"They didn't want to fall behind him now would they?"

Lucina could barely remember anything, why had she said those words? Naga had said that this would be dangerous and she had told them that she would have little power on manipulating what happens inside this... this thing, she could barely remember what they were trying to do. She could see other people nearby, Severa, Owain, Inigo... She could remember her companions names clearly yet something was disappearing and it seemed like the others seemed to be experiencing the same thing if the confusion was a clue. Though one stood out from the rest, an oddly familiar auburn haired boy who unlike the others, looked like he was in tremendous pain as he let out a silent scream of agony.

She reached out to the boy and tried to call out his name, Shi... She felt herself panic, she remembered him, but as time passed as they were in here more and more memories of him were being forgotten. She noticed that not all of the memories were being lost, most of the lost memories involved the auburn haired boy in some way. She knew they were friends, like everyone else in here, but any resistance she put up would be squashed immediately if she tried to remember him.

It was as of someone or something was going through her memories, selecting certain memories and just erasing them. She felt fear, she knew her world was a just a remnant of what it once was, but to forget her friend who helped brighten up her world was a gut wrenching feeling. So she clinged on to them, desperately so.

Soon enough she saw everyone split paths into different directions, she felt herself panic once more at the idea of watching her friends just disappear. But she held on, believing that they would all meet again soon. Only one person matter at this moment, the auburn haired boy. Unlike the others who immediately went in different directions, he was slowly drifting away. So she made sure to reach out and grabbed him.

While this wouldn't do much, it was the motive behind it that did matter. The boy opened his eyes even as he was sweating furiously and looked into her eyes. He already formed some theory's on why this was happening, he thought that Gaia finally had enough so she just decided to remove him, but that was unlikely since this pain he was feeling began to happen as soon as he stepped foot in here. The pain would mean nothing to him though, if he were to prioritize a simple pain that would likely fade when he left this place, over the thousands, even millions of lives that were doomed to die in the bleak future, then he would laugh at himself.

He fought Archer and had won, he knew that he may and very will would of killed him, but it was a battle of ideals and his own had won. He wasn't just going to lay down his ideals without any resistance. So he persevered against the pain as Lucina desperately held onto him. He could already see the end of the light as they quickly approached it. Maybe now would be an ideal time for some rest, he felt his eyes close as he soon lost control of his body. He was losing consciousness and he was well aware of that.

But just before he lost his consciousness he felt a pull, a different type from the pain he was feeling, but a pull either way. They were pulled out and to any eyewitnesses below them, it was as if they came out of an eye, which they did come out from though it wasn't an actually eye. That wasn't there problem though, the foe the future children had come with them as hordes of Risen spewed out of the portal and fell to the ground below.

As the fell to the ground below Lucina tightly held onto the boy, whatever outside force that was intruding into her memories was long gone once they left the portal. She shivered at the thought of going through it again, if she did she would probably just completely forget about the auburn haired boy and wouldn't even recognize him. Still, as they fell to the ground Lucina could do nothing as they fell through the tree tops and slammed into some branches on their descent down, and once that was done they were unceremoniously slammed into the ground.

While they finally reached the ground, the pain from slamming into the ground from hundreds of feet up would definitely come back, especially so since she also braced the impact with the ground for another person. She finally let her grip of him go as she let her arms fall to ground with him on top of her. As she went through her thoughts, she could barely recall anything about him if the memories were more than a few years old, it was only the newer memories that managed to survive.

If she remembered correctly which she hoped she was, she was determined in traveling back into the past and try to stop the future from happening, by herself. She felt lucky they she had such great friends because once she realized she was going to die alone by Risen, her ally's had come though that also added its own set of problems. The problem was the absolutely massive figure of the fell dragon, its six red eyes watched them like food watched its preys. Grima indulged in the sight of them struggling and when he realized their plans of traveling to the past, he wouldn't let them leave without a barely survivable fight.

She remembered the feeling of a mask on her face and how her outfit had small damages here and there. She quickly tucked in her long blue hair and would soon later assume the persona of 'Marth', that could wait though. Her friend came first, she tried her best to put him on the ground as softly as possible, the earlier pain he was feeling must of been unbelievable, there wasn't much that would make him scream in agony, gritting his teeth in pain though was different which was what he would do often. She scanned his body, looking for any visible wounds but she couldn't see much with his clothes in the way.

She silently apologized to him as she took off his shirt and scanned his body once more. There wasn't anything she could see on the outside then, she noted as she put his shirt back on. If so, then what was causing him this pain? The others and herself included weren't even experiencing any sort of pain, memory loss? Definitely. So what was so different about him that would just cause him pain from being in the portal?

