Hello! If you're reading this, that could mean that you're interested in this story. Before I start, there are a few things I'm gonna go over so make sure you have the time and patience to read this! Another thing I'm gonna point out is that this gonna be a rewrite of my KHD series because I have some ideas that I wanna do; starting with this rewrite. Another reason I'm doing this is because I have typos and I don't like how the first one came out so I felt like a rewrite would be better since I have everything all planned out and it's a lot cleaner and smoother than before. Now for the rest that's under this paragraph.

1. I don't own Kingdom Hearts and Descendants. Only thing I own is the idea of Sora, Riku and Kairi being related to Disney characters(I did this as a last minute thing in Big Four's Adventure with Sora to Sora and Kairi but I'm not sure if people noticed.) Reason I'm putting Sora as the secret son of Belle and Beast is because he's kind to Beast like Belle and willing to fight for what he cares about like Beast. Reason I also put Kairi as the secret daughter of Ariel and Eric is because she shares the same dream that Ariel has, which was to see other worlds. I also put Riku as the secret son of Elsa because I feel like they're similar in some ways. He's protective of his friends(even though he turns his back on Sora) and Elsa's protective of Anna(by trying to keep her distance from her). This is set in the first Kingdom Hearts game and one day after Ben's coronation in the first Descendants movie. I know Sarah Jeffery(Audrey) is tan and KH Aurora, Hayden Panettiere and Landon Liboiron are not so I have this idea of describing KH Aurora as tan with blonde hair instead so it can go with the flow of Audrey, Hallie and Ethan in the story. I'm gonna use an actress for Anxelin and for Ruby since I don't know who played them in Descendants. Since I have Hayden as both Kairi and Hallie, I'll explain why. I'm gonna use Hayden as Kairi when she first voiced her in KH1 but I'm using an older(by older I mean a little more grown up version of her) version of Hayden as Hallie.

2. I'm not trying to dumb Mal down or make her be a coward but since she's in new places, it's gonna take a while for her to adjust to things so that's why she's gonna be the way she is sometimes in this fanfic.

3. This is the rewrite of my first crossover since the very long break I took so it look a bit bad since I'm a bit rusty from the long break I took but I promise you that it'll be good. I'm still doing the spoofs that I have cast lists of on my YT channel. If you wanna see those, message me and I'll tell you my username on there.

4. A lot of these OCs aren't mine but I have been given permission to use them in this fanfic. If you wanna know which ones I own, message me and I'll tell you. I own a few more but they're not gonna be in this one. They'll be in the second sequel one.

5. The keyblades that Ben, Mal, Jay and Evie have are the ones from the KH games. Ben's is from KH where you talk to Belle, Mal's is from KH:BBS when you complete Enchanted Dominion, Jay's is from KH when you complete Agrabah and Evie's is from KH:BBS when you complete Dwarf Woodlands. The name for each keyblade are Rumbling Rose(for Ben), Fairy Stars(for Mal), Three Wishes(for Jay) and Treasure Trove(for Evie). I was first thinking of original ones but I decided to go with the ones from the games.

6. Evie's being the way she is in this fanfic will be explained in chapter eight.

7. I have real life stuff to do too so please be mindful that I might not post a chapter every day. I'll try to but it's not guaranteed.

8. Reason that there are gonna be so many OC vks that have gone to Auradon Prep is because some of the hero kids/new princesses and princes sent their request lists of four vks to Ben. If you wanna know who requested which four, message me and I will tell you.

9. The number of worlds in this fanfic represent the number of days that a lot of the characters have been in that world for. Ex: Matthew, Annie, Ally, Arden, Marley, Skylin, Garret and Loren have been in Wonderland for four days since Wonderland is the fourth world in the game and in this fanfic.

10. The cast list is there so people can look up and imagine that each OC character looks like that actor/actress/faceclaim and not in terms of what the character is wearing. It's also people know who voiced what character in either Descendants or Kingdom Hearts. As for the Disney/Non-Disney characters, it's so people can look up the actor/actress/faceclaim and imagine them as the character that I have put them as.

11. If you're gonna read this story, then I'm gonna need a lot of participation from you. That means voting on polls, messaging me your guesses, giving me ideas, etc. No participation from you means no more written chapters from me. Your choice.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If after all the things I went over above and you're still interested in reading this fanfic, then thank you for staying with this and I hope you enjoy reading this fanfic. If not, then I understand because I know that this fanfic might not be for everyone. Thanks again for reading this and I hope you all have an awesome day today and an awesome time reading my fanfic when it comes out! Bye! :D Say that you understand all this after you finish reading this.