(This is a work of fanfiction Sony owns Jumanji. Bonny, the guy in the Pinto, and a few other characters you haven't met yet are mine. This particular story is taking so long because I have the attention span of a gnat, and ... SQUIRREL! )

Whatever-Part 2

The man in the rusted out Pinto was carefully calculating the odds...

...and he didn't like his chances.

He smoothed one hand over his rapidly thinning hair, and contemplated the gnat that was floating in his cold coffee.

'Enjoy your next life,' he thought at the bug, then took a great gulp of the day old brew.

When you've been down on the ground long enough, any way's as good as up. He breathed, and slumped, falling roughly backwards as the old car's seat finally gave way.

"Oh my god, can it get any worse ?" he growled, now flat on his back.

The ceiling liner floated gently down, enshrouding him. "Should not have said that," he breathed from underneath.