Title: The Assassination of Katherine Beckett

By: greygoose70

Chapter Ten

By 9:00 AM all of Manhattan, most of Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island were aware of the assassination of NYPD Detective Kate Beckett. Her exploits were well know, her name regularly making front page news. To many she was an angel, she brought closure to the families of the victims; to the criminal element she brought fear.

Senator William H. Bracken stood at his kitchen counter drinking his last cup of coffee, before heading to his New York office, and watching the news report concerning his nemesis Detective Beckett when the doorbell rang. "I'll get it," he heard his wife say as he set his now empty cup into the sink.

Bracken picked up the TV remote, turned off the television just as his wife, Elaine, entered, "Its the FBI, Will. They have …"

Senator Bracken never heard the rest of what his wife was saying because when he turned he saw the one person he thought he'd never see again, Detective Kate Beckett. "You're suppose to be dead," he said in a voice low enough so she was the only one that heard it.

"Yeah," Kate sighed; "sorry bout that, but look on the bright side. You're going to get free room and board for the rest of your life. Now turn around." Kate took hold of one his arms, saying as she clasped a handcuff to his wrist, "Senator Bracken you are under arrest for conspiracy, extortion, fraud and the murder of my mother, Johanna Beckett."

"Thanks for letting me do that, Jordan," Kate said as the two women exited the Senators house where Rick was waiting.

"It had to be you Kate. Bracken needed to know that you won, that justice prevailed." She then wrapped Kate into a hug telling her to go home and rest but be sure to check the evening news. Today was going to be a big day for law enforcement.

That evening following a simple dinner of pasta marinara Kate and Rick were relaxing on the sofa sipping coffee, waiting for the evening news to come on. They stayed away from the big name stations instead tuning into a local station, WNYW. Their news people always seemed to get the whole story and tonight wasn't going to be any different as they announced an extended broadcast.

Their first story was the arrest of United States Senator William H. Bracken on multiple charges ranging from conspiracy to murder. Documents proving his association with a SuperPac that received its funding through illegal sources and the confession of a profession assassin has ended his political career.

Their next story involved a joint effort between the NYPD and the DEA shutting down maybe the largest drug operation in the city and arresting one of its leaders, Vulcan Simmons, a man who has been untouchable until now.

And lastly although unconfirmed it is reported that the CIA has captured a United States citizen who is known to be a collaborator and informer for the Taliban and al-Qaeda. More on this as it becomes available.

"And you helped put all this together," Kate said, her head in Ricks lap, him running his fingers through her hair.

"No; all I did was give them the final piece to their puzzle. The only thing I was actively engaged in was finding your shooter, his boss and taking them down."

"But Rick …"

"But nothing Kate. I did it for you. You needed closure just like the families of your victims and I was determined to see you got it. Now you will be able to sleep at night knowing it is over."


The cabin 27 days later

It would be their last night in the cabin and she had a special surprise for him. As what has become their regular routine she would shower first, kiss him goodnight then retreat to her bedroom. Tonight though was going to be different.

Rick turned off the water just as it was beginning to cool, grabbed a towel to dry himself off then slipped on his sleep pants, a t-shirt and headed up to the loft. As he got near the top he noticed how dark it was, he thought for sure he had left a light on. Fortunately tonight there was a full moon, its brilliance sufficiently illuminating the loft through the skylights for him to see clearly.

And what he saw stopped him dead in his tracks. There sitting in the middle of the bed was, Kate Beckett, her mile long legs stretched out in front of her, the silk robe she is wearing barely covering her thighs. He walks up and sits down on the edge of the bed before speaking, matter of fact he's so stunned to see her here that he is utterly speechless. "Kate," is all he can get out.

"My cardiologist said I'm cleared for light sexual activity, Rick; and I don't want to wait any longer. I want you."

"Oh Kate," he whispers as he crawls up beside her, takes her face in the palm of his hands, bring his lips to hers kissing her softly. "Be gentle with me Rick, its been awhile," she says when their lips separate. "Always Kate, always."

