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Chapter 1 - Meeting

Lucina slowly walked through the foliage of the forest, the trees that surrounded her seemed to expand as if there was no end. She was out here for one reason and one reason only. It was an odd feeling she had when her eyes drifted to the forest near the camp that her father was setting up.

She barely had times to actually spend time with her father and when she did he would always make it special in his own way. And currently he decided it was a great idea as exalt to take his young daughter out camping.

And of course while he was setting up the camp she wondered off into the forest without him knowing.

The forest around her was slowly coming to an end when she soon saw a small hill with a impressively large tree that sat directly on top of the small hill. It may have looked odd yet it had it's own unspoken beauty.

But it was what was near the tree that caught Lucina's attention. Rather, who caught her attention. Under the tree was a boy around her age sleeping peacefully sleeping, unaware of what was around him.

She slowly made her way up the hill and stood over the boy, looking at him closer she saw his red hair, at first she thought the boy was related to her friend Severa since many people didn't often possess red hair but shook her head when she noticed his hair didn't have the same hue and he looked much different from her.

She also noticed that he wore strange clothing and had some straps on his pants. If anything she never saw clothing like this before.

While her attention drifted elsewhere she recalled her fathers earlier words, it was something about going out in the wild to have some father daughter time, that and not to leave his side, and not to do something he wouldn't do, oh and also to not tell her mother. Anyway he was sleeping out here in the wild in the middle of no where. She was curious.

She was also fearful, she remembered story's her father would tell her every now and again to get a small scare out of her. He told of story's of how children who didn't listen to their parents would be taken by a dragon and would never be seen again.

No matter how much her mother seemed to tell her her fathers story's weren't true - and a scolding to her father - the boy in front of her could very well be one of those children's. She quickly looked around to see if they're were any dragons about while her hand drifted to a wooden sword her father gave her as a gift.

Her attention was soon drawn back to the boy when she heard a small groan and saw his eyes slowly flickered open to reveal his golden like eyes that soon became startled when he began to look around.

Seeing that the boy was awake she spoke up, "What's your name?" She even tilted her head onto her hand that was on her check, her wooden sword long forgotten.

His attention went to her as soon as she spoke and he proceeded to stare at her, his eyes seemed to bore into her as she drifted her eyes away uncomfortable.

He began to slowly stand up, "Shirou, Shirou Emiya." His name seemed foreign so he probably wasn't from Ylisse. And the way he said his name even had her believing he was a knight in training and even the way he stood was like the knights she saw that often trained in the courtyard.

"Well Shirou, I'm Lucina." She stood up proudly at the name her father gave her while her hand was on the pommel of her wooden sword. For now she would hold off on the thought. "So what are you doing out here in the middle of..." she looked around as if trying to figure out a name, "nowhere?" She then asked curiously.

Shirou looked around at his surrondings and answered, "Well, I don't know myself." So he just decided to get lost and sleep near a tree? "From what I can remember I was near a town and they were running low on food and their crops wouldn't grow for a while so I wanted to help them and I went hunting for food." She knew what crops were, her mother taught her that word one day when she once heard someone say it. But besides crops, was her assumption of him wrong? Was he not a knight in training but a hunter?

Lucina hummed at the thought, "Well was anyone else with you?" She decided to ask him another question curiously.

"Yeah, I was with a superior at the time, we were on a mission to hunt a beast at the time." Shirou's thoughts drifted to an old yet arrogant man that would be overseeing his mission. He also remembered how annoyed he looked whenever he looked at him, "I don't think he liked me too much." He decided to add.

So he did have someone with him. Were they his captain? She didn't know and all of the thinking was beginning to frustrate her. But if he was with someone at the time and they were his superior wouldn't they at least try to find him?

While in her thoughts Shirou's eyes went to her wooden sword on her waist. "Do you train with the sword?"

She was confused at first as of where such a question came from but she saw his eyes were on her wooden sword. "Of course! I'll become the best swordsman like my father!"

She heard a soft chuckle from the boy and slightly narrowed her eyes, "Is there something wrong with that?"

He quickly stopped his chuckling, "No, no. I just thought that maybe I could help you."

She looked at him incredulously, "How so? With your hands?" She remarked.

She saw that he had a small smile on his lips and how his hands seemed to be in a grasping motion before he relaxed his hands with a small frown. He then looked around and saw a stick and went to grab, "With this."

She looked at him oddly, even if they were both wood, her sword was still much better than a mere stick off of the ground and it looked like it could break with a swing from her sword.

"You shouldn't underestimate your enemies. When your ready." He added as he went into a stance that had way too many openings.

Seeing this she mulled over the thought. Her father did tell her to never underestimate an enemy but if they were using a mere stick? And if they had openings everywhere where she could easily strike? She went into her own stance, it was similar to her fathers when he wielded the falchion yet it wasn't anywhere near perfect, which was why she was still being taught by her father.

They stared at each and waited to see who went for the first strike. Lucina wasn't a very patient child so after waiting for a while she impatiently went to strike at him.

Shirou easily blocked her swing with his measly twig. What!? She couldn't believe what she was seeing yet it was happening, a stick that looked as if it could break with the smallest of swings easily blocked her own and she found it much sturdier than it looked. So her eyes were widely opened as she found the opening that she would exploit swiftly denied.

She furrowed her brows and went for another opening he had and found the same result as last time. She was easily blocked.

"Your swings are too wide." It was true, she swung her sword much wider than her father did. But she found it odd that he was even telling her this.

She went for yet another swing yet it was still blocked by the twig, "Square your shoulders more."

He's doing it again. She didn't know why he was giving helping her yet she unconscious did just that, "Not that much." She slightly relaxed her shoulders.

She watched Shirou from a distance yet she noticed how he never went to strike at her. Why? She was confused yet she never asked Shirou why. She noted this down and went for another strike, if he wasn't going to attack then she was.

"Use your hips more, it will generate more force when you swing." She did just that and minutes of sparring turned into hours.

The sound of wooden swords - and stick - echoed across the silent hill as Lucina found herself being worn out and Shirou giving her advice along the way. But she never had this much fun before. Well she did when she played with the others but when training? It was a different matter and she barely practiced with other children her age and Owain had yet to pick up a sword. Well a sword that he didn't refuse to use.

And yes, she did have fun with her father while practicing with him but it wasn't the same as having someone her age. The experience was different. That and he didn't take as long as her father to help her.

Eventually the sun was slowly setting down and they both noticed this. Lucina also noticed that she left her father without a word and he would undoubtedly be worried and angry at her. They put their weapons away, Lucina's wooden sword on her hip and Shirou's stick discarded back onto the grass. "Your stick."

Shirou looked at the stick he dropped, "Don't worry about it." She couldn't and her eyes lingered on the stick before her eyes went back to the direction of the camp that should be done by now.

"Well then, this is goodbye Lucina." Shirou began to walk in the opposite direction having no idea where he was going.

"W-Wait!" Shirou stopped and looked back at her as the setting sun seemed to slightly glisten off of her blue hair, "Aren't you lost?"

Shirou didn't answer and just stared at her.

Lucina let out a small sigh yet she still had a happy smile on her face, "Me and my father have a camp nearby not to far away. You should come!"

Shirou thought about her offer. Yes, he was just going to walk into the wilderness and hope he would find civilization somewhere along the way but Shirou never thought she would offer something like this or anything at all. "Well then, thank you." He spoke with a small smile as he followed Lucina back to her camp.

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