Logan sat on his flight back from Seattle. He was thankful it was already Saturday; he couldn't wait to get home and see his girl. After he graduated Yale his father had offered him to stay in New York and run the times, Rory was doing some freelance for the company and Mitchum thought his son would want to stay close to his new wife. Although he did want to stay on New York he also wanted to gain respect as a boss, he never wanted people to just think that he had been handed this opportunity but didn't really have a clue. He knew he didn't have to prove himself to anyone but on the same hand he wanted to be respected for the right reasons, but it seemed like a lifetime ago he was a college and getting married. He missed his early nights with Rory and waking up next to her everyday, he was beginning to think running the times should have been the job he had taken.

He couldn't believe the change in his dad over the last few years, it was no longer a burden having to go see him or dreading seeing his number flash up on the screen, Logan didn't know what had changed in Mitchum, he often joked he had had a midlife crisis, and Mitchum and Rory got on scarily well. Rory had taken his dad up on the offer to intern for him at eagle Gazette, she shadowed him whilst he was at the paper and he could still remember the night the pair met him and the rest of the family after Rory's last day.

It was Friday night and Logan sat anxiously at the Huntzberger residence. Rory should have been here by now, he kept glancing down at his watch. He had text a few times and not gotten a reply, he really hoped his dad hadn't overstepped the mark at work, Mitchum was known for his bluntness, he never did have much tact. He was brought away from his thoughts as he heard the front door open and could hear Mitchum and Rory laughing and joking as they made their way into the living room. Everyone had noticed the change in Mitchum over the last few months but when the pair came in smiles on faces clearly having an inside joke the room fell silent with curiosity and shock. It was rare to see such a light-hearted side of Mitcham. As they came through Rory came straight to Logan and greeted him with a kiss and quick hug, Mitchum did the same to his wife, Logan looked on trying to remember a time he ever saw his father greet his mother. Rory went round the room and greeted everyone else as did his dad, Honor and Josh were also there tonight to discuss wedding plans. After introductions were made they all made their way to the dining room ready for dinner, that's when Logan decided to ask the question on everyone's mind.

"So dad, you're in a good mood did something funny happen in the office today?"

Mitchum and Rory both began to chuckle and that's when Mitchum filled them in on what had happened before arriving home

"Well as it was my last day at the paper I decided to call a meeting with all the staff, we all gathered in the conference room and I laid it out to everyone that it was now a free floor and anyone could speak with any suggestions or questions they wanted to ask before I left. The room went quiet, I think the staff thought it was some kind of trick, after a nearly a minutes silence I was about to speak again but your girlfriend here beat me too it, she began making suggestions about taking on interns from yale to gain experience as well as free help in the newsroom, it was a win win situation, she also began saying how she thought the set up needed to change so people could interact more, so instead of everyone having booths that we should open the newsroom up more to create a more relaxed atmosphere and people would be able to bounce back and forth ideas. If you would have seen the staffs faces! They were gobsmacked that the little, sweet and innocent Rory over here began one of her rambles whilst sitting next to me! The editor soon jumped on board and the room erupted into conversation, that's why we are a bit later. It was really productive, and in that moment I knew that Rory here, although isn't going to actively seek out a career in journalism, had it. I've had many staff over the years who can easily follow my routine in newspapers, and they make great assistants, but they just don't have what it takes to get down to the nitty gritty. Rory impressed me these last few weeks but today son I was proud that this girl would be joining our family"

Rory sat beaming and blushing slightly, she still struggled to accept compliments and the pride in his dad's face was astonishing. He knew his ace had it and was glad other people could she the shining star she truly was.

He was brought back to reality as the pilot announced they were starting their descent ready to land. He fastened his seatbelt and looked out the window at the big apple, Finn and Rory were coming to meet him at the airport and he made a promise to himself that this weekend would be dedicated to his wife. She deserved it.

After touch down Logan got through security quite quick, it was the bonus of taking such an early flight, the airport was relatively quiet but then again it was only just after 6am New York time. He headed towards the doors and spotted his wife waiting, coffee in hand and a book in her lap sat at a table waiting for him. It was as if she sensed his presence because no sooner had he seen her she looked up and locked eyes with her husband. She quickly flipped the book over as to not loose her place, put her coffee down and set off towards him. She and Lorelei always stayed Gilmore's didn't exercise but Rory set off on a near sprint towards him. He dropped his luggage and she dived into his arms. She picked her up and she instinctively wrapped her legs around him. It had only been 5 days that they had been apart but he was happy she seemed to have missed him as much as he did her. They locked lips and it was a near frenzied kiss, Logan began to deepen it and Rory pulled back before things got to heated in public.

"Miss me ace"

"More than you could ever know"

"Trust me babe I know, love you"

"Love you mac"

They shared another sweet kiss and Logan placed round back on ground, grabbed his luggage in one hand and her hand in his other. Rory picked up her book, put it back in her bag and grabbed her coffee on the way out to the car. Contentment filled the pair to be reunited.

