"Saw Gerrera?" Jyn asked.

"Lower your weapons," He ordered.

"You're my contact?" Cassian asked.

"You are correct."

"I thought-" Cassian said.

"I am above helping you and your rebellion?" Saw finished his sentence. "Your cause and mine are very similar, Fulcrum."

"I thought Ahsoka was Fulcrum," Leia said.

"There are many Fulcrum agents young lady. Including Captain Andor and your friend Ahsoka Tano." Saw eyed Leia's lightsaber.

"Come, I will take you to the pilot." Saw started to lead Cassian and Jyn to a small cell in the cellar of the building.

Luke pulled the kyber crystal out of his pocket and twisted it between his fingers.

"Mimba, show the boy the parts." Saw ordered a large reptile-like soldier.

"Come with me boy."

Mimba led him to a large room filled with crates. Luke looked through the crates and saw hundreds of lightsaber parts. Leia joined him in the room.

"Reminds me of the Forge on Tython." Leia picked up a small piece.

"May I have the room?" Luke asked Mimba and Leia.

Mimba nodded and led Leia back to the main room with Chirrut, the gunman and K-2SO.

Luke reached out with the force. He imagined his new lightsaber. He sifted through the various crates and boxes until he found the parts that matched what he imagined. A gold ignition box and different sleeves and an emitter. Once he had all of his parts, he sat in the middle of the room and laid the parts in front of him. He used the force to pick up the pieces and began moving them into place. He pulled the crystal out and put it into the hilt. He closed his eyes and the parts began closing around the crystal. He began reciting a mantra taught to him by his master.

"The crystal is the heart of the blade, the heart is the crystal of the Jedi. The Jedi is the crystal of the force. The Force is the blade of the heart. All are intertwined, the crystal, the blade, the Jedi. We are one." Luke ended the mantra and opened his eyes. His new hilt hovered in the air in front of him. The hilt reminded him of Obi-Wan.

He grabbed it. The hilt felt perfect in his hand. More so than his previous lightsaber. He ignited it and felt the glow of the green blade across his skin. He took a belt clip from one of the crates and put it, with his lightsaber onto his belt.

Saw brought Jyn and Cassian into the room with the imperial pilot.

"His name is Bodhi Rook. Imperial Cargo Pilot from Edu Flight Station," Saw handed Jyn his identification card.

"Bodhi?" Jyn walked up to his cell and sat on a crate next to it. "You know my father?"

"Yes," Bodhi looked into Jyn's eyes. "He has a message for you. He awaits his extraction on Edu."

"Saw?" Jyn turned to him, "We need to take the pilot back to our base. Come with us, the rebellion needs men, and weapons."

"Very well," Saw said.

"Send a message to leadership and tell them that we have the pilot," Jyn said. Cassian nodded at her.

Saw opened the cell and Bodhi slowly stepped out of it. "My name is Jyn Erso."

"Come, we need to go load up your transports with as many weapons and supplies we can."

Suddenly, a large explosion was heard above them. Specks of dust and dirt fell from the ceiling.

"They found us," Saw looked up.

"Jyn!" Luke yelled as he and Leia stumbled down the stairs, "The empire must have followed us. They're here."

"Saw Gerrera!" A voice yelled through a speaker. "I am Agent Kallus of the Imperial Security Bureau. Surrender now and we will spare you."

The group ran up to a window. Outside the small building were 2 small tanks and more stormtroopers than Luke could count.

"This is a rebel base right?" Luke asked. "Is there a tunnel or something that leads outside?"

"There is only one entrance." Saw pointed at the door.

"What do your munitions look like?" he asked, "We could try to blow our way out of here?"

"Come." Saw led Luke, Leia, Cassian and Jyn to his armory.

He had crates of detonators and bombs.

"I have an idea." Cassian grabbed a detonator and flipped it in his hand. "Drop these onto those tanks. Then blow the door, we kill the troopers out there and then we evacuate this place and take them back to Yavin IV."

"Alright, what do Leia and I do?" Luke asked.

"I've studied old republic maneuvers, there is one I know of that might work."

Outside the compound Kallus and his troopers prepared to bring the building down on top of them.

"I've run out of patience." He took his bo-rifle off of his back and aimed it at the building. "Prepare to fire on my command."

Two detonators slipped onto the front of the tanks. They detonated and destroyed them. The door blew open and dozens of rebels ran out opening fire on the troopers and killed many. Luke and Leia ignited their lightsaber and blocked the incoming blaster fire.

"Fire at will!" Kallus yelled. He extended his bo-rifle into an electrostaff and charged at Luke.

Luke blocked the attack and delivered one of his own.

"Go!" Luke yelled, as he blocked another attack.

The stormtroopers began to dwindle in numbers until it was only Kallus. The rebels began disappearing heading to various transports hidden around the city. Luke outstretched his arm and launched Kallus backwards into a wall with the force.

Luke ran towards Cassian's U-wing with Leia and Chirrut yelling for him to hurry.

Kallus retrieved a comlink from his belt, "Do not let any of the rebel vessels escape."

"Believe me Agent Kallus, they will not." An Admiral said.

Cassian flew his U-wing around the Star Destroyer.

"Imperial Tie's incoming!" Cassian shouted to his compatriots.

"I am one with the force and the force is with me." Chirrut continued to repeat the mantra.

"We are almost clear." Cassian pulled the ship away and transmitted the coordinates to Saw and his transports.

"Engaging the hyperdrive." K-2SO flipped a switch and launched the ship into hyperspace.