My name is Zelimkhan Bakayev. And I play for Spartak Moscow. Occupation? You know it.

I look on everything I could. Of course, I just wanted to stay away as soon as possible. It sucks to know that some of my friends are actually the worst pranksters.

Well, I am not so interested, however. Maybe it is out of main detail.

I try to spend some times and I get rewarded by manager Stanislav Cherchesov, who called me up to represent the national side for the Euro 2020 qualifying. My trip to Cyprus was pretty awesome: it ended in a 4-0 party as we made it to the competition.

My mom and my dad always talk to me that embrace my identity. Yes. I am an Ingush man. A young lad, indeed. Ingushetia is my home. I say they don't like being called Russians overall. I am totally indifferent with it, just I don't bash a country or a race because of the brutal Chechen Wars.

And just as I told, my brother is Soltmurad. He is four years younger, and is playing for Rubin Kazan.

I love my Ingush origin and my Caucasus home. Whenever I go, I always remind that, I am Ingush. Our language is also special because it is one of the two surviving language of the Vainakh family, other being Chechen, where I can easily understand in just a month. My big brother, Magomed Ozdoyev, whom I swore my brotherhood and also my idol, is also an Ingush but born in Chechnya. He knew about that hard time when the war happened.

Likewise, I have also been told about our Caucasian heroes. From the great Sheikh Mansur, Imam Shamil, and so on. I would say I also endorse Dzhokhar Dudayev as well, but I am not trying to make a stance, because I'm politically neutral.

Then, after a training session, I got an invitation from Georgi Dzhikiya and Reizuan Mirzov, who are fellow Caucasians, like me.

Dzhikiya and Mirzov are very funny guys. Dzhikiya is of Georgian origin, I always love the Georgians. Despite being majority Christians like most Russians, the Georgians are always welcoming. I represent Russia thanked for the connection from Dzhikiya, who suggested my name to Cherchesov.

Mirzov is also another welcoming person. Of Circassian origin from the Karbadin tribe, Mirzov encourages me to develop more love for literature and studying. I need to say thanks with it. Circassians are always educational.

They went to a party where people of Caucasian origins often appear on. Russia is a very big country, and over 200 million people. You know, it is not hard to realize some people from the Caucasus. Some of my best friends are Armenians, Georgians, Chechens and even as far as Dagestan and Azerbaijan. There are personal conflicts, but in Russia, everything is fine.

After the party, I returned home, and I got into sleep. Tomorrow I would have a different training session to prepare for our next match day. And, yeah, something weird, right?

My name is Kaede Hondo. And I am an actress and a seiyuu.

I love Naruto. Yes, I am always interested in anime. Myself even modeled after some anime characters in my youth. I am also a bit … sport-addicted. I like basketball and softball.

Some of my first hand experience was enjoying as a voice actress. I first began in 2015, but only a year later I gave a huge jump. You can see, my list includes Keijo, Danganronpa, and, 91 Days. It is what made my career.

Geez, I don't want to say anything else. But I always cherish these memories.


I am very sensitive, you know!

Well, I am energetic, but also have a shy side. I am not going to make loud. However my most impressive moment was voicing Kanami Etou from Katana Maiden. It gives me so much tears and also more responsibility as well. I want to rival some.

I also have other anime interests outside my career. Likewise, I watch Love Live, BanG Dream and recently, Revue Starlight. This is if excluding my childhood interest Naruto. Dah! Naruto will always occupy the first spot according from me.

My experience with others are good. I admire Azumi Waki for her ability to act multifaceted role, like Ichie from Revue with her incredibly energetic and pranking style, or Mai Yanase and Maika from Blend S with some shy and serious affairs.

I found Iori Minase is also cool as well because of her seriousness. About foreign actress? Definitely Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic! Maybe Chris Hemsworth as well, following Thor and 12 Strong masterpieces. They are my favorite foreign actors. Anyway, I love Marvel. It is awesome.

I am not so shy to express my lovely experience, but I would be very aggressive, you know? To protect my virgin. So stop touching!

Today I found weird. I came to take another duty with I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level, oh, it is a bit long, so just say, I've Been Killing Slimes, for sure. If you feel annoying, so thanks.

After lunch, suddenly I feel tired, and fell into sleep. I don't get it. And then, something carried me into another world, where I would not image something would have come to me.

I feel … startled.