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Harry looked at his inbox. Eugene, the closest person, the Salamanders had to a counter-him had just got in contact. The Salamanders were willing to listen to him; mainly due to the fact that his real identity of being the VRMMORPG Saviour had gotten out.

Harry disliked the pretentious titles such as 'saviour'. Ever since he'd arrived in Japan, all he'd done was satisfy his whims and curiosities. Yet, it appeared that People, Fate, Karma…whatever people named it had wanted him to save this particular hobby; Harry had gone along with it as it had given him the best thing in his life, Akio.

Akio had gotten him off the sofa, by coming out of the air almost as if she'd come from no-where. Harry de-equipped his armour, revealing his faded jeans, busted sneakers and flannel shirt; his general go-to attire when he 'couldn't be bothered to people'.

Everyone was surprised, in fact the only people who weren't were those who hung around with him both in game and in life. There was a podium, with devices allowing him to communicate with all nations; due to his own hacking of the game, he couldn't belong to one nation. "Greetings one and all…Some of you know me, most of you know of me as a gadfly, prankster, unrepentant troll and generally so laid back, I make Alucard look like a throne…That's the end of the jokes, currently, as we speak the VRMMORPG Community and the jobs it provides is under attack again. Now, I know what you're thinking 'How can I say this', 'This had better be a joke' all I can I say is…I really wish it was a joke and that I'm just wasting your time; but I'm not. The Japanese Self-Defence Force has been experimenting in human soul creation and the prospect has attracted the eye of an American Mercenary Team. Please, I'm not expecting many of you to like me, hell most, you probably have grievances against me in either this game or stuff I've made; but right now I'm asking you not as my clients and consumers of my products…despite that last phrase making me sound like a shit drug dealer, I'm asking you all as VRMMORPG enthusiasts; I'm trying to reach behind the avatars that I see before me and to the people controlling them, please, please I ask of you are you willing to help me to defend the very community that we are all apart of?"

Then coming from the Salamanders came a voice very much like Eugene "This is Lord Mortimer, can you provide us any legitimate proof of what you are saying?"

Harry was about to respond as the question did cause wide-spread mumblings and murmurings. All of them were silenced when Harry's avatar pulsed and a wave of thunder reverberated through the game "Huh, upload complete…alright, Lord General of the Salamanders…No-one else try this otherwise you're more than likely to lose your account Malevolent Troll Art: Deploy Internal Outward Viewing Eyes!"

On the podium, the wooden flooring began to splinter, twist, turn and a wooden pillar with a small dip made to resemble a humanoid hand appeared. Apparently, it wasn't the only one as across the Alfheim Online, in every city where there was a large amount of players similar identical objects appeared. Harry clicked his fingers and the orbs began to strengthen and flatten into something akin to a cinema screen as they were watching real time events.

"And to quote Spaceballs, this is happening now; everything that is happening outside as we speak is happening now."

"Can we go back to then? Like on an instant cassette?" Mortimer replied.

Harry stiffened "Mortimer…don't get too carried away. No we can't go to then…at least not through AO. This is streaming from my YouTube, which you should be able to go through…I'm good at coding but synchronising VRMMORPG time to real time really is not my strong point; the only people not here are my Guild of Trolls. They're the ones patching this through, this'll be ongoing until cameras are cut."

Everyone watched as spellfire and bullets were exchanged between the two parties "What are the Mercenaries after?"

"Something called Alicia, it's a bottom-up adaptive artificial intelligence…Yes, the JSDF are trying to make AI…Now once I find a way to get us into the server I'll patch everyone in."

"What are we risking?"

"Not your life thankfully…this isn't an Aincrad scenario; thankfully. However, all of your gaming profile from all your MMORPG's are potentially at a loss should you die. Note, this is all guesswork as no-ones managed to hack in…yet."

"You're wanting us to potentially lose all our gaming profiles…"

Harry looked at them "Anyone who chooses not to intervene, I completely understand. But, you run the chance of not writing yourself into the History of VRMMORPG; I personally don't think any less of anyone who won't intervene but I'd appreciate any and all help. To those elected as AO Nation Leaders, THIS IS NOT CONSCRIPTION ORDER, THIS GOES FAR BEYOND ANY TWO-BIT HACK EVENT I'VE CREATED OF AO. IF I HEAR ANYONE FORCED ANYONE TO PARTICIPATE…I'll be very annoyed."

With this simple statement and the small snippet of live feed, Harry had never watched a room or a server empty as quickly as Alfheim did. Harry smiled to himself "Never, underestimate the will of a few good people."

Harry turned to the remaining leaders of the Sylphs "I'll catch you on the flip." With that he picked Kazuto's house, and teleported. Normally the game wouldn't allow teleportation from inside the centre of a nations power, but Harry had hacked the game to help save Asuna and had neglected to undo the hacking that he'd done.

He'd been busy! With real life things like working and designing. As he materialised in the Kirigaya house to see everyone apparently waiting for him. "This is the…" Began Leafa.

"Spanish Inquisition; you're weapons are fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, fanatical devotion to the Pope, nice red uniforms…Yes, I know the skit. If there's anything else, I've got dinner to prepare." Catching everyone flat-footed, Harry logged out.

(Real World)

Akio was the first one to log out of the duo, after removing her Amurig, god that thing was getting old. But she loved it all the same, it was the first thing Harry had made for her, the moment they'd gotten 'serious'. Or rather, Harry realised that she, Akio, wasn't going to be deterred from his brutal past.

"What are you thinking about?" Harry rasped, as his neck crunched and twisted.

"Couldn't you read my mind?"

"Could but I don't want to and I won't. I love you too damn much for that."

She felt his arms wrap around her, she wondered idly what being held by him whilst pregnant would feel like. "If that's what you would like? Then I would be happy with it."

Akio blushed "You read my mind?"

"You were projecting so hard, even when I don't wish to skim thoughts; I see, hear and feel the strongest and purest of thoughts and concepts, Rokuhara Akio."

Akio rested her head on his chest "Is this to do with you being a Wizard?"

"Yes and No, The stronger the wizard, the more susceptible they are to sensing others power and they tend to have lots of extra-sensory shenanigans and that does not even cover if one is an animagus but for me…it's like I'm surrounded by windows. So many windows…it's annoying."

"Great power, great responsibility?"

"Yeah that and 'With great power comes an even greater pain in the ass'…To be one of the strongest practioners; its never what it is cracked up to be. That's why I seldom use my powers anymore."

Harry smiled "I didn't unalive anyone. Everything is in the public domain that I dared release; but everything will be unleashed."

"You realise that this might destroy Japan."

"Or make it stronger than it ever has been. Sometimes to build something the old must be torn down; I want a better world for my Godchildren. For Edward and Frank."

Akio nodded, they'd been contacted that Hermione and Neville now had a little boy "For them."

"For them."