Finn woke to the sound of buzzing, one eye open he turned to look at this clock 5.12am. He turned to look at the sleeping Maddie and rose out of bed and grabbed his cell phone without even looking at the caller id.

"It better be life or death waking me at this ungodly hour"

He heard Logan chuckle on the other end of the phone, he'd know that laugh anywhere

"You've got that one right Finn its the life part, Rory's in labour, we've not long got to the hospital, I'm stood outside the room now whilst they examine her and tell us what happens next, apparently if she isn't at least 3-4cm dilated we may be coming back home but I have a feeling that my boys might finally make their appearance and who better to call than uncle Finn"

Finn stood still for quite sometime, he was trying to wrap his head around everything he had just heard, he had assumed that Rory would end up being induced, the boys seemed quite comfy were they where, the pause must have been longer than Finn realised as Logan speaking again asking him if he was still there bringing him back to reality! Rory was in labour!

"I'll be there in 15, you want me to let the relevant people know on my way over?"

Logan let out a shaky breathe on the other end of the phone, he knew no matter how long his ace was in labour Finn would sit there ready to do anything they might need.

"yeah Finn if you don't mind, I don't think they will be much longer and I want to be with ace, tell everyone that you'll give updates after you know anything"

"on it mate, already pulling clothes on as we speak, give love a kiss from me, a friendly one Huntz, not the kind that put the boys in there in the first place and text me if you need anything, I'll call when I pull up and you can tell me whereabouts you are, any updates ring me... and Huntz you've got this"

Finn could practically hear Logan sag in relief, after a quick goodbye and a run down with Maddie on what was going on he was in the car and on his way to the hospital, he made sure he informed all the family what was happening, luckily he added them all to one conversation so that he wasn't having to repeat the story numerous times, everyone seemed so excited, he knew Lorelei was still gutted about not being in the room but she understood. Maddie had told him she would handle telling Paris and Louise so only one more phone call he had to make.

Steph answered on the second ring and before he even had chance to say anything Steph was talking a million miles an hour like always.

"She's in labour isn't she Finn, I couldn't sleep so I was watching TV in the living room and I swore I heard footsteps about 40 minutes ago, by the time I looked through the peep hole there was nothing there but I just knew, I've already woken Colin and we are just about to head out the door, we'll meet you there"

"See you soon love"

With that the line went dead, he chuckled to himself Stephanie never missed a trick and her and Rory were so in tune with one another it was no surprise at all that she already knew what was going on. He saw the sign for the hospital and turned off just as his phone began to ring again. Logan's name flashed up on the screen and he answered immediately

"how is she"

"I've only got a minute Finn she's doing fantastic, the boys are still in the right position for a natural birth and she's already between 6 and 7cm dilated, they will definitely be here today, might be a few hours yet but they've given Rory some meds to help with the pain, she refused an epidural and they've also hooked her up to the gas and air, we are in a private suite, follow the signs to maternity ask at the desk and there's a private waiting area outside if you plan on sticking it out"

"Okay mate no problems, Steph and Colin are on their way as well, Steph heard you leave this morning so we will all be there, I'm just about to pull up so I'll be up there soon just come out and grab me if you need anything, everyone knows what's going on, go do your thing daddy"

Logan chuckled down the phone and the pair once again said their goodbyes. Part of the laugh was excitement, the other half was nerves. He knew with Rory by his side he could be a good dad but it didn't fully ease the fear. He knew all new parents felt these things, even a second time round. He just needed to pull up his big boy pants and be there for his girl.

It was just before 6am when Colin and Steph turned up, she had nipped into the coffee shop and got the boys a coffee and some cakes and large cup of English tea for herself. Since being so sick in her pregnancy tea seemed to be one of the only things she could stomach that wasn't forced, she would forever thank Maddie for introducing her to tea. It was always a joke that Maddison liked tea but Steph definitely wasn't joining in on the joke any longer. She spotted a nurse going towards Rory's room and quickly jumped up and thrust two coffee at her to give to the couple, the nurse cast a smile her way and headed into the room as Steph sat back down.

It was a very surreal moment for Stephanie, she know in a few month she would be the one in the room and no doubt Finn, Rory and Logan would be the ones outside with the added extra of the 2 little boys. Rory was adamant that they would be there when Steph had mentioned that they would be at home with the boys and she had no doubt that her friends would. Her and Rory were closer than sisters, it was so strange they knew each other inside out, they had no secrets, nothing was unspoken between them. As Steph sat there she could picture when she first met Rory, Steph knew that day that their relationship would be forever and when she thought about the interactions between her and Logan it made her chuckle out loud, the pair had been so awkward at times, everyone could see what was going to happen but Steph could only have dreamed that this all those years later was going to be their reality.

Colin looked towards his wife and gently nudged her with his shoulder, that shy smile he still possessed gracing his lips.

"what you chuckling at over there"

"Yes love share with the group we have time to kill anyways"

Steph smiled at the pair and began telling them what she was thinking about, they trio sat and reminisced about the pair currently in the labour room, remembering the first holiday they had together, the murder mystery night prank, they way Logan proposed and everything in between. The way that say talking was like it all happened yesterday and time seemed to fly by, they drank their drinks ate the cakes and when they suddenly noticed a few doctors entering the room they went quiet. Finn looked down at his watch and it was 8.41am they had been sat hours talking yet it hadn't seemed like even an hour. A few minutes later the distinct noise of a baby crying filled the air and the three exchanged looks, this was the scary part, baby number 2 needed to out and healthy now with no complications.