Rick straightened up pulling off his t-shirt, turned back to her and kissed her again holding it a bit longer this time while he located the sash to her robe pulling it open. Kate was beginning to pant slightly so he released her from the kiss, spoke calmly to her. "Let me know if it becomes too much, Kate and I'll stop. Okay?"

"Kay, but it'll be hard," she replied knowing she would never want him to stop.

Rick spread open the robe, placed a hand over one of her breasts gently began massaging it, found the nipple began tweaking it between his thumb and forefinger. Kate gasped slightly at the feel of his warm palm on her bosom, the tender ministrations he gave her nipple bringing it to a hardness she can never remember it being before.

She was disappointed when he removed his hand but regaled with a breathless "yes" when it was immediately replaced it with his mouth, his teeth instantly nibbling her swollen nipple only to be then soothed with his tongue. His hand meanwhile transferred to her other breast applying the same tenderness to it that it had to the previous one.

Kate's body was definitely beginning to feel the effects of Ricks attention, her body temperature increasing, her silk robe starting to feel like a fur coat so she shimmied out of it. She feels a bead of sweat as it travels down the side of her neck, past her clavicle heading for that valley between her breasts. "Rick," she pants.

Rick lift his head to look at her, "Close" she gets out her whole body almost shivering beneath the palm he has placed on her stomach. "Hey," he murmurs softly, when she has managed to focus her hazy eyes on him. "Take a deep breath," he adds with a smile. "Now spread those long beautiful legs for me."

She does as he requests and slides her legs apart for him. "God you're beautiful," he whispers and she knows he doesn't mean just now, he means always. But right now she is spread wide before him, intimate and exposed. She's wet, swollen, pink and glistening; he reaches out and swipes his thumb gently over her sensitive clit his eyes never leaving hers. She shutters against him, a moan is ripped from her lips at the unexpected contact, so he repeats it.

Kate is moaning his name and squirming against his touches. He's rolling the sensitive nub between his fingers, however, when two fingertips graze against her vaginal opening her hips jerk up against his hand. "Relax Kate," he murmurs as he gently eases a finger into her. Her muscles clench softly against it so he inserts another. "Hmm," she moans her breathing rough and uneven.

He has barely started stroking her when it begins, when she starts coming around his fingers, when her hips jerk against them, when her vaginal muscles clench tighter and tighter around them, when her orgasm hits her like a tsunami.

He holds on to her, holds her down, her body racked with the waves of her orgasm. She finds his hand, the one holding her down, entangles her fingers with his while he eases her through the remnants of her orgasm.

Laying there facing her he sees strands of Kate's damp hair clinging to her forehead, Rick brushes the strands away, behind her ear. He cups the back of her head and pulls her to him and kisses her. She responds immediately her lips soft and pliant against his. "You're amazing," he says when he finally has to pull away.

"As are you," she replies breathlessly, "So you going to wear these all night?" She asks, slipping a finger in the elastic waistband of of his sleep pants giving them a snap. "No ma'am," he replies immediately rolling to his back, lifting his butt up off the mattress, sliding them down then toeing them off the rest of the way.

Rolling back over he grabs her, pulls her on top of him, crushes her to his chest. "Rick," she cries out but is cut off when his lips crash into hers and she reacts instantly because she loves his kisses, loves the passion they convey, loves the way her body reacts the moment his lips touch hers.

Kate can feel his growing need as she lays atop him so she breaks the kiss, rises up, takes a hold of him, guides him to her wet entrance and lowers herself onto him, Rick moaning her name as she does. She places her hands to his shoulders and begins to move, when she reaches her crest, begins her downward thrust, he rises up to meet her and in no time they develop a rhythm. A perfect rhythm, a rhythm they maintained even as their thrusting become erratic and increase in speed. A rhythm they keep until they climaxed together as one.

Later as they lay there, their naked sweat laden bodies entangled together it is Rick who is the first to speak. "I love you Kate," he whispers softly.

"I love you too Rick."