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(In this story there will be techniques from other animes but they will be adapted to fit in the Naruto-Universe)

The bloodlines that Naruto will have

Wood Style

Chakra sealing chain's (The Uzumaki clan bloodline)

Chakra weapon's (It's the Uzumaki clan bloodline the Chakra chain's but it has evolved within Naruto to make other's things and can be used in combat)

The Regeneration ability (The Uzumaki clan healing factor which has evolved within Naruto to be the same level as Tsunade's creation rebirth technique but without any of its nasty side effects)

Changes to Naruto's appearance

In this story Naruto has Kushina's violet eyes instead of Minato's blue eyes

Naruto doesn't have the whisker mark's on his cheeks but he does gain them whenever he uses Kurama's Chakra

Naruto has the same voice as Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach

The history of Uzushiogakure

There once was a Shinobi village called Uzushiogakure where it was also the capital city of the Land of Whirlpools, It was founded by just a single Shinobi Clan, the Uzumaki Clan who uses to live in the land of fire and they were one half of the Senmaki Clan and the other half being the Senju Clan.

Ever since the age of Shinobi began thanks to the Sage of six paths giving mankind the power of charka the Senmaki Clan has always been at war with the Uchiha Clan but eventually some members of the Senmaki Clan wanted to leave the Land of Fire before both Clans ended wiping each other out or another clan does it instead however the other members saw this as cowardly and refuse to leave with them especially from the Uchiha Clan.

So the Senmaki Clan was divided into two separate Clans with those who decided stay in the Land of Fire took the 'Sen' part of their former name and they became known as the Senju Clan while those who left and travel the Land of Whirlpools took the 'maki' part of their former name and they became known as the Uzumaki Clan.

Many year's after the end of the Clan wars Hashirame Senju the leader of the Senju Clan and one of the founder's of the Village Hidden in the Leaf Konohagakure formed an alliance with Uzushio and though the alliance Hashirame married Mito Uzumaki the daughter of Ashina Uzumaki who was the leader of the Uzumaki Clan.

The Uzumaki Clan were renowned throughout the entire Shinobi world for their great Fūinjutsu skills to the point that it led to their destruction because during the Second Great Ninja War Hoshigakure, Kusagakure, Takigakure who were jealous of Uzushio as they being call the sixth great nation's and so they attack but there was also unknown force aiding them and those who survived the villages destruction scattered across the globe seeking refuge.

However before the fall of Uzushio the damiyo of the Land of Whirlpool the Uzumaki Clan had sent Kushina Uzumaki to the hidden leaf village Konohagakure so she could become their Jinchuuriki for the nine tails fox because only someone who possessed a strong body could contain it which every single member of the Uzumaki and Senju Clans possess as well as she possessed a unique ability that only few members of the Uzumaki Clan possess which was Chakra mold where she can mold for Chakra into chains that can restrain anyone including the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox.

In the Land of Fire is where the village hidden in leafs Konohagakure is and it is also where Naruto Uzumaki the Jinchuuriki to the nine tail fox the Kyuubi lives and is hated.

On October tenth the day that Naruto Uzumaki was born on the Kyuubi had escape from its previous Jinchuuriki who was Naruto's own mother Kushina Uzumaki and it began destroying the village but was stop by the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze also known as 'The Yellow Flash of Konoha' by sealing the Kyuubi within Naruto who was his own son.

However what people didn't know was that during the nine months that Kushina was pregnant with Naruto, the Kyuubi's chakra was mixed with Naruto's own chakra and when he was made into the Kyuubi's new Jinchuuriki it cause something within Naruto's body to change and became stronger granting him things that his parents didn't possess.

Before Minato die he had also sealed the last of his and Kushina's chakra within Naruto in hopes of seeing him again when he was older but because of the change within Naruto's body, Minato's and Kushina's chakra instead just merged together with Naruto's own chakra which would eventually granted him all of Minato's and Kushina's memories and knowledge and all Naruto had to do was to unlock them.

