The black mercedes pulled into the lot. A mechanic heard a ticking sound and looked as the engine shut off. The driver side door opened and a foot in a red high heel landed steadily on the broken mixture of asphalt and gravel. Watching the woman get out of the car, the grease covered mechanic slowly stood up. Grabbing the dirty rag sitting on the edge of the engine and subconsciously began cleaning rough hands. The woman began to walk towards the open garage door and looked more than out of place with her tight fitting pencil skirt and sleeveless brightly colored blouse. Intrigued by the sunglasses that covered her eyes, a dimple appeared, even though it was smudged with dirt and grime.

"Excuse me? I'm looking for Mr. Rizzoli? I'm Maura Isles. I have a road trip to Washington D.C. I leave tomorrow; however, my engine needs a tune up before I go." The woman looked around the garage and saw the state of the work area. Her nose twitched slightly. "My friend, Ian said Rizzoli and Sons was the best auto shop in the city." She looked at the now silent woman standing before her, who was still wiping her hands on the rag.

"I know the name is deceiving," the roughness in her voice was surprising. "Pop named the business before I was born. He's retired and neither of my younger brothers wanted the job or responsibility."

"Oh." Maura looked at the woman wearing a dark blue mechanics outfit. She attempted to hide her slight shock. "Well, would you be able to help me out?"

The woman held out her hand that was now wiped fairly well. "Jane. Jane Rizzoli." Maura looked at her hand to inspect it before she took the offering. The grip was firm and Maura was slightly shocked by the sudden nervousness she felt in the pit of her stomach. "So, I heard the ticking sound your engine was making. Is that your concern?" Maura nodded and looked into dark pools. Suddenly, she felt a little off kilter. She wanted to impress this person.

"I've recently had an oil change. That was my first thought. There may be some carbon build up causing the valves to stick a bit." The corner of the taller woman's mouth curled a bit.

"Maybe you should be workin' here." A full bright smile. Maura felt like she was dying on the inside. For a moment, she wished she could see this woman everyday.

"I'm not so sure about that. Do you have time to look at it today?" She reached up and took off her sunglasses. That's when she saw it. The brunette, with her hair pulled roughly back into a ponytail, paused as her eyes grew wider. Maura flashed a smile for extra measure and realized the effect she was starting to have on her.

"I can take a look at it right now if that's alright with you?" Maura nodded. "Ok, it might take me about an hour to take a look. You can sit in the office or did you have someone picking you up?" Maura had planned on calling a cab. She thought better of it now.

"I can stay. If you don't mind."

"Not at all." Jane looked back up at the woman, "you can stay as long as you'd like." She flashed her dimpled smile. Maura admired her bone structure. The strong jaw and chin. The darker complexion of her skin tone. Expressive eyebrows and noticeable use of her hands to communicate as she spoke. She was lean and tall, yet seemed to be rather athletic underneath the baggy outfit. Realizing that she was standing there staring, she awkwardly turned and walked into the small office.

The office was just as dirty as the rest of the garage. There were two metal chairs with broken plastic for a backing and cushion. There was foam and cotton pulled out of the cracks. She looked at the two chairs and sat in the least ripped one. There was a stand full of bottles of oil next to a plywood counter that had seen better days. There was an empty cooler with Coke on the side. Next to her was a chipped table with magazines that had more to do with hunting and guns then she thought was necessary.

She looked out of the opening connecting the office and the garage. She saw her car being pulled in. She watched Jane get out of her car as she popped the hood. It was difficult not to watch her. She realized while sitting that even though the weather was cooler than a normal Boston spring day, the office was very hot. She saw Jane felt the same way as she unbuttoned the shirt half of her outfit revealing sculpted arms coming out of a white tank top. The blue shirt hung at her waist, as she held a flashlight and began looking under the hood of the car.

Maura began to fantasize about Jane pulling up her tank top to wipe sweat from her brow, just so she could see what was beneath. She caught herself staring again and looked away. She saw an old calendar on the wall. It was dated almost 5 years ago, not even the right month. The photo was of a woman in a bikini lying on a rock. It was so odd that the woman looked vaguely like the mechanic. She was long and slender, dark, unruly curls that flowed around her face and over her shoulders. Intrigued, she stood up to get a closer look at her face. If she wasn't Jane, then she had an identical twin.

Studying the photo, she saw enough of the woman's body to make her close her eyes to picture her walking towards her. She suddenly had a thought. Ian told her to come here. No one knew better her type in women that she found attractive more than he did. It was a perk of having a gay ex boyfriend, turned best friend. He had sent her there to meet Jane. "Like what you see?" The gravel in her voice was low, but that didn't stop Maura from almost jumping out of her skin.

"So. Excuse me?" She looked at Jane who was smiling, with the mechanic shirt still hanging off her slender waist. Then, back to the photo. "Sorry. I just thought she looked like you a bit."

Jane laughed, "she's a bit younger though. Wouldn't you say?"

Maura's eye brows furrowed in confusion. Perhaps, the woman in the photo was not the mechanic at all. "I would not say she's a bit younger."

"Well, that happened 10 years ago, so I would say a decade would be a quite a bit."

"So, this was you? You modelled?" Jane nodded. "Very impressive bone structure."

"Um. Thanks. That's an interesting compliment."

Maura looked at her questioningly and then smiled. She suddenly felt daring, "I do not hand out compliments often."

"So, I should take them when I get them, huh?" Maura laughed. Jane thumbed towards the garage. "I'm gonna clean up the area that is built up with crap. I should have you out of here in a little bit. I just need your signature before I do any work." She pulled the clipboard from the plywood counter. She roughly filled in some information and handed it to Maura. "Just fill out this section here...and here. Then, sign here. The cost for this is usually about one hundred twenty-nine dollars. But I don't feel like chargin' ya." Maura was quickly giving her information on the sheet.

"Please, let me pay you." She stopped writing for a moment and looked at Jane.

"How about when you get back from your road trip, you let me take you out. I'll let you buy dessert." Maura was slightly shocked at the forwardness of the woman, but was also simultaneously turned on by it.

"Do we have to wait until I get back? I'm free tonight." She handed back the clipboard. Jane looked it over.

"I'll pick you up at seven. If this is your home address?"

"It most certainly is. I will see you at seven."