At dawn Cara woke up and collected silently her things. She had cleaned up her Mord-Sith suit and boots, and checked the holsters of her two Agiels and made sure the deadly weapons were fast to grab, the morning routine. She pulled on her boots and gloves and departed the camp.

After a few moments of walking, she took out both of her Agiels and swinged them in the air. While maneuvering and practising a few forms, she thought that this was about the Mirror and because of it, but it was also about much more.

For the Mirror, the guiding thought was to find some indication of the rest of the pieces. Her initial plan was to go to the south, back to the southern regions of Csinias, to the mountains if needed. It might not be too probable that people would recognize her right away as Mord-Sith, especially since she didn't have the long braid and the full armored costume. But if they did, that would be no problem.

"Hello there!"

And there was the first candidate for recognizing her, a voice from the right. It came from the side of the path behind the bushes.


The second voice from the left.

"You dress funnily."

So this would be indeed easy, they didn't obviously have a clue who she was. She continued on her way without reacting.

"Hello? I'm trying to talk to you."

The man on the left said, showed up and stepped on the path. A short while after him the one on the right entered.

"Two or three?" Cara asked in an icy tone and didn't bother to turn her head.

"Three, actually." A third man behind the first one entered the path. "Why?"

"Three is a good number. Triunity, three diamonds, okay? Well maybe not a good number for you", Cara said in a bored, clear tone.

"Whaa… What the heck is this woman talking about?"

"Well you already rolled your dice and wanted this to happen, so then let it happen."

Cara lowered her gloved hand on the Agiel.

"She is nuts!" the man on the right exclaimed.

None of them seemed to recognize the Agiels or who they were dealing with.

"I'm on mission, alright. You are delaying me with your chatter. Enough", Cara said in a commanding voice.

She took a step forward, ready to act if needed. The men were too surprised, and only the man on the left made a weak gesture towards Cara when she passed him. It made Cara smile. She knew what would happen next.

The men looked stunned after Cara, until the expected action resumed.

The first man ran after Cara. The other two followed.

"Hey I'm really sorry, you don't dress funnily. You dress very cool."

He touched Cara's shoulder and felt the sleek surface under his fingers. He aimed to reach his fingers closer to Cara's neck.

"Really cool and your body is really exc-"

"I said you are delaying me and that is very rude!"

Quickly turning and lifting her arm, Cara caught the man's left arm in a tight grip. It was an easy job to shove the Agiel on to the man's abdomen.

"Yes I dress in a cool way that's correct. And yes my body is what it is but it's not your business", Cara pronounced calmly, holding the Agiel on the twitching man's abdomen.

"Ahh aaaah! Please… ahh noo!"

"Stop your stupid chatter", Cara pushed the Agiel now stronger which made the eager man fall on his knees and fall on the ground. "Enough."

Meanwhile the second man took a better stance and approached Cara with an evil grin and with some kind of an oblong weapon. He wielded it confidently, too confidently.

"Witch! What is that... thing of yours?"

"It's an Agiel. That's what it is. But if it bothers you..."

Cara put both the Agiels on the ground.

"So now I'm without it. Come on."

The man approached.

"It didn't bother me, but if you insist...", he grinned and attacked Cara.

The task of Cara was as easy as the first one. He dodged his object a few times and then kicked the man on his side and swiped his legs which led him to fall on the ground.

"All right if my lovely Agiel doesn't bother you, then I'll introduce it to you."

Quickly Cara grabbed her other, as of today unused Agiel from the ground. Since the man was still down, and of much bigger size, Cara could climb easily partly on him.

"Witch... I will- Ahhh!"

"What you will?"

Cara rolled the Agiel on the man's leg and found a nerve point. This made him contort in pain. Then she quickly moved to a new nerve point and then back, then found a third point. Cara held the Agiel each time a bit longer.

The man was soon under Cara's control. He twisted in greater pains, but it was only when the begging had been going long enough, Cara stopped, stood up and kicked him with the tip of her boots. "Come on. This is still nothing compared to what I could do if I really wished."

The third man had watched the scene with incredulous eyes. The calm ruthlessness of Cara had paralyzed him. As Cara turned to him, abandoning the panting bandit, he knew it was his turn.


"Stay where you are! Witch!" The third man exclaimed, stretching out his arm, holding a knife. He didn't tremble but knew that this might not end well.

"Put it away." She kicked again the man on the ground and pushed her Agiel for a short time on the already damaged body. "Now. It's not too late for you."

It didn't take long that the third man submitted. He put the knife on the ground.

"Throw it away. Far."

The man hesitated, then did what Cara said.

"What are you going to do? Kill me?" he said, looking at Cara's blue eyes.

He didn't make a move, and neither did Cara.

"No, that would be too easy." Cara said in a toneless voice. "You will come with me."