She didn't know, and she dislike that. To know what you were fighting was one thing, but to not know what you were fighting was a different matter. She couldn't form anything concrete, only make theories and assumptions. And those theories and assumptions very well could get her friend and ally killed.

She could hear the clash of swords in the background, she immediately picked up the falchion from the ground and was ready for combat. The sounds were coming from somewhere behind them, a distanced away she could the sword of blades clashing. In fact even further away the land itself was on fire. She couldn't just leave her friend here, who knows what would happen if Risen had also came out with them.

She looked back and forth, towards the sound of blades clashing and towards the auburn haired boys prone form. She let out a quick sigh and quickly hefted him up onto her back as she quickly ran towards the fighting. Soon enough she saw two all but familiar figures, her once dead father and her aunt, inches away from death. She unceremoniously dropped the person to the ground and drew her falchion.

The sound of a sword being drawn and someone hitting the ground drew his attention as he already feared the worst and looked towards the direction. Another person with hair blue as he's actually dropped someone on the ground and quickly put herself between his sister and this unknown enemy. Surprise was evident on both of the siblings face, "Hurry!" She spoke through gritted teeth, "I can't hold him for much longer!" He quickly pulled his thoughts together and nodded, he ran towards them his falchion ready to strike, the mysterious stranger let out a grunt as they pushed the enemy off of them and as if they knew what he was doing, they both had swung their own swords in the same fashion, in the same area.

The unknown enemy collapsed onto the ground as they disappeared in a strange black haze. He looked towards the dropped person and the stranger who had helped them, "That was quite an entrance. Couldn't you shown up sooner?" He sarcastically asked good in nature, "Is your friend ok?"

The person only turned around to stare at him, or was it the person behind him? He didn't know as the sound of hooves reached his ears, "Milord! Milady! Are you hurt?" He urgently asked as he brought his horse towards them as Robin soon came into view following behind Frederick.

"Frederick! Robin!" His sister, Alissa exclaimed happily at the sight of the two familiar faces.

The stranger though stared at Robin in silent shock, "Is... Is it normal for strangers to stare at each other?" Their new tactician had curiously asked as she looked around nervously.

"My apologies, I just thought I saw a familiar face." The stranger quickly apologized and returned to their regular façade. They noticed how Frederick was on guard at the sight of an another unfamiliar face and the others seemed like they wanted to ask questions, "We may talk later when the Risen are dealt with."

"Risen?" Robin asked and multiple figures soon started to exit the trees as their ghastly appearance and glowing reds eyes caused them to arm themselves, "Are such horrific creatures such as these a commonplace in this land?"

Chrom spoke, "They're not from Ylisse, I promise you that."

Frederick was examining Alissa searching for even the smallest of injuries and gave Chrom a quick stare, "No one is injured then?" He let out a sigh of relief, "Thank the gods..."

"You don't need to worry about me Frederick! You should be thanking the masked man, if it weren't for him I'd be..." She turned around as she gesture at where the masked person should be, there was no one there, "Hey, where did he go?"

"We can worry about him later milady, but first we need to put these... things... to the blade. Eyes open milord, milady, we know nothing about these enemies and cautiousness is our best approach." He drew his weapon before Robin spotted two forts, abandoned forts to be more exact.

But that was not Lucina's concern anymore, she knew that her father was a skilled man, even after he received his life changing wound. But now he was in his prime, no injuries to hold him back, she trusted that her father would defeat the enemy easily. Especially with their famed tactician by their side, though the famed tactician of her time was a he but now he was now a she. She wondered what went wrong when they traveled through time.

"Arghh...!" A ghastly groan came from the Risen, she mentally kicked herself for leaving him laying on the ground as easy pickings for the enemy. "You won't harm him!" She clashed her sword against his, the strength the undead was putting was tremendous but they were mindless but they were dangerous either way. The Risen brought his sword back up to swing again at the Falchion, she couldn't dodge since her unconscious ally was behind her defenseless and she wouldn't last long since she was worn out enough.

She went for a dangerous maneuver as she slammed her shoulder against the risen as it stumbled from the impact, using this opportunity she swung her sword down and towards its neck, aiming for a decapitation against the durable foe. It worked, its head flew clean off a short distance away, Falchion had certain attributes that would allow certain wielders to do things one couldn't with a regular sword, like successfully stabbing a rocky.

