doctor

Ben Tal'skar—(m) Bothan from Thellus, helmsman

Nyir Orok'skar—(f) Bothan from Thellus, Chief of Security

Girov Ji'skar—(m) Bothan from Tawa, Security officer

Hagin Raf'skar—(m) Bothan from Thellus, Chief Gunner

Eshka Dzhul'skar—(m) Bothan from Thellus, Gunner

Mak Groy'skar—(m) Bothan from Tawa, Engineer

Zoc Azi'skar—(m) Bothan from Thellus, Gavin Azi'skar's son; engineer on the Yu'tor

Edep Im'val—(m) Bothan from Kothlis, Diplomatic Corps Envoy


Clahra Fair—(f) human from Alderaan, war correspondent/documentary correspondent

Mas Amedda (non-OC)—(m) Chagrian from Champala, Vice Chancellor

Senator Bale Organa (non-OC)—(m) human from Alderaan, Senator

Galactic Comm Procedure Words and Phrases:

(some of these are invented from scratch, others modified from the Multiservice Tactical Brevity Code, and Radio Procedure Words)

Actual—Unit commander or highest ranking officer on a spaceship Captain. Ozzel is Captain of the Judicator so he is 'Judicator Actual.'

Leader—Team, squadron, or squad leader. Sey'les is 'Muun Leader,' Pax is 'Cresh Leader.'

1, 2, 3, etc—1st, 2nd, 3rd highest ranking officers after Leader or Actual. Muun-1 is Wulf, Muun-2 is Omgen Nor, etc.

Say again—repeat what you just said.

Oscar mike—moving/on the move

Please Advise—give further instructions

Be advised—prepare for further instructions

Roger—received; received the information

Copy (that)—received; will act on it

That's a no-go—don't do it

Clanker—hostile droid

Friendlies—allied forces

Askar Creole Bits

Common words occurring in the story:

Kiz (snarled as khįz)—yes

Nokiz (snarled as nųkhįz)—no

Podo—able to



Esh gonna—will; am/is/are going to

Never and for-nogon—never ever

for for—what for