The Boy In The Coffee Bubble

If , when you meet an individual, that person confesses a litany of their shortcomings, nod sympathetically , and stay apprized of the nearest viable exit..people who don't know enough to lie to you are a danger to themselves and others.

Not naming any names..

Matt sat at table, busily trying to assassinate every impertinent bubble that surfaced in his coffee cup, while trying to look mildly disinterested in everything around him.

It was an affectation..he was carefully taking note of everything, but somehow, there was a disconnect..he only processed data as it related to how he felt about it .

He was purposefully ignoring the space between the hunter and Bonny..the energy around them irritated him, reminding him that his place as alpha male in their little group had been usurped by a man twice his age, that he could never hope to compete with for Bonnys affections. He had shrugged it off..he didn't need complications anyway. He'd never liked surrendering any part of himself, or being 'dictated to', that's why he'd spent the whole of his adult life in pursuit of grants that would enable him to live on the comfortable sidelines of life as a professional student. He considered himself a disinterested observer of the human condition, removed from the mundane concerns of those around him.

Yea...he was one of those.