She looked towards the direction of her father and saw that the now female tactician made use of the abandoned forts and used it towards their advantage, easily killing the for from the easily defendable position. She heard a groan below her as she sheathed the falchion, "Are you alright?" She asked as she slightly lifted him off of the ground.

"M-Me...? Yes, I am alright for the most part..." She noticed the absent and confused look on his face.

"Are you sure? You don't look alright." She insisted as she scanned the area for any approaching threats, it seemed they were drawn towards the closer enemies which was the Shepherds.

"I... I seem to lost some of my memories during the trip," he slightly chuckled, "I don't even remember your name. But I know that we have been friends for some time now."

Her fist clenched, the trip through the portal portal left more marks on him than anyone else, why? Her family dies, people outside of Ylisstol's wall fell first, then Grima had come for them, they too would of died but they had escaped. And now that they survived and have the chance to change the future, everyone's memories seemed to be affected to a certain degree if her assumption was correct. So they were all amnesiacs like the tactician, though of varying degrees.

This was perfect, she dryly remarked as she noticed a familiar red themed person riding a horse towards Chrom, it was Sully. She was too far to hear them but if this was the same Sully she knew, then she would say something foul. Another person ran towards Sully, Virion, a flirt and someone who apparently puts the word 'arch' in 'archer'. She highly doubted that but his skills as an archer was impressive nonetheless.

They also seemed to be having an interesting conversation as Chrom and the others continued on killing the horde, until she finally brought her leg up and kicked him in the face. By now, Chrom, Robin, and Frederick had killed most of the risen but one enemy still remained that was the most important to kill. The risen would work like a hive mind of sorts, and the one who gave out the orders was called a Risen Chief, and they weren't given a title as chief for no reason. They were as formidable as they were deadly, they were smarter than the average risen too.

"Do you remember how to fight?" She asked him as she recalled his skills in combat, he was a great archer, shooting people no matter the distance, a swordsman who knew many forms and ways to use a blade and had just as many blades, he was a person who knew his way around any weapon and he was the strongest of them. She would be lying if she said she didn't want him to fight. That was a thing her refused to do and he would always do it.

He grabbed his head, "I... Yeah, I... I think I remember."

She nodded, "Then we need to make use of your skills, do you see that enemy over there, a distance away?" He nodded, "We call those risen chiefs, they're important to take down and we'll do just that." She stood up and extended her hand, and as he grabbed it she pulled him up, "On my mark, we will attack."

He nodded as he looked at his hands, opening and closing. He felt something was missing but somethings never truly disappear, "Trace on." He said the familiar words as two weapons appeared in his hands, Kanshou and Bakuya, they were Chinese in origin and resembled Yin and Yang with the a symbol of either the Yin or Yang on Kanshou and Bakuya as they were white and black respectively.

Lucina remembered the sight of his favored swords, and she even felt a peace when they were together and fighting their opponents. They made quite the duo in combat. She breathed in, the sound of distant battle all to familiar to her, "Mark!" She yelled as she immediately dashed towards the chief, he soon followed. The chief turned towards them, the weapon he wield was an axe and if the weapon triangle Robin had thought her was correct, he had the advantage. Though even with that advantage, he would lose. She would make sure of it.

From a distance away, Sully and her new companion Virion helped lessen the number of these 'Risen' and with Robin by there side, the fight was even easier. Especially since she had the ability to use tomes and wield a sword. No one like that in the Shepherds could do it so seeing her use both at once was impressive. "Robin," he called out to her as the body of his latest kill collapsed to the floor, "How is it looking on your end?"

She nodded in satisfaction, "It seems that my plan has worked, the number of enemies were drastically lowered and only a few stragglers remain here and there. It's best if we kill them now, we don't want them to escape and attack a village."

Chrom nodded, "You heard her, we don't want these 'risen' to cause anymore harm. Let's go and search for any stragglers!" Sully nodded as Virion followed after her, Frederick said "As you wish milord" and had also left, "Robin, don't push yourself too hard. Using a time and sword must be tiring." He said before he too had left like the others.

"Don't worry Robin, he's just worried about your safety like he is with every Shepherd, he just wants you to be in tip top condition!" Lissa told Robin as she used her staff to heal any wounds that were previously on her, "I can't really fight but we can meet up back here with everyone else later."

The sound of blades clashing would appear randomly, but in one direction past the trees was where it was most frequent. Maybe the stranger that Lissa was talking about was there, she didn't see anyone head in that direction either way. She cautiously made her way over there, sword drawn and ready for any sudden attack, there was none and she soon came across not one, but two strangers. The blue haired stranger looked more lithe than the auburn haired stranger, he was taller and more muscular, but not overly so. At least that was what she could tell from the torn areas of his shirt.

