Screen Title: #iGo Back to Seattle

Sam and Cat are on the couch watching Henry Danger (according to the voice audio, it's the episode "Scream Machine"

Cat: Sam I'm having so much fun living with you.

Sam: I know Cat. We've been living together for 7 years now.

Cat: Best 7 years ever.

Dice walks in

Dice: Sup girls.

Cat: Hey Dice.

Sam: Sup Dice.

Dice: Sam it's been so much fun having you as my roommate.

Sam: Yeah I know.

Cat: We've made a lot of money from our babysitting service.

Dice: Oh you're watching Henry Danger?

Cat: Jace Norman is so hot.

Sam's phone rings

Sam: Hang on. I got to go take this.

Sam goes to the bedroom and answers her phone

Sam: Hello?

Freddie: Sam it's Freddie.

Sam: Hey what's up?

Freddie: Carly is coming back to Seattle.

Sam: What?

Freddie: Yeah. Spencer just got off the phone with her.

Sam: Man what am I going to do? Cat will be upset.

Freddie: I'm sure she'll understand. She has her friends from school.

Sam: Okay. I guess I'll see you soon.

Freddie: Okay bye.

Sam: Bye.

Sam goes back to the living room

Dice: Who was it?

Sam: Freddie.

Cat: What did he say?

Sam: He said that Carly is returning to Seattle.

Dice: She is?

Sam: Yeah. Cat you might be sad about this, but I'm moving back to Seattle to see Carly.

Cat: No. I need you.

Sam: I know you do. I promise I'll come visit you a lot.

Dice: We're going to miss you.

Sam: I'll miss you guys too.

After Sam packs her stuff up

Sam: Okay I got all my stuff packed. Bye Cat. Bye Dice.

Dice: Bye.

Cat: Bye.

Sam gets on her bike and leaves

Dice: Are you going to be okay, Cat?

Cat: I think so. I'm going to call my friends to help cheer me up.

Dice: You do that.

Sam has arrived in Seattle and walks in Bushwell Plaza


Sam: Nice to see you too, Lewbert.

Sam goes upstairs to Apartment 8-C and walks in

Carly: Sam.

Sam: Carly.

Carly: Let's start up iCarly again.

Sam: Okay.

We now cut to the studio

Sam: Whoa you still have the studio?

Gibby: We kept it up. Just in case.

Freddie: We're live in 5, 4, 3, 2.

Carly and Sam scream

Carly: I'm Carly!

Sam: I'm Sam!

Carly: And this is.

Carly and Sam: iCarly!

Carly: We're back online.

Sam: Did you miss us?

Carly: Of course they missed up.

Sam: It's time to play Happy Baby. Sad Baby.

Cheer Applause

Carly: Does baby like soda?

Baby Spencer: Yay.

Sam: How does baby feel about school?

Baby Spencer: Boo.

Carly: And that concludes Happy Baby. Sad Baby.

Sam: And now.

Sam presses her remote and yells Random Dancing

Lights play and they all start dancing

Freddie: And we are clear.

Back downstairs

Sam: So Carly how was Italy?

Carly: It was the best.

Spencer: I missed you, Carly.

Carly: I missed you too.

We now cut back to Cat

Robbie: Cat are you feeling okay?

Cat: I think so.

Tori: I know you miss Sam but she'll be back.

Dice: Yeah she said she'll visit us a lot.

Trina: Besides you have her on PearChat.

Cat: I know.

Suddenly, Jepson from the episode #Lumpatious barges in

Jepson: HELLO CAT!

Cat: You?

Dice: What are you doing here?

Jepson: Revenge.

Jepson uses bobby pins and knocks Cat, Dice, Tori, Trina, and Robbie out

Now we cut back to the iCarlies

Sam: I hope Cat's doing okay.

Spencer: I'm sure she's doing fine.

Freddie: Yeah. She has all of her friends from school.

Carly: Cat will be fine.

Gibby: And we can always go visit her.

Sam: Okay.

Sam's phone begins to ring

Freddie: Maybe that's her?

Sam: Hello?

Jepson: Hello Samantha!

Sam: Jepson?!

Jepson: Yeah that's right I'm back. And I kidnapped your roommate and her friends.

Sam: You what?!

