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Alec was glad he could finally sleep and talk to Magnus. But he wished he wasn't being forced to share the bed with Valentine. Alec's wrists and ankles were tied to the bed, Alec had tried testing their strength earlier but no matter how hard he pulled they wouldn't budge. Valentine had raped him before bed, Alec was still in shock from it. He knew it was coming after what Valentine said earlier, but he had hoped that Valentine was just trying to scare him. But he had been wrong. Though Alec had been raped before so many times by his abusive ex-boyfriend Victor, it didn't stop him from feeling as though he was drowning.

Even worse Valentine had wanted to sleep while still being inside Alec, and sometimes he would unconsciously thrust inside Alec. A couple of times during the night Valentine had woken up and forced himself on Alec again. Tears threatened to fall again at the memories. Alec was afraid that Valentine would take advantage of his body if he fell asleep, but Alec desperately wanted to see Magnus. So Alec made himself fall asleep.

Alec found himself in his and Magnus' favourite restaurant in his dream and he was so elated to see that Magnus was sitting opposite him. "Mags", Alec cried joyfully, they both immediately stood up and hugged each other tightly.

"Oh Alexander, I have missed you so much".

"I missed you too".

"I'm so sorry I couldn't save you from Valentine", Magnus said, feeling glad Alec couldn't see how ashamed he felt for being unable to protect him.

"Valentine would have killed me if you tried anything. I know it's hard for you to accept, but by not hurting Valentine you did save me".

"What did I do to deserve you", Magnus said as he pulled back from the hug and looked at Alec with wonder.

Alec smiled lovingly, "You were your amazing self Magnus. The guys I went out with before we met were nothing like you. They never took interest in what I wanted, they only talked about themselves or they would force themselves on me. I had given up on love, but then I met you".

Magnus felt his heart fill with love for Alec but at the same time he felt rage for what Alec had been through because of his exes. He hated that they had mistreated Alec. Alec had told Magnus the abuse he had suffered from Victor and Magnus vowed to himself that he would never treat Alec like that.

Magnus kissed Alec, though it wasn't truly real as they were both dreaming, the kiss felt real and Magnus wanted to show Alec how much he loved him through the kiss.

"I will save you Alexander".

Alec rested his head against Magnus' chest and wrapped his arms around Magnus and Magnus wrapped his arms around him. "I know you will", Alec said.

They stayed like that for so long that it could have been days, Alec couldn't tell anymore as time worked differently in dreams. But Alec suddenly felt himself being pulled back into reality. Magnus became furious when he saw the terrified look on Alec's face.

"No! I can't go back", Alec said panic stricken, knowing that Valentine wanted to rape him again. His power allowed him to see what was happening in reality even though he was dreaming. Valentine was kissing him and trying to force him awake.

Magnus pulled Alec closer to him trying to calm him, "Fight Valentine, he doesn't know about your power". Magnus said trying to encourage Alec.

Alec closed his eyes and tried so hard to stay with Magnus, but he was being pulled away from Magnus and he lost his grip on him. Magnus tried desperately to grab Alec's hand and Alec held his hand out trying to grab Magnus' hand too. But Magnus couldn't get there fast enough and Alec disappeared.

"No!" Magnus screamed, his heart feeling as though it had been ripped in two.

Magnus jolted awake in his bed, tears streaming down his face. He was so afraid of what Valentine was doing to Alec. Magnus didn't get anymore sleep at all that night.

When Magnus woke up the next day he was determined to find out if Clary was going to join them. He couldn't delay the mission any longer. He had given Luke the previous evening to tell Clary and Jocelyn everything and to give them time to decide what they were going to do. But he needed to know now. He texted Luke asking him to come over to his house now. Thankfully Luke agreed to come and was on his way with Clary. He found Jace making coffee in the kitchen. Everyone apart from Luke had slept over at Magnus' apartment.

Jace was the only other person in their team that knew of Alec's power. Alec had accidentally talked to Jace in his dream when they were seventeen. He had tried to get Jace to believe it was just a dream, but the things they had talked about were enough to prove that it wasn't. As Jace had told Alec things he hadn't told anyone and Alec hadn't been able to fool Jace when he tried to pretend as though Jace never told him these things when he brought the subject up.

So Magnus felt it was safe to tell Jace about talking to Alec in his dream last night, though he double checked they were the only ones in the room and no one was listening in on them. Though he trusted his team, it was Alec's secret and he would feel terrible if someone found out without his permission. And because of what Alec could do with his power, Alec would be in a lot of danger if the wrong person found out.

"He was so scared Jace", Magnus said shakily, it had taken a long time for Magnus and Jace to trust each other. But now they were close friends. "I keep seeing Alexander's terrified face as he was being forced awake".

Jace put his arm comfortingly around Magnus. Alec was better at comforting people than him. But Alec couldn't be here and Jace knew Alec would be mad at him if Jace didn't try to comfort Magnus. Jace also knew he would be heartbroken if this had happened to Clary. "Alec is strong, he's a survivor he has been through so much but he is still standing tall. Alec will be okay and I won't stop until we save Alec".

Magnus knew Jace was right. Alec had been hurt so much by people who didn't deserve him; his parents and his exes. But instead of giving up, Alec fought back and became stronger. Magnus smiled gratefully at Jace. "Thank you for saying that", Magnus said and hugged Jace.

Luke arrived with Clary ten minutes later. Everyone else had woken up and eaten breakfast so they moved to the living room to discuss the mission. Jace protectively pulled Clary onto his lap. Clary smiled and snuggled close to Jace.

"I'm so proud of you for doing this Clary. Thank you for helping us", Jace said while the others were settling into their seats and bringing through drawing tools so that Clary could practice designing dreams.

"I would do anything for you and Alec, I know we didn't start of best friends but I consider Alec family now", Clary said.

Jace's love for Clary grew even more if that was possible. Jace was afraid for Clary's safety and promised himself that he would do whatever it takes to protect Clary. When everyone had settled down Magnus spoke.

"Thank you so much for agreeing to do this Clary", Magnus said, this was the first time Magnus was meeting Clary. Jace always spoke very fondly of her and despite the situation Magnus was glad he was able to meet Clary. "Here are some examples of previous dream world designs". Magnus said after Clary smiled shyly at his thanks. Clary took the designs and examined them.

They spend the rest of the afternoon showing Clary how to design the dreams and when Clary felt confident enough to create her own dream world, she and Magnus were sedated by Raphael so that they could talk through a shared dream.

While Alec could use his power to communicate to people through shared dreams, everyone else had to use special equipment specifically designed for this. This equipment was extremely expensive and rare. There were only two sets available, Magnus was very lucky to have his. He knew Valentine was searching for the other which was why it was so important to keep Alec's power a secret.

Magnus prayed Valentine wouldn't find out about Alec's power. Magnus knew there would be no chance of Valentine willingly giving Alec back if he found out. Magnus hoped that he would be able to talk to Alec tonight, he needed to know what Valentine had done to him that made him so scared. He had been unable to ask last night as he was so focused on spending as much time as possible with Alec in his arms. Magnus longed to be able to wrap his arms around Alec in the real world. Magnus knew he wouldn't be able to get any sleep at all until Alec was sleeping beside him.