The swords they wield were also strange, the blue haired stranger because their sword was similar in all regards to that of Chrom's sword. The auburn stranger though wield two falchions, not the Falchion, but a falchion. They were black and white in color, they held a certain beauty to them even while they were being swung. The styles in which they used them was also odd, the blue haired stranger not only used a similar sword but used a similar fighting style. The auburn haired stranger fought in a reckless way though, multiple points to easily stab or slice him, to many weak points that were exposed. But he was using that towards his advantage, when they struck at a hole in his stance he would immediately counter. Unique indeed.

She could tell they haven't been fight for long, the small wounds on them seemed to be from a previous battle so they were more worn out than anything. The foe was still an easy obstacle to remove though as they attacked what Chrom called them, 'Risen'. She observed them as the both went in for a final blow one behind and the other in front, they pincered him from two directions. Their weapons striked true as it gave a dying groan as it finally disappeared in a black haze. She shivered at the sight of it.

"Robin?" The blue haired stranger asked, did he know her?

"Yes?" She replied as she sheathed her blade and put away her tome.

"... You remind me of a friend, he was named Robin." She deflected realizing her mistake as this Robin let out a small 'oh' of disappointment.

"Are the others finished?" He asked as he approached her.

"They should be returning to the fort any moment now." As Robin had said that, the others were in fact gathering towards Lissa who was waving towards them. "We should return. The others and myself included would like to know about these monsters of an enemy."

The stranger gave a nod as he turned around to signal the other stranger to follow, he did so as they returned to the fort they had originally fought in.

"Robin, you're back! And you found the stranger!" She looked towards the auburn haired stranger, "With another stranger?" She added.

"It matters not." Frederick spoke, "It seems that the young men have taken care of the others for us. You have my gratitude."

"Umm, I never got to thank you... for before. So thank you. You were very brave." Lissa thanked the stranger as he gave a nod.

"You saved my sisters life," Chrom began, "I feared for her life but you where there when I couldn't be. My name is Chrom, might I ask for yours stranger."

"You may call me Marth." He simply stated as Chrom recognized the name.

"Marth? After the heroic king of old? You certainly fight like a hero. Where did you learn your way with the sword if I may ask?"

Marth ignored the question, "I'm not here to talk about me. The world teeters at the brink of a horrible calamity. Tonight was but a prelude to what's to come. You have been warned." She turned towards the auburn hair stranger and gestured for him to follow.

"My name is Emiya Shirou, you can call me Shirou... I think." He unsurely introduced himself as he followed after Marth.

"Huh? What's teetering where now? Hey, wait! You can't just leave!" Lissa exclaimed as they, well, Marth ignored her. The stranger named Shirou bowed before mouthing a sorry.

"Not much for a conversation is he?" Robin dryly said as she also watched them leave. Though this Emiya Shirou seemed a bit odd, he seemed unsure if his name was really Emiya Shirou. Was he perhaps an amnesiac like her? Maybe the two of them could be friends, the two amnesiacs of Ylisse. Sounds fitting.

Soon enough the two of them soon were a long distances away from them before Lucina suddenly looked at Shirou, "Shirou was it?" He nodded, "Forgive me for not remembering your name. It seems like I too was affected during our travel here."

"It's fine." He told her offhandedly, as if he didn't really care or mind if she did forget about him.

"It isn't fine," she immediately denied him, "I almost forgot about you, if we stayed in their any longer I might of actually forgotten about you. The same may be said for the others too." She calmly told him, though there was a certain edge to her voice. She breathed in our slowly, composing herself, "If you don't remember my name, it is Lucina, not Marth. That is my guise for now."

He nodded, "So, what do we do now Lucina? My memories are a bit fuzzy."

She stared at him for a while, highly doubting that it was just 'a bit fuzzy' she knew him well enough to know that he would always prioritize someone over himself. It was frankly annoying, she wasn't some princess to be saved... Ok, she was a princess of sorts but she was not, in anyway shape or form, in need of saving. "We came to the past," she put an emphasis in past, "to prevent the future we are from, from happening again. We, I recall the events of what happened fairly well. We need to prevent Emmeryn's death, my fathers life changing injury, and prepare for a war. Though that won't happen for a while, but we can still prepare for such events. First is the war, that comes first, I know my father is going to move for Regna Ferox soon. They will need able warriors since they don't have the numbers capable enough to deal with an army."

