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Harry was blind-sided by Akio wrapping herself solidly around her fiancée the moment he arrived. "Well?"

"Akio, durable I may be but being wrapped around by the most beautiful woman in my life, after being sucked through a straw…not the most pleasant…But…" Harry held her tightly and he folded into his armchair, or his 'Sport Chair'.

Flexi-working had its perks. Recovery also. It meant Harry was able to catch up on things he'd never truly experienced such as sport. Akio could no longer count on her fingers the amount of times; she and Harry would curl up in armchairs with snacks and beer and watch baseball and cricket.

The Japanese Conclaves were working on a way to televise quidditch. There was also talk about Magical and Mundane Japan about revealing their existence. Harry was now currently nursing a nice beer "Well?"

"We found Kirigaya. He's in really dire straights, he's suffering from brain damage thus in a coma; as we knew. However, he's now unconscious and currently trapped in a device known as the Soul Translator."

"Why's he trapped? What happened?"

"Mercenary's, someone's blabbed about the potential advances in military combat…AI weaponry, apparently the JSDF have employed a think tank by the name of RATH, names after Lewis Caroll's poem." Hermione giggled at that "Anyway, they're trying to make AI for the JSDF and Kirigaya was unknowingly helping them."

"You've seen it and they've not shot you?"

"Considering I deconstructed someone's skull with a Reducto spell. Apparently, they now know I'm there. I told the JSDF that I was going to get my posse."

"What's the culminating into?"

"More than likely Aincrad, but we potentially lose all our character info if we die in Underworld. A pretentious name."

Hermione, Neville and Akio nodded "We'll risk our accounts."

"Not if we back up our accounts onto a different device. Remember, nothing is ever fully lost in the age of internet data…But we're going to need more people."


It was another long day flying. Another long tiring day, with a comatose Kirito. Alice sighed, she resigned herself to preparing their moving on; this was going to be tiresome.

She needed to feed herself, her dragon and Kirito. Oh, she wished Kirito was coherent. She placed Kirito in a wooden wheeled chair, and took him out for a walk. At this point in time, she was helping fell trees for a few coins.

The tree that was being worked on this time was a large oak like tree. It happened to be made of iron, or felt like iron if the cursing was correct. "Here she is! The woman of the hour, the carer and wood chopper extraordinaire; and this must be her charge." One of the lumber jackers muttered as he eyed the swords.

"You will leave him be. Fell circumstance has left him like this, he will recover." Alice replied as she eyed the tree.

"Yeah, he might but those swords…" With that the foolish lumberjack rushed forwards.

It was over in a moment, Alice drew her own blade and effortlessly cut the lumberjack down. She made her way over to the tree, the other lumberjacks moving backwards. She headed to the tree and with a casual swing of her blade, the tree creaked, groaned and hit the floor with a colossal crash.

"…What would you say to working for me full time?" Asked the landlord.

"I wish, I could…but I need to keep moving."

The Landlord nodded "This has something to do with the Integrity Knights, increased movements hasn't it. Knight-Commander."

Alice stopped "I'm not going to stop you. Best get moving."


A council of Slyphs was in attendance, it was the elections. In fact it was the only time that the entirety of the Slyph race was online; instead of Harry normally being hundreds in line, he was thousandths.

"Looks like I'm going back to Vanilla, where everything'll kill ya." He murmured to himself.

He looked around, had it really been that long! He'd completely forgotten he'd logged out in a luxurious safe zone. Akio materialised next to him "I'll go see Alicia…She owes me."

Harry grinned, before grabbing Akio's avatar by her hip and kissing her "I'll…go to the Sylphs and try not to unalive people."

"No being an utter Alucard or Anderson."

"I'm not Italian, nor am I of Irish heritage, the last time I checked I don't trick sip, or blood; but…"

"You did eat the last of the Spotted Dick, and have caused an Online Civil War when you executed Kibau and successfully blamed it on someone else."

"Okay…that was my fault. Anyway, love you and don't forget to write."

Harry didn't bother armouring himself, he made his way to the meeting hall, a grand almost pretentious building. "You…No-one bar Sylphs can enter." Stated one of the guards.

"I understand, may I…pass on a message? It is one that is to be delivered with the utmost importance."

"I can't…No-one is allowed to enter; it's the elections."

Harry sighed "I'm not going to enter, but I am going to do something that could be very…stupid."

"You're…you're the Witch-King! You lead the Ringwraiths! A motley crew of brigands and outlaws." One gabbled.

"And also a bunch of colossal trolls and gadflys."

Harry chuckled "You know me well…I admire your steadfastness for your nations rules. May I?"

"What are you going to do?"

"If I can't enter, and you can't enter. I can't go to them, but I can bring them to me."

The guards waited, hands on halberds as Harry walked towards the doors, they crossed halberds, Harry's hand rose and collided on the door with a colossal 'boom'. "I was merely going to knock on the door."

It did the trick as Sakuya opened the door. Her face paled when she realised Harry was standing outside "Troll-King."

"Sylph Commander…I need to speak with everyone and…I'd rather not have to say my peace sixteen million times, have you seen the waiting lines to enter into AO?"

"I…can't say I have. How important is this."

"People's IRL lives are in danger, Kirito's especially. Oh and the potential irrevocable crash and mass damage of the VRMMORPG and the Gaming Industry; due to subtle covert operations utilising experimental gaming technology to achieve domination over humanity."

Sakuya gulped "You realise that you're going to need heavy evidence."

"You realise who you're talking to, Leah Obstinatrix 707; Shifter, Lycanthrope." Sakuya gulped.

"Fuck me, you're behind Dresden Files VRMMORPG!"

"I have a fiancée, technically longstanding girlfriend, so thanks but no thanks…Yeah. You might know my review channel."

Sakuya nodded "I take it you're going to be going public with this?"

"As…public as I can. I want to bring everyone to justice; but game designing is my job."

Sakuya nodded "We'll patch you across the Sylph network. We'll notify the ambassadors."

"Don't get the Cait-Sith, my fiancée will be dealing with that…Thankyou, my fiancée did ask me not to do anything too Zelretch-like."

"Speaking of that Vampiric Marshall, I've heard rumours that RECT are in talks with Type Moon and the writes of Fate."

"Less RECT officially, more we were approached…behind closed doors but you're theoretically correct. RECT is…shall we say in tentative talks."

Sakuya giggled "They don't know, officially. You're building a prototype behind their back and are willing to get going."

Harry nodded "It's…going to be one of the biggest pains to do; that's not even including MHAO and Dresden Files."

"Harry, it's show time." With that Harry stepped out into a massive hall, where everyone appeared in shades of yellow and green; this was the Sylph Headquarters.


"Your other half is ALONE! Argo-chan, I love you and love your other half but…yes. I'll have the Cait-Sith listen to this important information."