"Do I meet you somewhere …"

That's something. The two woke up only to realize they were in a very weird scenario. They saw to themselves …


Yes. They were here. Paris, however, was covered with full of fogs. Something weird about it.

Paris has been France and Europe's economic and political centre for centuries, and this place has yet to be replaced. Paris was full of drama and interestingly, this was where love could be founded. Paris never sleeps, ai ai!

A man with bruise yellow hair, pretty tall and Caucasian, got into a strange scenario.

"Oh! Sorry! Who are you?"

He just got a surprising encounter. Under the fog which is unusual for Paris, he met a woman, who is just same age with his.

"You are …"

Under the fog, he and she sat down together. The girl, who wore a French red beret, and carrying umbrella, met the man who was covering with a scarf. The two people did not know much about each other, but they found something strange along.

They sat into the pavement of the Tsar's bridge, looking to Eiffel. The life is pretty slow here.

"My name is Zelimkhan Dzhabrailovich. 24. Yours?"

"I'm Kaede-chan. Also 24 here."

"Nice to meet you. Inshallah."

Zelimkhan was nice to meet Kaede. They looked on the Eiffel, where everything was pretty decent.

"So what's your occupation now?" Zelimkhan politely asked.

"I'm an actress voicing for different characters." Kaede also politely responded.

"So you work in anime industry." Zelimkhan found out: "Given your background, why surprising?"

"Oh, it is … embarrassing …" Kaede blushed, but she tried to hold grab with the same question: "How about you?"

"I am playing football, of course. For a professional club. But I have yet to see when I'll acquire a place as a regular." Zelimkhan responded, bold, but depth: "I am still hunting, like being hungry for it. This is the only way to raise my family."

"So … did you marry?" Kaede this time wondered about Zelimkhan.

"No. I am yet to do so." Zelimkhan told: "And you too?"


Zelimkhan laughed politely and cold as well. He looked back to the Eiffel, where he found it continues to shine. Unsurprisingly, he was breathing for another way to live, and embracing, was a good option. He liked Paris, he saw it much more prosperous than anything to say.

When he saw Kaede had not married, he was interested. Yet …

"Well, if I were not an Ingush, might be I would be happy to do that with you."

"What do you mean? Ingush?" Kaede startled to hear.

"Ah, yeah. My homeland is very strict in culture. Intermarriage is not very common. Some even criticize it as polluting the blood of our people. There is a very few exception, nonetheless, but it has little impact on our society. Our ethos is always the same since antiquity."

"Wow, that's strong."

"Yeah, I just wish we can become freer and more open. But that's our culture. If you wish, just come here one day, and you shall see."

Zelimkhan takes strongly his pride of being an Ingush, but he also believes that it is not fair to discriminate people who intermarry with others. Of course, he knew that with the exception to the Chechens, such privilege is not popular overall.

Outside the strict tradition, he also expresses interests on other fields. Only this time, Kaede was more ready than him.

"So, Zelimkhan, do you like anime?"

Zelimkhan got a bit chummy.

"Yeah, sure. Well, I do watch, but I think I could remember only Conan and Captain Tsubasa. Naruto maybe. But these are popular, right?"

"You play football, right?" Kaede figured out: "So watching Captain Tsubasa is a nice choice."

"Well, when an anime inspired even Zidane and Vieri, then there is no doubt I approve it." Zelimkhan smiled.

"Thanks. I enjoy anime as well. Outside Naruto, now I am voicing for some varieties of animes, too." Kaede told Zelimkhan: "It's fun."

"That's welcoming. Only if I know some of your words". Zelimkhan taunted himself: "I think it is better for you to become an actress. I should have become an actor sometimes ago."

"No, just keep with football." Kaede cheered: "You are also an artist. It's always good to be an artist."


Zelimkhan and Kaede just watched on the Eiffel which it keeps turning the light on and the fog continues to fly over. He could not imagine about the endless light.

"Paris, the city that never sleeps. What a perfect destination."

"You think so?"


Zelimkhan just could not think more than just once. He always took some, and some, and some. Some photos. Then he asked if Kaede really wanted to take a photo with.

"You want to take some photo meeting with a stranger?"

"Oh sure! I love that experience." Kaede told: "But it is not time now."


"Paris is romantic, but I need to keep my life stay. I don't want to interrupt my career."

"That's … odd. But fine, I won't provoke anybody."

Zelimkhan appreciated that. It appeared that he does have a strong sense of honor and trust. He is also well aware, and, unlike others, don't develop any enmity at all. He saw Kaede as a person who could be trusted.

He liked it.

About Kaede? Well, she also appreciated him too.

"I like how you become tough despite difficulties."

"Ah, yeah. You have mine."

Given the Ingush nature, Zelimkhan learned well on how to be tough, powerful, and strong, determined. On Kaede, she is well perceived by her growing talents, too.

Sometimes, it could be fascinating.

As the fog still stays within Paris, Zelimkhan suddenly stated something to himself. After a moment of thinking if it should, however, he decided to get rid of it.

He believed, one day, they would meet it in real life.

"Maybe, we'll see each other, in another moment, Kaede."

"So, you'll leave?"

"Certainly. We'll see what's next soon."