"So, what part do we play in this?" Shirou asked curiously as they continued walking, him following behind her.

"Let me finish." He offered a sheepish smile as she too smiled at the familiar sight, "The Khans hold a tournament every few years, and during the last tournament the west Khan had won so they hold total sovereignty over both the east and west. The Shepherds are going to join this tournament once they leave for Regna Ferox and when they find out the east khan can't supply them with troops, they will join the east khan and fight against the west khans champions for sovereignty."

"So we should also join the tournament in the east Khans favor, that way they will be more inclined to supply Ylisse." He predicted what she was going to say next, but he was wrong, not entirely though.

"Not exactly. We join in the West Khans favor and we'll eventually fight the shepherds. By proving ourselves capable warriors against the West Khan and fighting against the Shepherds..."

"The West Khan will be more than happy to agree with the notion of giving them troops when we are defeated by them." He finished for her as she nodded, "Are you sure this is necessary? You make it sound like they would get the troops either way, is there some ulterior motive behind this?" He asked her as she looked away.

"My father, in the future he was injured correct?" He nodded, "Because of that injury, he couldn't be at his best. So when I have the opportunity to finally fight against father at his best, not holding back..." She dragged off as she looked to the sky.

"So you want to prove yourself to him?" He crudely summarized it.

She immediately turned around and even under her butterfly mask he could see a blush, "I-I do not want to prove myself!"

He smiled and nodded in response, "If you say so Lucina." He didn't believe her and she could easily see that.

"Y-You! Why don't you believe me! It isn't what you make it sound like!"

"Uh-Huh." He absently said, "So, are we going straight to Regna Ferox?"

Her expression slowly began to turn serious, "Yes, we need to be quick or we won't make it time, unlike the shepherds, we don't have supplies with us."

He nodded, "So, why wear a mask if you're using the same sword as Chrom's? Their tactician, Robin will eventually find out. She'll watch for every single detail."

She hummed in thought, she didn't exactly know when or where the portal would drop them off, and she was lucky enough to not get separated like everyone else, "We can solve that problem when we reach Regna Ferox, for now we can make up a story for why it looks exactly like the Falchion."

He nodded as they continued to walk towards Regna Ferox, the journey was going to be obviously long but they would have some extra time if there weren't any large obstacles in the way.

He eventually cursed him and his big mouth, he looked around and risen were everywhere though there weren't as many as last time. They were closer to Regna Ferox and the closer they got the colder it became, why didn't she tell him it would be this cold? "Lucina, what should we do?" He decided to ask Lucina what to do, though he felt a desire to just kill them right then and there, he resisted the urge and consulted with her.

She peaked over the bushes they were hiding in, "The risen have already spread this far... We should kill them, try and prevent them from spreading towards any villages. But we need to be quick, I don't know when they will arrive in Regna Ferox."

He nodded as he said the familiar phrase, "Trace on." As Kanshou and Bakuya appeared in his hands, he began to travel through the bushes, trying to avoid the risen's sights, it worked as he found himself near one and immediately went to decapitate it, it was one of the easiest way to kill something. His surprise attack had worked and three conveniently nearby risen had noticed him, before they could get any closer he threw the two swords, to the side of their heads and due to Kanshou and Bakuya's unique properties, they attracted to each other as they spun towards each other and two extra heads flew. The third one let out a groan before it too died, to another pair of the Kanshou and Bakuya. He let his tracing go as they married weapons disappeared into blue lights. They were easy to kill in small numbers, but the problem with the risen was that they attacked in large numbers, making them much more harder to deal with.

Lucina on the other hand had long since begun clashing swords with her enemies, unlike Shirou she didn't have the ability to just throw her sword and make another one, so she used it normally as she sliced stabbed her opponents. They weren't intelligent, which she was grateful for yet again, so they wouldn't try to even dodge your attacks, though they still did have the ability to block things.

She noticed another risen running towards her, sword raised and ready to be swung down. She disengaged the current enemy and dodged the blow before she swung at its back effectively hitting it, it wasn't enough to kill it though. A black sword came flying by to intercept another risen's swing, "Need some help?"

She gave a nod, "It would be much appreciated." Their backs were against each other as they waited for the enemy to make their move, they stood from a distance away before they charged them. While Shirou may have lost a memory here and a memory there, he couldn't help but watch in awe as Lucina threw one back and made it look easy. It was anything but easy, he couldn't contend with her strength with his own, he had to use his abilities to even the ground. It was odd, what was the difference between them that allowed them to be so strong? They were both human after all.