Jepson: You heard me. You'll never see her again. Ta ta.

Call ends

Sam: This is so bad.

Carly: Who's Jepson?

Sam: Some punk who always has to make a fact about everything. He almost made me and Cat drink his sweat.

Spencer: Why?

Sam: Because he made a bet with us that if we didn't get the word Lumpatious in the dictionary, we had to drink his sweat. But we were able to get it in the dictionary.

Freddie: He's a horrible person.

Sam: No kidding. We got to go save Cat.

Gibby: Let's go.

Carly: I hope she's okay.

Cat and her friends wake up

Tori: Where are we?

Cat: I don't know.

Jepson: Aw look who woke up.

Cat: Let us out of here, Jepson.

Jepson: Hmm, let me think. Oh yeah. NO!

Trina: We don't even know you.

Jepson: You're friends with Cat.

Robbie: So?

Jepson: So you're kidnapped as well. Have fun being locked up.

Jepson walks away

Tori: Someone tell us what's going on.

Cat: That bully is Jepson.

Dice: He hates Sam and Cat.

Robbie: Why?

Cat and Dice explains the events of #Lumpatious to Tori, Trina, and Robbie

Trina: Eww he almost made you drink his sweat.

Cat: Yep.

Tori: Gross.

Robbie: That's disgusting.

Dice: Sam picked a bad day to go back to Seattle.

Cat: I hope she comes to save us.

Sam and the gang are in Freddie's car

Carly: Nice car, Freddie.

Freddie: Thanks.

Gibby: Are we there yet?

Sam: Almost.

Spencer: How close are we?

Sam: We're just 5 miles away from her location.

Carly: Good.

Sam: I'm calling her friend Jade.

Sam dials Jade's number

We cut to Nozu where Jade, Beck, and André are eating sushi

Jade: Hey Sam what's up?

Sam: Cat's been kidnapped.

Beck: WHAT?

Sam: This guy named Jepson kidnapped her and some of your friends.

André: Oh lord.

Freddie: You got to help us save them.

Jade: Okay we're on our way.

Beck: Money's on the table Mrs. Lee.

André: Keep the change.

Mrs. Lee: Okie dokie.

Sam: I'll text you the location.

Jade: Okay.

Sam: Bye.

Jade: Bye.

Sam hangs up

Carly: They coming?

Sam: Yes.

Freddie: I hope they're okay.

Gibby: You got your butter sock, Sam?

Sam: Never leave home without it.

Carly: Good.

They arrive along with Jade, Beck, and André

Jade: You're all here.

Sam: Let's bust some ass.

Jade kicks down the door

Jepson: Who are you?


Beck: Let our friends go.

André: Now!

Cat: Please let us out.

Dice: I can't take it in here.

Jepson: No I will never let them out. Also the iCarly webshow sucked ass.

Sam gets very angry at Jepson and begins to kick his ass

Carly: Get em Sam.

Trina: Kick his butt.

Jade: Let me help!

Jade pulls out her scissors Cat gave her in "A Christmas Tori"

Spencer: Are those the scissors from The Scissoring?

Jade: Yes.

Cat: I gave her those.

Jade: Take this you bastard!

Jade stabs the scissors in Jepson's chest which kills him

Freddie: Whoa you killed him.

Tori: Can you let us out.

Sam blasts the door open

Sam: Are you guys okay?

Cat: Yes.

Dice: We're okay.

Gibby: Man you did a number on him.

Trina: Never mess with Jade.

Beck: She gets real aggressive.

Robbie: Thanks for saving us.

Carly: Anytime.

Sam: So you're happy that I'm going back to Seattle?

Cat: Yes.

André: We're going to miss you.

Sam: I'll miss you guys too.

Dice: You're going to come back to visit right?

Sam: Always.

The iCarly and Victorious gang hugs each other as the story ends

Note: This is not my last story for Sam & Cat

Note #2: The full cast of iCarly and Victorious appear in this crossover

Note #3: Mrs. Lee and Nozu from Victorious makes a small cameo appearance

Note #4: Bushwell Plaza and Lewbert from iCarly appear

Note #5: The events of #Lumpatious are mentioned

Note #6: Jepson is still a jerk

Note #7: The TV show Henry Danger and Jace Norman who plays Henry on Henry Danger are mentioned