The Olympian council were holding their winter solstice meeting. The sign of prosperity of Olympus was within the council, and it was non other than the banter between them.

"Air disasters are better than water disasters/ water disasters are better than air disasters" or

"Mother loved me more than you." Were the same topic of argument between Zeus and Poseidon. Athena and Ares were no better, bantering over offensive warfare vs defensive warfare. Hephaestus was fiddling with his metals and Dionysus was sleeping, both having no interest. Artemis and Aphrodite were bantering for Romance, Hera was having a serious banter against Demeter about serial, which surprisingly Hades didn't notice, but he and Apollo were bantering about which is good, light or darkness, and Hermes was texting nonstop using Caduceus.

Suddenly, there was a bright light, and a book was floating in the middle of the council. The Olympians were astonished. There was a label beside the book, Athena summoned the label and book, then read the label.

"Dear Olympians. I would like to introduce you a book. I would have like to name it as "This is your life" book, but its bound to be named in an official name like , Percy Jackson's Greek Gods." Athena paused.

"Why does the sun shines from the arse of that male?" The goddess of Moon wondered outloud, and she shut her mouth quickly, meeting the eyes of an angry sea god.

Athena continued. "So, you shall read this books with demigods of my choice. The seven-"

A light spawned middle of the Olympus and seven demigods fell one on each other. Percy was in the bottom of them, who angrily said, " Hey! What gives?"

Athena ignored the sea spawn and recited, " Nico de Angelo" and Nico bumped to the ground. "Thalia Grace," Thalia fell to the ground next to Nico, and finally, "Grover Underwood." And "Food!" And Grover fell top of Thalia.

"Enjoy reading, you may take meals while reading." Athena said.

"It never said we cannot refuse reading." Hermes said, even not bothering to take his eyes away from his phone.

"P.S.- you won't be allowed to go anywhere, until you have ended reading the book. And each god must read their life tale. Good luck, Ananke." Athena ended. As a proof, the doors of the throne room closed by themselves.

"Tough luck. You have cursed it." Apollo chided.

Demigods, who were sitting in chairs in front of the gods, asked what was going on, and as an answer, Athena send them the book and the label. Everyone noticed how Percy looked pale. "Lets do this." Piper said, and took the book, began to read it.


A publisher in New York asked me

"Wait. Who's the narrator?" Dionysus, who was just stirred up from his sleep asked. He was the god of drama, so he needed to know what this drama about. Then his eyes narrowed at Percy "Peter Johnson, is that you?" He asked. Percy rolled his eyes dramatically.

to write down what I know about the Greek gods,

"That's us." Hermes grinned.

and I was like, "Can we do this anonymously? Because I don't need the Olympians mad at me again."

"You're so busted." Leo, Apollo and Hermes replied funnily. The other gods looked no funny however, but Poseidon winked at Percy and said nothing. The other demigods looked grim, however Annabeth whispered, "at least he's smart enough to do this anonymously." , and that made Percy's day

But if it helps you to know your Greek gods, and survive an encounter with them if they ever show up in your face, then I guess writing all this down will be my good deed for the week.

"What's your good deed for this day?" Leo asked. "Haven't done anything yet but shutting you up would be a good deed, am I right?" Percy looked at the seven, and all of them were nodding. Nico said nothing but had an amusing smile, while Thalia glared at Leo for a second, before looking other side. Leo dramatically put his hand on his heart, and acted like he had a heartbreak.

If you don't know me,

"We know you very well Percy." Jason assured him, and the rest of seven nodded. Percy pouted.

my name is Percy Jackson. I'm a modern-day demigod—a half-god, half mortal son of Poseidon

"And the best son I could ever have." Poseidon commented.

—but I'm not going to say much about myself.

"But why?" Frank and Hazel asked. Athena and Annabeth rolled their eyes, Apollo sighed. "Because this is about he telling the tales of Greek gods, who happened to be us."

My story has already been written down in some books that are total fiction (wink, wink) and I am just a character from the story (cough—yeah, right—cough).

"And he already has a book series to brag about himself, like every other typical male." Artemis sneered. No one was going to tell her anything, but few glares were pointed at her, including Percy and Poseidon.

Just go easy on me while I'm telling you about the gods, all right? There's like forty bajillion different versions of the myths, so don't be all Well, I heard it a different way, so you're WRONG!

"You're being self righteous, Kelp head." Thalia said.

"That's because I'm living in Greek world?" Percy stated.

I'm going to tell you the versions that make the most sense to me. I promise I didn't make any of this up. I got all these stories straight from the Ancient Greek and Roman dudes who wrote them down in the first place. Believe me, I couldn't make up stuff this weird.

"Aha! That's why you had me traveling letters here and there in the underworld ?" Nico asked. "When did you became an errand boy, death breath?" Thalia asked. "At least, being Percy's errand boy is better." Nico calmly replied. Percy was certain he never let the grudge with Artemis and her hunters go.

So here we go. First I'll tell you how the world got made. Then I'll run down a list of gods and give you my two cents about each of them. I just hope I don't make them so mad they incinerate me before I—

"Percy, stop kidding." Annabeth warned. "Nah, he wouldn't" Leo and Jason replied.


"Well, Persus-" Zeus spoke, for the first time. "I can make you scream, if you want "

Percy made noises, Olympians bit back their laughes and the drmigods broke into massve laughs.

Just kidding. Still here.

"Yes Percy, your kiddings aren't new." Frank said.

Anyway, I'll start with the Greek story of creation, which by the way, is seriously messed up.

Wear your safety glasses and your raincoat. There will be blood.

"I love blood rainings. That's the pure aggression." Ares said, Athena rolled her eyes.

"I want to read the next chapter." Hestia asked, so Piper gave her the book.