He couldn't dwell in his thoughts as the enemy swung downward and towards his head, unlike Lucina who would often block the blows, he would dodge them. He dodged away from the swing and towards another enemy, he dropped down and reinforced - if that was the correct name - his leg and sweeped them. It proved effective as the risen fell to the ground with a thud, already hear the sounds of armored footsteps approaching, he quickly brought his blade down and stabbed the risen between the eyes. He didn't bother to watch it dissipate as he brought Bakuya above him to block another swing, he could feel his entire body practically shake from the blow even as he reinforced himself.

Instead of grabbing Kanshou, he traced another copy of Kanshou to swing at the risen's exposed side. He slammed the blade as deeply as he could into its side as it dropped to the floor on its legs, still trying to kill him. He let go of the copy of Kanshou as he brought Bakuya up to slice at its head. Seeing that it could do nothing to prevent him from swinging, the risen doubled its efforts at swing its sword at him while Kanshou was still in its side. The sword was swung, the deed was done, he turned to face Lucina as she too killed the final enemy with a fierce swing to its chest.

Lucina released a sigh, "That was the last of them. We can only hope they will stop spreading for now. Shirou, we continue towards Regna Ferox." She said before she began walking off again, the sun was beginning to rise too. He let out a sigh, they would need to rest soon, they couldn't just keep going on like this, maybe a break when they reached a nice spot would do. He just had to find a nice spot now.

They eventually found a nice spot to rest and since they didn't bring anything with them besides what was already with them, they had to improvise. Shirou went towards a nearby river to hunt for some fish while Lucina began to make a fire. She was greatful her father took her out camping one time, she learned many things but as a child, she didn't find a point in it.

The embers of a fire lit up, enveloping the fire wood they had gathered and a warm fire had begun. Conveniently Shirou had come back with a few fish to eat, the tool he used to catch them discarded. She told him that if they were to rest here, he was to make the food, he didn't mind as he begun the process of cooking them. "Your food is as wonderful as always Shirou." She complimented him as she already could feel herself hunger for the food."

"There's no need to compliment me Lucina," he told her as he continued, "I'm just using my muscle memory to even do this." He chuckled at this, a chef who forgot to cook decided to just wing it and just make something, anything that was edible really.

"Still, your cooking reminds me of the happier times." She wistfully said as she watched the fire crackle.

"The happier times," he began as he looked at her, "can you tell me about them? I can't really remember them."

"Ah." She wouldn't admit that she forgot about his problem, their earlier skirmish and seeing Shirou fight as if he never even forgot anything confused her mind. Maybe his muscle memory was really that good... Either way she responded to him, but she needed somewhere to begin. She searched through her mind, anything involving Shirou had pieces of it removed but that didn't mean they were all removed, "Whenever there was a time that we finally found a small peace in the constant battles, you would cook for all of us, we would tell stories and fool around. It was nice."

"Who is 'we'? I know it wasn't just you and me, you make it sound like there are multiple people." He asked her.

"Ah, when I say 'we' I'm talking about all of our friends and allies. There is Owain, my sister Cynthia, Severa, Inigo, Nah, Gerome, Noire, Kjelle, Yarne, Laurent, and Brady." She listed them off easily.

Shirou though found himself shocked at the news, he had this many friends and close allies? It was new, the only close friends he really had in his past life were Issei, Shinji, Sakura, and Ayako... He didn't really have that many people he would consider close friends actually.

Lucina seemed to ignorant of what was happening around her as she recalled the many memories she could still remember. From their battles and their peace, through their victory's and through their failures, their bonding and shortcomings. The list could go on, but Lucina seemed too happy for him to stop her, he was also impressed that she could remember so much after going through that outworld gate.

Once she finished telling him everything she could remember, she was happily smiling, "Thank you for reminding me about this Lucina." He thanked her before he continued, "But where are we going to find them? The land is large and our time is limited."

The smile on her face disappeared as she put a hand on her chin, "While I wish to see them soon, this is an important task. If we cannot change the future then we will be doomed. I'm sure they won't mind waiting a while longer."

He nodded, and while he too also wanted to meet his friends sooner, the mission came first. He checked the fish that he was cooking and found them fully cooked, "Looks like food is ready, eat up while you still can." He smirked as he handed Lucina a fish and she graciously accepted it with a 'thank you' and had already begun eating it. He stared at the fish in his hands momentarily for no reason in particular, he soon joined in as he began eating the fish, giving him the proper nutrients for now and sating his hunger for now.

