Chapter 6: Danger

Bella's POV

For the last thirty minutes I had felt nothing but extreme anxiety. Jacob said there was something wrong. Through the bond he sensed that Nessie was in danger. His heart was telling him to go find her right now. Edward and I had insisted on coming with him but he said it was better to go alone.

I hated waiting in this, this...agony. If my daughter was in danger I should be there saving her. Oh why had I listened to Jacob and stayed behind?! I heard a car turn down our street and I had a feeling that it was Jacob.

"It's Jacob and he has Nessie with him," Edward's voice sounded strained. Was she okay? Had something bad happened before Jacob got to wherever she was? Was he too late? I got my answer almost immediately. Nessie didn't look well at all. She was pale and sweaty and she looked sick. What was even more mind boggling is that she didn't have any pants on. Only underwear.

"I got her," Carlisle immediately took her from Jacob. "Nessie I'm going to take you to the exam room and I'm going to do some tests. Is that okay with you?" he asked her. She nodded in agreement.

"Those bastards!" Jacob yelled and in a fit of uncontrollable rage he overturned a couch and a table. "I swear to God I will them!"

"Jake what happened?" His anger scared me.

"Three boys tried to rape our daugher," Edward growled. He was just as angry as Jacob but unlike him he had better control of himself. Shock and disbelief filled me from head to toe. Followed by immense anger.


"They drugged her and they tried to rape her but she got away,'" Jacob was so angry that he was dangerously close to losing control and phasing

I listened in on Nessie's and Carlisle's conversation. "I think my boyfriend and his friends put something in my drink. I was fine and then all of sudden I wasn't feeling well. Then Derek took me to a room to rest. Or at least that is what I thought he was doing. Then he and his friends tried to rape but I got away and and-" it was clear that she was so upset she couldn't even finish telling her story.

"It's okay Nessie. You're safe here with us. I'm going to do some testing to see if I can find out exactly what they gave you. I'm going to give you some medicine to help you feel better. Can you tell me the names of thr boys who tried to rape you?"

"Derek, Dylan, and Andrew," she groaned.

"I'm going to kill them. Tonight. Right now I swear to God!' Jacob yelled. He was was about to leave when I stopped him.

"Jacob you need to calm down!"

"Calm down! Bella this is your daughter-"

"I know that Jacob! I know that! Edward and I are just as angry about this as you! But you need to calm down and think! Do you even know what these boys look like? Did you see them? You can't just go there and kill the first three guys you see! You need to calm down and think! Before you kill anyone you need to make sure you have the right guys first!"

"Bella is right Jacob. You don't want hurt innocent people that had nothing to do with this,"

"Fine them I'm going to go there and find out who they are and then I will kill them,"

Before Jacob could leave though Carlisle came back.

"How is she doc?" Jacob asked before I could.

"She's in shock and she's very upset. I have given her some medication to help her calm down. Hopefully it works,"

"What happened? Did they really drug her?" I asked.

I did not like the way Carlisle looked at us. Not at all. "Unfortunately yes. Her blood results reveal the diminishing presence of a date rape drug,"

"Wait what do you mean diminishing?" Jake asked curiously.

"Normally what happens when a girl accidentally takes one of these drugs she will loose conciousness or at least become so incapacitated by the drug's effects that she would be unable to fight off an attacker. But with Nessie that is not the case. She feels very sick and weak but not enough to lose consciousness. In fact she was strong enough to fight off her attackers,"

"But why?" I asked. "I mean I'm glad that she was able to get away but why did the drug effect her differently then it normally would effect girls?"

"I believe it's because of the presence of venom in her system. Her body recognized the presence of a foreign and dangerous substance in her system causing the venom to react. From what I've observed the venom was able to attack and neutralize the drug's effects. Because of that the drug's presence in her body is rapidly disappearing. Her venom saved her,"

"Thank God," Edward said. "Thank God for that,"

"So she's going to be okay?" I couldn't help but ask.

"She'll be fine. The drug will be out of her system soon. I'm going to go back and check on her,"

"Okay now can we go find out who those guys are and kill them already?" Jake asked angrily.

"Yes let's go," I said.

We had been gone only five minutes when we heard someone coming behind us. I was about to attack when Edward stopped me. "It's just Rosalie," he said.

"Alice told me about what happened to Nessie," Rose was pissed. "She also told me that you'd already left to the party where it all happened,"

"Okay? So what are you doing here?"

"I want to help you," she said. "You know how much I loathe rapists and to hear about what almost happened to my own niece...well I couldn't just stay home and do nothing. Dealing with rapists is kind of my specialty,"

I shuddered when I remembered what she'd done to Royce and all of his friends after they had all raped her. Dealing with rapists was one of her specialties.

"We don't know what they look like. We don't want to hurt innocent people,"

"Oh I'm sure we'll have no problem figuring it out and once we know who they are...let's just say I already have a plan on what to do to them," Rose had an evil smile on her face.

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