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Chapter 1: Switch

Nessa's POV

I sighed. I really shouldn't be doing this. We would both get in so much trouble if we were caught. Luckily I had taken acting lessons. So I was a pretty good actor. Renesmee was going to owe me big time if we managed to pull this off. It wasn't the first time we had pulled a switcheroo on our parents and teachers.

Yet how could I resist Nessie's constant begging for me to take her place during today's Biology test? Nessie was terrible at Biology no matter how hard she studied. If she failed today's exam she would have to repeat the class in the Summer. I, on the other hand, was great at Biology. I'd always been interested in Biology since I was a clone.

I took a deep breath. Knowing you're just a genetic copy of someone else was a hard thing to deal with sometimes. Nessie was created out of love. I was just a science experiment. Nobody else knew that though. Human cloning was and still as illegal and if the truth were to ever get out my parents would be in huge trouble.

It all started fourteen years ago when my sister was found wondering around the woods in a southern Oregon town by herself. She was only about two or three years old at the time. The only thing she told the police was that a vampire had left her there. It's something we laugh about now. But at the time she couldn't tell the authorities how she'd gotten there or where her parents were. So as soon as she'd been cleared by the doctors at the hospital she was adopted.

The people who had adopted her were scientists. Scientists who were very interested in cloning. Specifically human cloning. However since human cloning was and still is illegal they couldn't find anyone to experiment with. Until Nessie came along. They used her DNA and successfully created me. I was grown in a lab in an artificial womb. A few months later I was born. The first ever clone human baby. In the beginning I grew really fast. Within a year I managed to catch up to Nessie in physical age. So although I was only a year old I looked like I was four years old. It was very strange and nobody could understand what had happened. It was probably just a side effect of cloning.

We moved across the country to Ithaca, New York after that and started school together. Thanks to the fake birth certificates everyone believed we were identical twins. Even though nobody else knew the truth I think people could sense that I was different. People avoided me for reasons I couldn't really understand. Nessie, although not what I'd call 'popular', had her own circle of friends since she was on our school's baseball team.

I didn't play any sports. I preferred to watch rather then play. My favorite pastimes were playing the piano and acting. Outside of acting none of the kids wanted to hang out with me though. I never really understood why. It's like some instinct of theirs told them I was different, unnatural, and that I was something to be avoided at all costs.

I took a deep breath before entering the building. Nessie had decided to ditch school today because she wasn't as good at acting as I was. She would be suspected a lot faster then I would be. I would have to explain my 'absence' later on but I could always say I stayed home 'sick'.

"Do you think she's here?" I heard a bell like voice say.

"I'm sure. I know my own daughter's scent Edward. I know it was her scent I came across in town. She's here. I just know it. Jacob also says she's close. He can feel it through the imprint bond,"

I looked around for the source of the voices and saw six exextremely beautiful people. All with an extremely pale complexion and golden eyes. They must be the Cullens. The new kids that everybody had been talking about the last few days.

"Edward look," one of the girls said. "I think it's her,"

A boy with bronze colored hair turned his head to look at me. There was a moment of shock, followed by happiness. I turned my back toward them and walked away as fast as I could. They were really weirding me out.

I went to Nessie's first class of the day, World History, and sat down as fast as I could. I knew her schedule as well as I knew my own. I just had to make a concious effort to remember to go to her classes rather then my own.

Two of the new kids were in this class. Edward and a girl whose name I learned was Rosalie. What a very odd, unusual name for a person in the 21st century. Seemed so old school. They were seated close enough to me that I could overhear their conversation.

"What is she thinking about?" the girl asked.

"I don't know. I still can't read her mind,"

Couldn't they just shut the hell up with their strange conversation? I rolled my eyes. It seemed like I'd finally just met people who were even weirded then I was. Which was really saying something. I didn't think there was anything weirder then a freak of nature clone like myself but these two might just be it.

"keep your voice down I think they can hear us,"

Uh, duh we can hear you I I wanted to say. I bit my tongue to stop the sassy remark from making its way out of my mouth. I was out of my seat as fast as possible as soon as the bell rang. Nessie's next class was Biology. The exam was easy enough. I'd already taken the same test the day before. Although I changed a few of the answers so that nobody would suspect that Nessie was cheating. Or that I was helping her cheat.

The hour went by quickly and I handed in the test. I double checked to make sure that I'd signed Nessie's name instead of my own. It would be extremely difficult to explain why I put Vanessa down in the name section instead of Renesmee. I could only imagine trying to explain why I'd gotten expelled when applying for colleges in the future.

I was starving by the time lunch came around. I bought two slices of pizza, a soda, and a bag of chips. I was on my way to Nessie's usual table when a girl came up behind me and tapped my shoulder. "Gah!" I shouted and dropped all of my stuff. She caught it before it hit the floor.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you," she said. I had learned that this girl's name was Bella.

"It's okay," I said although my heart was galloping right now.

"You're Renesmee, right?"

"Yes that's me," I lied. "Although I prefer Nessie," actually I preferred to be called Nessa. Renesmee was Nessie and I was Nessa.

"Do you want to come and sit with us Nessie?"

"Um sure?"

Nessie's friends looked at me in confusion as I went to sit with the Cullen family instead. Nessie was probably going to give me hell for that later on. She never ditched her friends at lunch. But maybe the Cullens could be my friends. I sighed. No they thought I was Nessie. They would be her friends. Not mine.

"Hi I'm Alice! We're going to be great friends!" a short pixie like girl exclaimed. Her cold embrace took me by surprise. I had to admit I liked this girl already. Even though the way she bounced around put the energizer bunny to shame. "and I hope you like shopping,"


"Just trust me on this one," she said.

"Believe me when I say you're better off listening to Alice. She may be small but she knows how to get her way with people," Edward said. I laughed.

"Come on sit with us," Rosalie encouraged. "Oh gee mutt number one is coming,"

"Rose it's been years already. Can't you just get over this aversion to Jacob already,"

I looked back and saw a tall and very muscular looking guy walking toward us. The smile on his face fell when his eyes lingered on mine. "Huh," he said. "Strange. Very strange,"

"Hi I'm Renesmee. Nessie. is there something wrong?" I asked.

"I'm not sure," he said. He looked at me oddly. "Something just, well, I don't know...doesn't feel right,"

He was weird. Just like they all were. "I have to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back,"

I didn't really have to go to the bathroom. He was just making me nervous they all were. My bag split as I walked down the hallway toward the bathroom. "Here I'll help you," an unfamiliar male voice said.

"Thanks," I replied as we gathered my books. We both looked up at the exact same time. We locked eyes at exactly the same time. Suddenly it felt like every nerve in my body was on fire. The boy was shaking. I could see a change happening within him when I looked directly into his eyes. I could feel a deep connection forming that I didn't quite understand. He fell to his knees and looked at me like I was some sort of goddess or something.

I snorted. Me a goddess? That was hilarious. I was just a freaky clone and that was it. I was something that had no right to be. Something created in a lab.

Yet when I looked at the boy I could sense something strong there. Though I wasn't sure what it was exactly. He stood up and said "wow,"

Wow indeed.

"You're so beautiful," he said. "I'm Seth. Seth Clearwater," he smiled as he shook my hand.

"Well it's nice to meet you. I'm Renesmee. Well Nessie,"

Now he looked extremely confused. "You're Renesmee? But how-I mean what the hell just happened?!"

Seth took off before I could answer him. God I couldn't wait until this day came to an end and Nessie I could switch back already.

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