When they would finish their R they would soon head out and continue their trip to Regna Forex, their clothes still containing minor damages. Of course when they would reach Regna Ferox, they would be underdressed since the environment was unlike that of Ylisse's, it was cold, much much colder.

"Lucina? Are sure we're in Ferox? Is so, the. why didn't you tell me what the climate would be like?!" He spoke through his clenched teeth, his clothing was not made to stand such cold temperatures anyway.

"I thought you knew?" She simple asked as she stared at the border in front of them. He had a feeling this was revenge, revenge for calling her out about proving herself against her father. She even had a coat on! "I am Marth!" She yelled so whoever was on the walls could hear them, "I wish to join the tournament in the west khans favor!"

"First prince Chrom and now Marth? This better not be the real one..." Shirou could faintly hear someone and soon a head appeared over the wall, she had short hair and an insanely bulky armor, "I am Raimi, captain of the borders guard. Tell me, why do you wish to join the tournament in the west khans favor?"

"Me and my ally are looking for a worthy foe to fight, we have yet to be bested in combat and seek a challenge." Lucina immediately spun a tale and Raimi seemed to perk up at what she had said.

"Undefeated then? Ha! You will find more than a challenge if you wish to participate in the tournament. We can't exactly just let you in though because of a few words though, you'll need to battle us, the borders guard's to prove yourself. Men! Ready your weapons, we have an 'undefeated' duo!" They could hear cheers from above the walls as they looked at each other.

"You haven't told me much about Ferox, have you?" He rhetorically asked her as he gave her a dry look.

"It passed my mind." Lucina defended herself as she drew her weapon, "The Feroxi aren't very diplomatic, they prefer a fight over a conversation. If we can beat the borders guard then we are only increasing our chances in joining."

He nodded as he traced Kanshou and Bakuya again, so they weren't going to be at each other's throat this time. It was a nice change of pace since they seemed to encounter all sorts of people and even risen that just wanted to kill them or loot them. "How are we going to fight them? We only have swords?" He suddenly asked 'Marth' as 'he' looked at him.

"I... I admit that I forgot that you forgot about certain things, so I just thought you remembered how to use that bow of yours that you would summon."

"I could do that?" He asked as he stared at her in surprise.

"Yes, you probably don't remember how but I'm sure once you wield a bow again you will be a force to be reckoned with." He wasn't sure if Lucina was being completely honest or just praising his skills, but from what he could remember, he couldn't just trace something because he wanted to. He needed a blueprint first, which he didn't have. The only real positive about being an amnesiac was that he was slowly regaining his memories, the process would be sped up with his muscle memory. So they had to make due without the bow.

Javelins came flying over the wall and towards them with enough precision to kill them, he dodged the thrown weapons just as Lucina had done. He looked towards his left where the sound of armor hit the ground, it seemed that they weren't just stationed inside the walls, but some were stationed to protect the outside. Looking at their faces more closely, every single one of them actually seemed eager for a fight.

"Shirou!" He heard her voice loud and clear even as they began attacking him.

"Yes Marth?!" He yelled back as he deflected a swing to the ground and kicked the heavy armored person to the ground as he reinforced his leg.

"I have a plan, just throw some javelins hard enough into the wall."

He already knew what she was talking about, if there was no way in then they just had to make their way in. But if he was thinking about the correct thing, then how would the javelin even be able to support her weight? She would be heavy, but not as heavy as him if he tried to do the same thing.

His thoughts finished he quickly looked around and his eyes landed at the spot they were originally standing in before this whole ordeal started. He immediately and unexpectedly ran towards the javelins on the ground as his foes soon followed after him. He quickly hefted all of them and reinforced his arm to hurl the javelin into the wall where Lucina was. With each spear thrown there plan was more easily identifiable, they made to quickly stop him from throwing anymore but with parts of his body reinforced, they found that stopping him would be impossible since he was already throwing the last javelin into the wall. Maybe they needed to get rid of such a bulky armor.

Lucina began to climb up the wall by using the javelins, she sent him a silent thanks as she found herself on the top of the wall and soon intercepted by none other then Raimi, all too eager for a fight. Behind her some of the troops held faces of disappointment at not being able to fight again so soon.

He contemplated his choices, should he go up and help Lucina or should he stay down here and continue his fight against these men. He chose the latter, he was confident she would win and there wasn't much of a need to help her either way since it would was a one against one scenario. "Looks like you will have to deal with me." He told them as he readied himself for combat.

