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Harry groaned into his hands. Kazuto Kirigaya had been missing for nearly two months and in the meantime, all Harry had found was RATH was developed by the Japanese Self-Defence Force.

It's aims, motives and anything of interest pertaining RATH was missing or redacted; Harry felt like slamming his head against a brick-wall. Akio Rokuhara, Argo the Rat, draped herself over Harry's neck and pressed her head next to his and they looked over the laptop.

"Harry, you need to rest. I know this is driving you insane."

Harry groaned, "That I'll agree with you, about." He pushed his chair back, stood up, wrapped Akio in his arms. "Let's go to bed…I'm bloody shattered."


Kazuto woke up, he found himself resting beneath a gigantic tree; listening. "Forty-seven!" A voice called, followed by the unmistakable sound of an axe embedding itself in a tree. However, as the axe and the tree connected it gave the sound of metal striking metal.

At the strike of fifty, Kazuto, watched as his friend collapsed backwards. Axe falling from his hands. "I counted three good strikes out of fifty. Bringing your total of decent strikes to a total of forty-one. Looks like you're buying the siral water today, Eugeo."

Eugeo sighed, and sat up "Says the one who has forty-three out of fifty good hits. I'll catch up Kirito. Come on, it's your turn…"

"After a year and three months, we've made next to no progress. I can't take much more of this." Kirito said as he looked forlornly up at the massive tree.

"It's our Calling, after all, to cut down the Gigas Cedar." Eugeo chided softly.

Kirito sighed and sidled forwards drawing an elaborate 's' symbol, before pressing it "Let's see. How much was its life before this?" He tapped the menu and the health bar appeared.

"It appears we've only taken fifty out of two hundred thirty-five thousand and something." Kirito exclaimed throwing his arms over his head in exasperation. "We could keep going on forever and we'll never cut it down."

"The tree is known for its steel like durability." Eugeo retorted. "It'll take 900 years before the tree comes down."

The next thing Eugeo knew, Kirito had tackled him and sat straddling him "Why are you such a goody-goody?" The pair quickly dissolved into a mad tickle and play-fighting.

"Are you two slacking off again? Maybe I should ask Jiji to increase your cutting quota."

The two boys flinched at the thought, turned to see a blonde-girl in a sea-green dress holding basket. "Hey Alice, you're here earlier than usual." The trio opened and devoured the picnic, however during the picnic Alice had begun to monotone something known as the Taboo Index; the rules and laws of the land.

(Real World)

For Kirigaya Kazuto, it may have felt like a year had passed in the Underworld, the world he helped test, in his free time. But in reality, it had been barely a week. Barely a week since he had started working on Project Underworld, before he'd been attacked by Johnny Black.

It had been the longest week for Yuuki Asuna. Asuna was barely holding herself together; it had gotten to the point where her mother, Yuuki Kyouko, a very skilled Professor of Economics and a skilled business woman in her own right. She was the one who'd sat down with Harry Potter, her husband's new Game Developer and Designer Manager who was also the one who'd given RECT Inc. a second chance.

The Yuuki's had since managed to pay off the investment and liquid capital injection Harry had offered; and the dark-haired young adult was now a powerful share-holder in the company. But also, the most reluctant one to exercise his power.

"You're giving me…how much?" Harry asked shocked and fighting to keep his jaw off the floor.

"What would be called an equal share of the entirety of RECT Inc. You're keeping my husbands' company afloat Mr. Potter, as a result I am giving this as an equal trade."

"I wouldn't exactly call 49% of what is going to be an extremely wealthy company an equal trade…Kami save me. The three of you are okay with this?" Harry asked looking at Kyouko, Shouzou and Kouichirou with a hard stare.

The three of them nodded "I propose one last counter offer."

Kouichirou eyed Harry. Harry was an unknown factor in all things that interested him, Harry had admitted that he was fairly whimsical and unpredictable and not one who really wanted to be in the spotlight. "That is?"

