Cara touched the two pieces of the Ruby Mirror she had been carrying since the North Temple. Her mind dwelled on what had happened. Meeting Nick, saving the branch, joining the Deviants, seeing Portia and Rose Red alive after such a long time. It was good that it was true, they existed. Thoughts and memories swirled through her mind.

She looked at Richard who walked in front of him close by Kahlan. The arms of these two almost touched, they were walking in the same rhythm. There was some kind of silent power emanating from this couple.

In these moments Cara's mind got more and more occupied by the Mirror. She recalled the feeling: It had come first on the hill when she had looked into the single piece, then at the basement of the North Temple. The image in the mirror had been so special, it indeed pointed to a possibility of a world, a world beyond Midlands, beyond the Old and the New World.

She found herself speculating what would indeed happen if for some reason the rift could not be sealed? Everybody would be trapped in the world of Keeper, a world with no escape? Forever, no escape, like under a dark sheet.

She was sure that she herself could still handle it. Oppression, maybe joining back to the side of the oppressor? She would be able to adapt as always. What about the others? She forced to shake off these thoughts.

She didn't believe in the worst. She believed in Richard, that things would be eventually restored. Then came the other thing, the question. It was her duty to serve Richard.

"Wizard?" She turned to Zed, her blond hair lighly swinging.

"Yes Cara."

"What do you know about an object called the Ruby Mirror? Have you heard about it?"

Zedd slowed down and touched Cara's arm.

"Oh… not so loud Cara please." Zedd forced Cara to walk slower.

"Why? What is it?" Cara frowned. "Kahlan knows about it."

"I know but… I didn't want to… I remember you told me you have these two pieces. But Richard doesn't know it. I don't want him to be distracted, now at this precise point."

Cara inspected the wizard's eyes. Zedd knew more than this. She could even recognize Zedd breathing a bit faster. Cara continued, probing Zedd's reaction.

"The Ruby Mirror, it may open something? It may open to something completely unknown?"

Zedd slowed his pace even more.

"Yes. Exactly. Damn...of all these people", Zedd smirked, "it's you who is interested in the Mirror. Ah hah. I know things would get interesting with you, with you all but… but this. Ah."

Cara heard Zedd's words and laughter but sensed a more serious undertone.

"I'm going to go after the rest of the pieces", Cara said, "I just have to do it."

It was true, Zedd had expected these words. He didn't know if he had wished to hear them.

"I just have to do it. The only thing is -", Cara paused and swept her blonde hair, "the only thing is, would it risk my loyalty? To Richard?"

Zedd looked at Cara's expression, which this time was slightly more expressive than normal.

Zedd knew that if this had been a game, the outcome of it would have been already determined. But it was not a game, this was much more, it was their reality. A reality that needed more chances to turn to better.

Zedd smiled, astonished as he was, but he knew the issue could not have folded out in any other way. If the Ruby Mirror existed, if it really could held its promise, it would make terrific sense to pursue it. And simply thinking about the heads in their group, it had to be Cara.

"Cara, I cannot judge this. There is no correct answer. You must do what you must. What you feel, in your heart-", Zedd stopped as he realized the stupidity of his explanation.

"Well, in my heart huh? Now a Mord-Sith have a heart haha? All right Zedd, I get you."

"In your heart and so on, okay", Zedd smirked, "You will then join us later."

"Of course."

"One more thing Cara. And I should probably not say this, but I will. The idea of loyalty is something that you need to weigh in each of your decision. Blind loyalty is not worth a thing. You become a marionette. I don't want you to be like that."

"Okay okay I get it, haha thanks for the lecture, school master", Cara laughed and poked Zedd.

"And hey, a Mord Sith doesn't need to ask a permission, right?" Zedd winked. "You know, don't forget."

"Come on. I will leave before the sunrise."