"Oh, we're more than happy to fight you." One of them spoke.

As if some higher being was to spite them a voice boomed throughout the area, "Stop! I've watched long enough."

"B-Basilio!" Raimi stammered, shocked at his sudden appearance.

"Don't worry about it Raimi, I know why these two fellows came over to Ferox." He was currently on the wall with Lucina, and speaking to the border captain as she and everyone else stopped what they were doing to pay full attention to him, was this one of the khans? He definitely looked intimidating, he was a large person with a dark skin tone, he didn't have any hair on his head but he did have some on his chin, he also wore an eyepatch and with his gaze combined, they made quite the combo. His armor was more biege in color and only protected his arms, legs, and neck as his chest was left exposed. Did he forget to mention his armor also had fur on it?

Either way, the man named 'Basilio' let out a strength of superiority, "You there, what is your name? I want to personally meet the both of you." He pointed towards Lucina and then looked down the wall and towards him.

"I go by the name Marth." Lucina replied as she made her voice deeper than what it originally was.

"I'm Emiya Shirou, you can call me Shirou." He called out to someone who could be a khan.

Basilio nodded, "Tell me, prince Chrom had come here earlier, and now we have another blue haired swordsman, why do you want to join the tournament?" He said as he stared down at Lucina due to her shorter height.

"As I have said earlier, me and my ally came here in search of a worthy fight, since prince Chrom is here then the opportunity to fight someone who could defeat me is only increasing." Lucina said as she stared back at Basilio, behind him Reimi began to even sweat at the tension that was forming in the air.

That tension immediately disappeared with a hearty laugh, "I like you already Marth!" He said as he approached her and brought his hand down to grasp her shoulder, "If you came here to fight then you'll find that you and your friend will fit right in with the Feroxi's. Come, come! We have much to discuss, there isn't much time left before the tournament begins. Boy! You might want to come with us!"

Shirou looked towards the men he was going to fight, he wasn't just going to climb up the wall or jump up the wall, "Do any of you know how to get up there?" He asked as one of the men pointed towards a metal door located at the far left side of the wall, the right of you were on the wall. "Thank you." Without anymore words he went to follow after Basilio and Lucina.

Short story/Omake - Lucina's?

As he was thrown out of the portal and onto the ground below him unceremoniously, he let out a groan. He looked around uncertain if he was in the past, the castle and color scheme were completely different from what you would regular find. So he groggily stood up from the ground before hearing the sound of footsteps coming from multiple people.

The figures soon revealed themselves and they were all identical though their clothing's differed. Though there was one person who looked entirely different with her purple hair and green eyes, she was even wearing a bikini. Was 'Marth' also wearing a bikini? What did he miss? And why were there so many Lucina's? And where was he?

"Shirou?" The five Lucina's said at the same time as they then all looked at each other. They all wielded different weapons except two of them, swimsuit wearing Marth had a stick of sorts, Lucina and Marth both had the familiar Falchion, another one wielded a bow, and another a spear. What was strangest to him to him was the Lucina who wore a bunny outfit and wielded an egg as a weapon.

"Ooo, do you guys know each other?" The purple haired girl asked as she watched the scene. She too was also confused at finding another version of herself, it took a while to get used to it.

"It's good to see your finally here." Regular looking Lucina said.

"I'll inform you in what you missed." Regular Marth continued.

"And once that's done." Bow wielding Lucina also continued. Did they all share the same mind or something? Well, they technically did since their the same person.

"Then we can paint eggs!" The bunny outfit Lucina finished as she grabbed his hand, "Come on, you missed out on so much! The others and the shepherds are also here!" She dragged him off.

W-Wait? The shepherds were here too? And the others? But he saw them all going in different directions! And this outfit she wore! He covered his eyes from look at this specific Lucina.

From behind him, he could hear the other Lucina's yelling and, were they fighting now? He turned around and they looked at him, his hand still covering some of his eyes and the others looked towards this version of Lucina and immediately understood why he was doing what he was doing. They all flushed the same way and if he was close enough he swore they would just start wildly swing their weapons at him.

He contemplated what went so wrong that he ended up here with the many Lucina's. And later that day he calmly painted an egg with the bunny suit Lucina as she hummed happily when he was around. He often looked to the side, and he could see the other four Lucina's all glaring at the bunny suit Lucina as she greedily indulged in his presence. Later when he would speak with another version of Lucina, she would tell him that this version of her was hogging him all for herself. He ignored the implications and said he would spend time with all of them.

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