"Where's Finn? Thought he was heading down with you this morning"

"He got called to the hotel early hours, apparently a band was staying in one of the suites and had decided they needed to bring the party back with them, Finn left me a note, thought he would be stuck there most of the day"

Logan simply nodded, he loved his friend but was looking forward to some alone time with Rory. The pair finally arrived at the car and headed back home, traffic was light and they made it in good time. The doorman greeted them as they entered the lobby and made their way to the elevator. Once the doors shut behind then Logan pounced. He had his wife pushed up against the back wall within seconds. That was the only positive he could think of about going away, when he got back the sex was even better than normal, and they had great sex normally! Rory began undoing his shirt buttons in a hurry as he attacked her neck with his mouth. The elevator pinged and they rushed to their front door, Rory fumbled for her keys barely able to open the lock. They fell inside and Logan had her back against the door, the buttons on his shirt just wasn't opening quick enough so Rory took the decisive decision to just pull. Buttons shot off all over the floor but his bare chest was now on show. Even after all these years she loved running her fingers down his chest. On her way back up she pushed it off his shoulders and it hit the floor where they stood. Her top was off soon after and bra unclasped. Logan picked her up and she let out an excited squeal, she again wrapped her legs around him as he moved them through the apartment, they only made it to the sofa before the eagerness they was both feeling became too much. Logan laid her down and hovered above her but Rory soon flipped them so she was straddling his waist, which was no easy feat on the sofa. She pulled the straps of her bra down revealing her chest (which was already growing) and Logan soon dived in taking her nipple in his mouth. Rory arched back on him moaning and started grinding down. He moved to the other breast but before long Rory was moving down undoing his trousers and pulled them down boxers and all, leaving him on full display. His trousers never even came off they were around his ankles and Rory licked her lips at the sight before her. She took him in her mouth deeply loving the noises she was eliciting from her husband. His hand instinctively went to her hair and he was soon getting close. He gently pulled her back up to and kissed her whilst edging down her joggers. She lent up and kicked them off her legs whilst Logan did the same. She lined him up at her entrance and sank down. Their moans filled the apartment, it would a good job it was sound proof. Rory began bouncing on top him and he could feel her getting as close as he was. He held down her hips and guided her as she ground on him taking him even deeper. The added friction was all it took, Rory was screaming his name, as he felt her clench it took him over the edge to and they rode out their orgasms together. After a few minutes the couples breathing was beginning to return to normal and Logan rolled Rory off him and laid her next to him and they stayed like this just enjoying the feeling of one another.

"Welcome home mac"

"Glad to be home ace"

They shared a kiss and Logan stood to grab Rory a towel and the pair got cleaned up. Rory got herself dressed and Logan took a quick shower, whilst he was in the shower she pulled out the box she had gotten him. There was her original pregnancy test, she also got a digital one saying pregnant, she bought some white baby booties and a grow and she made a card he could keep, on the front it said daddy and inside it said I can't wait to meet you, love baby Huntz with yellow love hearts. She placed the box on the coffee table and went into the kitchen to make them a drink.

As Logan walked out the bedroom he saw his wife sat at the island in the kitchen and wrapped his arms around her from behind. You could see the view of the park from there and he was looking out when he noticed a box on the coffee table.

"Hey ace what's that box"

"let's go over and have a look, it's a little something I did for you whilst you were away"

He raised an eyebrow at his wife before kissing her head, grin in place and headed back over to the sofa pulling Rory along with him. He wondered if she had been shopping again and bought some nice sexy lingerie for him, but she never usually showed him it not on her body. He racked his brain; he hadn't missed any anniversary or birthday and it wasn't valentine's day for a few more weeks. He sat down and grabbed the box. He put it to his ear and shook it. He really was curious now. He looked over at Rory and she was biting her bottom lip, she was nervous. He opened the lid and his eyes darted everywhere all at once. He saw a card saying daddy, two pregnancy tests clearly positive and some little knitted booties and a grow. He pulled out the card first and open it. He read the words inside and was overcome with emotion. They were having a baby. He felt his eyes well up, he wasn't a crier by a long shot but the emotion he felt at the thought of becoming a dad was overwhelming. He managed to speak but his voice was full of emotion even to his own ears.

"Were having a baby, ace your pregnant"

"Were pregnant, are you happy?"

"I'm beyond happy ace, I'm barely keeping it together here, I could cry, I'm so happy, were having a baby, oh my god we are having a baby!"

He grabbed hold of his wife and hugged and kissed her, he went back to the box and pulled out the grow and booties. It was the perfect way to tell him, his girl was so thoughtful.

"How far are you, have you seen the doctor yet?"

"I've got an appointment Monday, I didn't want to tell anyone before I told you but Finn found the test, I'm blaming baby brain and he helped sort the appointment and what not out so that it didn't get out I was pregnant before we told anyone, and I think I'm maybe 7 or 8 weeks, I guess when I have my implant out in November and went onto the shot they must have not overlapped and I wasn't covered"

"That was my next question, I was going to ask who knew and if you picked a private clinic, they have a lot more discretion than many, and don't worry about it, even if Finn hadn't found the test he would have known, that boy observes everything! And at least you had someone to talk to, I'm sorry I wasn't here when you found out"

"Don't be silly, you have to work Logan and anyways it gave me chance to set all this up for you, I can't believe were having a baby"

"Me neither ace, but I couldn't be happier, I love you"

"I love you too"

The couple spent the rest of the weekend in their own little bubble, all the thoughts Logan had about travelling were now confirmed. He would take his dad up on his original offer and stay in New York, he didn't want to miss a thing. He rearranged his Monday schedule and made sure the day was practically clear barring a few things he could do from home. The last 6 months had been hard, but every cloud had a silver lining, he knew things would get harder, it was the couples first baby. But he welcomed the hardship because he already knew the rewards he would feel as a father would be like nothing he could yet imagine.