After reading over around 500 Alex Rider Fan Fictions, I (the author) bring to you...

The ultimate Alex Rider fanfiction book

The stories of Alex Rider in this book are all linked and the ideas are based off others stories.

This story includes:

- a younger Alex Rider or older

- Time travel

- going to or back to Brecon Beacon, SAS training camp also the SAS soldiers finding Alex in the middle of nowhere

- Yassen/John/Helen/Ian/others not being dead

- This will be an ultimate crossover story as well - with mentions of Avengers, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Doctor Who and more.

- Stories of particular people

- New missions (recovery, info, assassinations, back up, false identity, stopping plans and more)

- Torture (I will warn you if a chapter includes this)

- Love (not going over the top though)

- Death (so this can be sad at times)

- Going to live with K-Unit

- New guardians

- Running away

- Friendship and Family

- Hurt and comfort

- SAS selection

- School trips.

- Teacher Tom

- Suicidal thoughts/attempts (not too bad though)

- Terrorist threats

- Jack's family

- Normal life

- Forgetting

- Robots

- Turning against MI6

- Fake deaths

- Alex Rider books given to the characters

- Alex changing gender

- And I can't be bothered to list anymore!

Anyway... all of these will be included in this book.

I am currently writing it in notes and so far am not sure what order the chapters are going to go in.

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