Thank you..

Yeah, that's right. I took a month to write this fic, which I have completed just few hours ago. All those who have favourited this story, all those who have followed this story, people who didn't have accounts on fanfiction and read the story, and most importantly, the ones who made comments, I owe you a thank you. You gave me the strength to complete this fic.

For the record, I deleted the Epilogue. After reading guest comment, I felt like its unnecessary. Al you need to know is There were some major changes happened on mount Olympus and camp Half Blood. Figure out for yourselves.

My future fics

The return of the queen: My next fic will be this one which I'm currently writing with AlEmily 360, Due to my exams which will be in this Octomber, I wouldn't have much time to write other fics. However, the fic is about a vengeful goddess ( Fem! Goddess! Percy) who is back on Olympus, has her own side and looking to be the queen once again.

Reading Percy Jackson's heros with dead and alive- fan request which I expecting to do in November, hopefully.

Camp England series- a plot drawn in my head for years, which I also do in November. This is a crossover of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, a camp in England. My golden trio will consists of all girls, which means Harry and Ron will be girls in these fics. Also they're demigods. No bashings and all. But there will be a swap of good and bad.

So, until we meet in another work, good bye.