Author's Note: I added a song parody in this one because what's the Hazbin Hotel without a musical element? I don't own the original songs. I'm just making parodies of them. The song featured here is based on Glass of Water from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I hope you like it and what comes afterwards.

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"And this is your room." Charlie introduced as she opened the hotel suite.

When Beetlejuice stepped in, he examined the dark-red colors on the walls and the black decorating. He glanced at his black bed and went, "Mmm."

"What's 'mmm'?" Vaggie asked as she entered behind him.

"Well, it seems a bit to 'blah' for me." Beetlejuice said. "Is it okay if I make my own touches to the place?"

"Of course." Charlie said. "This place is meant to be your home until you redeem yourself. Do whatever you feel is comfortable."

"Your wish is my command." Beetlejuice said.

The demon quickly spun around throwing different items all around the room. Charlie and Vaggie dodged the items that were thrown in their direction. When Beetlejuice stopped spinning, he examined his new room. It now had a black-and-white pattern with spider decorations on them. There were also some posters of some very sexy demon ladies hung over his wall.

"Is it too much?" Beetlejuice asked. "I wouldn't want to overstep my bounds."

"Yes, you would." Vaggie responded.

"It's… It's fine." Charlie said with some hesitation. "If you need anything, we'll be sure to answer the call."

"Well, now that you mention it," Beetlejuice said, "There is one thing that I may need."

Vaggie sighed. "Let's just get this over with. What do you need?"

Beetlejuice snapped his fingers, and music began to play. That's right when he started singing.

"Some room service if you don't mind

Some coffee if you'd be so kind

And some menu specials would be fine

If it isn't too much to ask"

"Oh, no problem at all." Charlie responded. She and Vaggie turned to leave, but Beetlejuice appeared in front of them while continuing to sing.

"And as long as it is okay

There's something else I have to say

I'd like some pizza sometime today

If you can handle that task"

"Are you done?" Vaggie asked.

"Oh, my friend, I'm afraid I'm not close

Because I realized I need new clothes

Something scary with an icky dose

To wear while I'm out in town

Plus, some shoe polish would be nice

'Cause mine are squeezing like a vice

If it's within your budget price

I'd like you to come around

Also, I need a new TV

For anything but the Godfather 3

The Exorcist is the film for me

I'll see it 'til I'm double dead

Make a list, 'cause I've got more

Like a demand that I have in store

Some bloody meat with extra gore

From the top of my spinning head"

Suddenly, Beetlejuice's head violently spun around many times freaking the girls out. He grabbed it to stop it.

"Hate when that happens."

"Anything else?" Charlie asked.

"I'm looking forward to redemption

Despite the circumstance

Because as a certain princess says

Even demons deserve a second chance"

"That's true." Charlie said. "So if that's it, I'll…"

"NOW, TIME TO KICK IT UP A NOTCH!" Beetlejuice declared.

"I need that room service soon

'Cause I'm curled up in caccoon

Nothing to do here in my room

But sit there and be still

If it's okay, I'd like a call girl

To bring to my room and give her a whirl

So worked up until I run to hurl

And she leaves behind the bill

And what else do I have in store

Oh, a magic act like I haven't seen before

A TV to check the game score

Or even a wild boar




Because what I deserve is

A simple thing to help me pull through

Until I be a good person just like you

So here's what you have to do

Hand me the phone, that's all



When he was done, Vaggie returned to the room with a mug full of steaming coffee. She didn't look amused

"Well, I couldn't get everything you asked for," she said, "But here's your coffee."

Beetlejuice took the mug and looked inside. He scowled at the sight of it before handing it back.

"I can't eat this! There's a bug in there!"

"What are you talking about?" Vaggie asked looking inside. "There's no…"

Suddenly, a giant monster cricket splashed out and roared into her face. Vaggie screamed in fright before dropping the drink and jumping back. The bug changed into normal size and Beetlejuice laughed.


Vaggie was not amused. She growled, picked up a spear, and threw it at a spot near Beetlejuice's head. "I hate you."

"And I love this new coat rack you just set up." Beetlejuice removed his jacket revealing a black tanktop with stains. He hung his jacket over the spear which angered Vaggie even more.

"All right." Charlie calmed. "Let's keep cool heads. Beetlejuice, you're a guest, and as such, you're expected to follow our rules, one of which include no pranks, especially ones that scare people to death."

"We're not even alive!" Beetlejuice responded. The princess gave him a glare that made him sigh. "I promise I'll be on my best behavior."

"Good." Charlie smiled.

"Staff meeting! Staff meeting" Alastor called from outside the room.

"What's that about?" Vaggie asked.

The Radio Demon hummed to himself as he was cleaning his microphone staff in the lobby. Charlie and Vaggie came on down and approached him. Beetlejuice was curious, so he followed them.

"You called for us?" Charlie asked.

"You got that right." Alastor said as he finished his cleaning. "Charlie, it's your lucky day. Like you're offering to us all, you're getting a second chance."

"What do you mean?"

"Channel 666 News, of course. I managed to pull a few strings and got you another interview."

"What?" Charlie gasped. "Last time I went there, I ended up getting in a catfight with Katie Killjoy."

"That's hot." Beetlejuice commented.

"Well, this time is different." Alastor said. "With me helping you run the hotel and Beetlejuice as your guest, this interview should be very different."

"Should be?" Vaggie asked.

"Just one condition." Alastor said. "Katie will only do the interview if Beetlejuice makes an appearance."

"Me?" Beetlejuice asked ecstatically. He opened up his jacket and pulled out a whole rack of outfits that look exactly the same as the one he is wearing. "What am I gonna wear?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Vaggie said. "He only just checked in last night, and you're already putting him on live TV?"

"Personally, I prefer the radio, but if the picture show's the only way to get the word out, c'est la vie." Alastor said.

"Not to worry, Vagabond." Beetlejuice said. "I'll be on my best behavior. I'll make sure everyone has a good time."

Vaggie was still suspicious. "Show me your hands and swear to me you won't pull anything."

Beetlejuice sighed heavily as he held out both his hands. "I swear."

"Mmm… All right. I suppose it's fine."

"Thank you Vaggie." Charlie said. "And thanks, Alastor. You really are trying to help." She and Vaggie exited the room leaving Alastor and Beetlejuice alone.

"You were crossing your toes, weren't you?"

"You know me so well, Al. By the way, why did you book an interview?"

"What? I'm just being a good co-owner." Alastor replied with a sinister smile. "What better way to help my partner out than showing off a celebrity like yourself on the air? Sitting right in front of the camera, talking with one of the most influential faces on media, having your face and actions explained for all of Hell to see. Every last demon around will know all about it."

Beetlejuice's face suddenly became sullen. He shot an upset glare at the Radio Demon. "You're a cruel man, Al."

"Hahaha! Tell me something I don't know."