Rory glanced at the clock 8.39am she had been pushing around 30 minutes already. It was exhausting. She stuck to her guns and decided she didn't want an epidural she wanted to feel what her body was telling her but she was regretting that now. The nurse had called for the doctors saying that baby number 1 would be here anytime. There voices seemed to fizzle out and she kept her focus on her husband, hand under her thighs and pushed, Logan had hold of one leg and the nurse had a hold of the other, she caught her breathe briefly when the 2 doctors entered the room. She could feel her little boys and started to push again, she heard the nurses telling her this was it, he was so close and saw the doctors coming closer, getting up close and personal. The little beds for the boys were already there waiting, their outfits on each crib (if that what you want to call them). She could hear the doctors talking but couldn't make out the words, but the reassuring smile on his face told her everything was okay.

Tucking her chin into her chest she began to push again, the burn was so intense, she remembered the story her mum used to tell her every year and mentally agreed, it did feel like sitting on dynamite, or a ring of fire she thought to herself. Gripping her legs even tighter she gave all she could and felt a slight realise of the pressure. She heard Logan speaking saying his head was out but she was already pushing again, her body knowing what to do and then she felt her little boy emerge into the world and the cry he let out was the greatest thing she had ever heard. She heard the doctor call out the time, 8.43am and the next thing the midwife had wrapped him in a towel and as instructed passed him straight to Rory, she didn't want him cleaned up first she wanted him in her arms.

The love she felt was like no other, of course she had heard people talk about it and even read about it but the feeling was like nothing you could ever describe! She looked down at his tiny hands and his beautiful little face and then over at her husband. Her throat hurt from holding back the tears but Logan let them flow freely. He looked at his wife and first son with such pride it made it impossible for Rory to hold the tears back any longer.

"He's perfect"

"he sure is ace, just like his mommy"

"hi Lincoln I'm your mommy"

The little bubble was soon broken when the nurse brought over the scissors for Logan to cut the cord, and no sooner did he cut it did Rory quickly pass her eldest son to his dad. The contractions started again and she knew her other little boy wanted to join the party.

The midwives where set up ready and the pushing began again, but this time it felt slightly easier. She looked over to Logan who had placed their little boy in the arms of the doctors for his checks and his full focus was back on his wife, 5 pushes later and a second cry filled the room. Just like with Lincoln he was wrapped up and passed straight to his mom. He was slightly smaller than his brother but just as perfect. Logan once again cut the cord and soon went to grab Lincoln. He passed him over to Rory and they stayed in this bliss whilst Rory delivered her placenta and was stitched up. Logan got both the boys dressed and wrapped in their little personalised blankets whilst never leaving his wife's side.

Lincoln Straub Huntzburger born at 8.43am weighing 6lb 8oz

Isaac Richard Huntzburger born at 8.52am weighing 6lb 1oz.

Both boys healthy and perfect in every way. Now the real fun begins.

Outside the room the trio sat waiting for what seemed like an eternity and then the second cry rang out. They all hugged each other happy that the boys had seemed to arrive safely. They couldn't wait to hear news that mom and babies where both doing okay, but for now everything seemed to have gone well. At just after half past 9 Logan emerged from the room, a broad smile on his face telling his friends to come in. The 5 spent the next hour cooing over the boys and in a bubble. Lincoln had a mop of dark hair and Isaac looked nearly bald, the hair he did have was so blonde it appeared white. Steph had rushed straight to Rory making sure she was okay whilst the 3 males hugged, Finn was of course the first to get hold of the boys (after greeting and kissing Rory's cheek) having no qualms about holding one in each arm. He was talking in a soft voice and gently swaying them. Rory and Logan had asked if the 3 would be the boys god parents, they were going to follow tradition and have 2 male godfathers and one godmother with them having boys and neither could think of better people than who stood in this room. Logan had contacted the family letting them know Rory and the boys where doing great, everyone was over the moon and the names were finally revealed. The group knew the next few days would be a hype of activity but actually looked forward too seeing all there friends and family. Rory had successfully breastfed both boys and whilst Colin and Finn wanted to run for the hills at the mere mention they stayed and averted there eyes whilst Steph and Logan got the boys comfy to feed. Finn gave a quick glance and got some amazing photos, it wasn't like they had never seen one other in a state of undress, and Finn watched in awe. It was so perfect. Rory was like his little sister, them boys where his nephews and now godsons. In any other circumstance it should have felt weird standing there seeing a female that wasn't your own partner feed her children but it just didn't. It proved how much of a family the group truly were.

When the boys finally had a full tummy and fell to sleep, the trio left the new family of 4 to get some rest. Steph was going to decorate Rory and Logan's apartment and Finn would be back later tonight, they hoped to maybe be discharged, but if not Finn would still be going anyway. Then he would be back in the morning with Logan's car and help get the family back home. He might even stay over a few nights he thought to himself. To help of course.