"I'll take this 49% stake of RECT Inc. until either the following three terms are met: Yuuki Asuna, becomes old enough to get married to Kirigaya and I'll bequeath it to them in some unknown nest-egg trust fund thing. Two, RECT as a whole makes up my initial liquid equity injection to resurrect itself into the gaming juggernaut it was. Three, I return the share to you minus any percentage I am willing to purchase off you should I or when I decide I'm sick to death of working with you."

"You're missing out on making a fortune." Kouichirou commented.

"Come back to me when you have a bank account where you lose track after nine zeroes and it's only growing…" That casual bombshell rocked the three of them.

Harry grinned "Don't worry, I'm getting taxed and investigated every three months and that's a moderate investigation. Imagine how excited they'll get when big money gets moved around…So, do we have a deal?"

"We have a deal, Mr. Potter. Business isn't your strong point."

Harry grinned sheepishly "I know what I know, I'll sing what I've said…Anyway, I've got my team; I have a job and one that I love doing. Consider this me just saying thanks for taking a chance on a traumatic scenario survivor."

(End Flashback)

Kyouko, eyed the phone. Harry and his team of gamers and unrepentant troublemakers were very good with their word. They'd said 'We'll keep you informed when and if we find anything.' So far, they'd been good to their word, they'd only called three times so far and they'd been developments on Kirigaya's whereabouts and the fact that they'd caught Johnny Black.

Kyouko had been fortunate or unfortunate enough to catch the tail-end of that. Harry had called them the moment when he'd caught wind of Johnny Black, and by the time the police had found Johnny Black; Harry had been seen grabbing him by the shoulders and physically hurling him on to the floor before putting him in a leg and arm lock.

The phone rang. It was Asuna who had reached the phone first "Yuuki household. Yuuki Asuna speaking."

"Asuna, it's Harry…" Asuna quickly put the phone on speaker.

"What have you got?"

"Considering it's nearly 4am as I'm calling you. Managed to trace, Kirigaya. After he was stabbed and you called me and the police, and your Mrs. Yuuki…saw me lose my temper. Apologies about that. Anyway, I traced the ambulance to Setagaya General."

"That's where Asuna and Kouichirou were born and where Asuna was looked after." Shouzou commented idly.

"Never knew that. Learn something every day, anyway…long story short. Kirigaya checked in and then later he's checked out as in…thirty-minutes later. He's medically evacuated via helicopter and then lost the helicopter."

"How do you lose a helicopter?" Asked Asuna with steel in her tone.

"Mind your tone, Asuna, with great ease if you don't have a sodding clue of what you're looking for. What I do know is that it had the heraldry of a JSDF on it."

"Japanese Self-Defence Force…Harry, please…no amount of influence will save you if you annoy the commanders."

"Doesn't mean I can't bring charges against them."

"You'd bring charges against the government?"

"I will most certainly try…Anyway, that's everything. I might be in late today."

Shouzou chuckled "I'll see you when I next see you. We do need to address your departments new budget."

Everyone could here Harry rolling his eyes "I completely forgot. The third annual quarterly review, the third Dresden Patch of material from Blood Rites to Proven Guilty is nearly done. Can be beta-tested in the next week to two; leaving me with nearly just enough material to construe patch four and for more of the series to come out; which drops this July and October."

With that Harry hung up.

"Well, we know where your suitor was last located…So that's something."

Kouichirou chuckled at that "With that, I'm heading to bed. I'm not sure about you, but I'm the one to feed the denizens in the basement."

"They're not denizens or fiends. They're good hard-working people." Asuna retorted.

"Who neglect themselves from nourishment, good sister. They also require the hand of Akio to have them remember to eat; hygiene is impeccable."

The Yuuki's shook their heads, Harry and his team were eccentric, chaotic and lived on copious amount of caffeine and take-out but when push came to shove; none of the employees of RECT could question their efficacy and effectiveness.