Magnus and Clary were sharing a dream so that Magnus could teach Clary how to design dreams. Magnus was the subject of the dream.

"This is incredible, I never thought something like this could be possible", Clary said as she experimented with the physics of the dream world.

Magnus smiled fondly at Clary, through sharing dreams he had become closer with Clary and he could see why Jace loved her so much. "I remember when I first discovered that we could do this. I felt the same way".

"How did you find out about this?"

Magnus looked away uncomfortably, it was because of Alec's power that he discovered people could share dreams. Alec's power inspired him to do research and after a long time, he found the equipment he had today that allowed him to share dreams. But he couldn't tell her about Alec's power he would have to leave that out.

So he explained to Clary about the research and was thankful she didn't ask why he wanted to do the research. Clary didn't seem like the kind of person to betray Alec, but Magnus didn't know her well enough yet and he couldn't tell her without Alec's permission.

One of the people Magnus' mind created for this dream suddenly bashed into Clary.

"Hey!" Clary said as she clutched her arm.

"Are you alright?" Magnus asked in concern.

"Yeah I'm okay, why did that guy bash into me?"

"Because you are changing the physics of my dream so much, the people my mind populated this world with are noticing what you are doing. As I'm the subject of this dream he didn't do that to me".

Magnus looked around Clary's design and suddenly realized he recognized where they were. Alec was able to use real places for his dream sharing as he could naturally share dreams with his power, but everyone else couldn't do it or the dream would start to collapse and it would be hard to know what was real and what wasn't.

"Is this somewhere you know from the real world?" Magnus said urgently.

Clary gave him a confused look not understanding why Magnus was so frantic, "Yes this is just outside the cafe me and Jace normally go to", Clary said as she gestured to the cafe.

"You can't use real places, it will make it harder for you tell if this is a dream".

"But I know this is a dream".

"Only because you are with me, but if you were alone you wouldn't be able to tell-" Magnus was cut of when he suddenly noticed Camille stalking towards them with a knife. "We need to go now!" Magnus said as he pulled Clary with him and they started running.

"Who is she, why is she trying to kill us?" Clary said frantically.

"She is Camille, my ex-girlfriend, she was murdered and she haunts my dreams", Magnus said fighting the tears that threatened to fall. Though Camille had cheated on him and had broken his heart, Magnus had still loved her and was grieving for her.

"I'm so sorry Magnus", Clary said feeling guilty for asking the question.

"It's okay Biscuit. My insecurities of moving on with Alexander are reflected in Camille. She always tries to destroy my dream".

"If she kills us we won't die for real right?" Clary said fearfully.

"No we will just wake up".

Magnus left out that though they wouldn't die they would still feel the pain, though judging by Clary's terrified face she had figured that out. Suddenly some of the people that populated Magnus' dream grabbed Clary. Clary tried to fight them off but there were too many people grabbing her.

"Magnus help me!" Clary screamed.

Magnus tried to run to Clary but he was grabbed from behind and was prevented from moving. Magnus panicked when he saw Camille walk towards Clary with her knife. "Camille please don't do this".

Camille just gave Magnus a dark look, "This is for moving on with Alec", Camille said and stabbed Clary with the knife.

Clary jolted awake screaming. Jace rushed over to Clary and embraced her.

"Clary it's okay it wasn't real you're safe", Jace said.

"What happened?" Luke said angrily to Magnus who had woken up at the same time as Clary. Izzy had been in the kitchen with Maia and Raphael but they came running in when they heard Clary screaming.

"Camille happened", Magnus said, "I'm so sorry Biscuit I thought that wouldn't happen with a new architect".

"It's okay Magnus", Clary said reassuringly when she had her breath back.

"What did Camille do?" Jace said just as angrily as Luke.

"She killed Clary in the dream", Magnus said guiltily.

"You said this would be safe!" Jace said angrily

"Jace it really is okay, Magnus wouldn't have let me do this if he had thought Camille would attack me. It wasn't Magnus' fault". Clary said as she hugged Jace to calm him.

"I'm sorry Magnus I didn't mean to shout I- wait a minute. Since when do you call Clary Biscuit?" Jace said jealously.

"Relax Jace, It's not like that", Izzy said rolling her eyes, "Magnus has a nickname for everyone".

"Yeah he calls me Moony", Maia said with a grin.

"But I don't have a nickname", Jace said with a pout feeling jealous for whole other reason.

"Yes you do, it's Blondie", Magnus said smirking at Jace.

"Come on Magnus, you have to come up with a better nickname than that", Jace complained.

Luke shook his head as Magnus and Jace bickered about nicknames. He was still angry that Clary had been hurt, but he realized that what she said was true. Magnus wouldn't have intentionally put her in that position.

"Magnus didn't do any better with me, he calls me Night Stalker", Raphael said with a shake of his head.

"Hey that is a great nickname and I stand by it", Magnus said and crossed his arms irritably.

They spent the rest of the afternoon discussing how they could go about giving Clary the time to practice designing more dreams. Izzy suggested that someone else could be the subject of the dream instead of Magnus so that Clary would be safe from Camille. Over the next couple of days, Clary felt confident that she could create dreams.

So they set out a plan to contact Simon and talk to him through dreams. The plan was that, Raphael would meet Simon at the bar Simon normally goes to and seduce him. Raphael would pretend to be Simon's boyfriend and when Simon trusted Raphael enough, Raphael would bring Simon to Magnus' apartment and they would sedate him. This way they could talk to him through dreams about his decision to divorce Jonathan, but make him believe that the idea to change his mind about divorcing Jonathan was his own idea not theirs.

Alec was glad for the reprieve from Valentine and Jonathan. He was in Magnus' arms in their bedroom but in his dream. Alec didn't know how long he had before Valentine would force him to wake up again, but Alec would gladly take any time he could spend with Magnus. Even if it was just five minutes.

"Alexander, you don't have to tell me but why were you so scared to wake up last time, what has Valentine been doing to you?"

Alec tensed, he was worried about what Magnus would think of him if he knew. Magnus had been so wonderfully supportive when he told him about Victor, but he hadn't been in a relationship with Magnus when Victor had forced himself on him. Now that he was, he was scared that Magnus wouldn't want him anymore because he had been tainted by Valentine. But Magnus deserved to know the truth so he could decide to break up with him if he wanted.

"Valentine has become obsessed with me, he keeps me tied to his bed and he rapes me. I'm sorry Magnus, if you want to break up with me I understand".

Magnus hugged Alec tightly, "I'm so sorry Valentine has done that to you, he will pay for this- wait why do you think I would break up with you?" Magnus said as he pulled back from the hug startled.

Alec looked away, "Because I was with another man".

"Alexander, it was against your will. I could never break up with you for that".

"But Raj broke up with me because Victor raped me. He saw what Victor was doing to me and he didn't even try to stop him and save me. He just said I was tainted and he considered what Victor did to me to be cheating. He left me with Victor because I deserved it".

Magnus felt fury consume him, he mentally added Raj to his list of people he wanted to get revenge on. "You aren't tainted Alexander, Raj was awful to say that to you. You didn't cheat on him, you didn't want it. You didn't deserve to be left with Victor, Raj didn't deserve you. I'm not Raj, I don't share his views. What Valentine did to you doesn't change my love for you".

Alec broke down in tears and Magnus gathered him in his arms, wishing he could protect Alec from Valentine.