Five years after the Kyuubi's attack

Ever since Naruto could remember from his earliest memories was that almost every single person in Konoha had treated him worst then dirt and they call him things like "Fox" "Demon Fox" "Demon Spawn" "Monster" "Freak" "Murderer" and when he was four years the elderly women who was in change of the Konoha's orphanage kick Naruto out saying "Demon's don't deserve to be taking care of" two months later Hiruzen's ANBU black ops finally found Naruto living in a dark alley so they took Naruto straight to Hiruzen Sarutobi the Third Hokage where he set up an apartment for Naruto to live at the red light district.

However on one night when Naruto was walking home from Ichiraku raman before two Chunin who were hired by the mob and that were promised that if they bring Naruto to them then they would be promoted to the rank of Jōnin thanks to their connections to the Civilian council so when they had found Naruto they drag him into a nearby alley before knocking him out and took him to the mod who were in a abandon warehouse and once they handed Naruto over to the mod them began to beat him brutally.

As the mob attack Naruto something within him broke and another thing else awaken and suddenly wooden spikes burst out of Naruto's back hitting the mod that were surrounded him and as for the rest of the mod they just stood and stare in shock as the only person in history to possess the ability over wood was the First Hokage Hashirame Senju and they were shock again when Naruto stood up and as he did the mod saw that all the bruise and cuts they gave him began to heal itself and soon not even a scar was visible.

The mob then try to run away like cowards seeing that things have turn around for the worst for them but then even more wooden spikes shot out of the ground hitting every single one of them and killing all of them afterwards Naruto pass out on the floor.

Within Naruto's mind

Suddenly Naruto's eyes snap open and he found himself in a dark sewer where at first he thought that the mob have thrown him down in the sewer to die but then he remember what happen with the mob and the wooden spikes that came out from his back and the mob which cause him to fall to his knees crying.

"They were all right I'm really am a monster" Naruto said while crying but just then Naruto felt something calling out to him so after a minute he decided to find out what it was rather stay where he was.

After a couple of minutes of walking towards whatever was calling out to him Naruto found a very large room that had a cage with the symbol for seal on it and Naruto felt that whatever was calling out to him was coming from within the cage so him continue walking towards it.

When he reach it he try to see whatever was inside but all he could see was darkness but just then giant claws came out from the cage and also hitting Naruto however he manage to duck just before they could touch him, Naruto then ran away from the cage and headed towards where he was before but as he look back at the cage and he saw two large dark red eyes staring at him which cause Naruto to freeze in fear.

"So this is my new warden, I have never had met any of them so young before" The creature in the cage said.

"W-wh Who ar-are y-yo-you?" Naruto ask in fear.

"WHAT ARE YOU SAYING SPEAK CLEARLY BOY!" The creature in the cage shouted angerily.

"Who are you?" Naruto ask again but clearer.

"I sure you have already heard about me, I'm the might nine tail fox the Kyuubi" The Kyuubi said proudly.

"Wait the same Kyuubi that attack the village seven years ago?" Naruto ask.

"The one and only" The Kyuubi answered proudly.

"But that's impossible I heard that the Fourth Hokage kill you" Naruto said in disbelief.

"Ha! No human can truly kill a bjiuu instead you lot just seal us away into something or someone" said the Kyuubi.

"Wait seal you?" Naruto ask.

"Yes your Fourth Hokage knew that he couldn't destroy me so instead he seal me away" said the Kyuubi.

"So does that mean that the fourth Hokage seal you within me?" Naruto ask in hopes that he was wrong.

"Yeah five years your Fourth Hokage sealed me within you to stop me from destroying your village" said the Kyuubi.

"So when the villagers call me a demon they were right" Naruto said upset.

"Ha! You wish you are not me kid all what you are a vessel nothing more" said the Kyuubi.

"But I kill those people!" said Naruto.

"No they case your Bloodlines to awaken when they were attacking you so I'll say it was in self defense" said the Kyuubi.

"Bloodlines?" Naruto ask confuse.

"You know the special ability that some ninja's had which is only within some Shinobi clan's" said the Kyuubi.

"Heck his chakra feels a lot like Hashirama's chakra maybe that's why he can use Wood style just like him but I can also sense that it's similar to Kushina's so perhaps he could even use those chain's but at the same time it also feels more dense?" thought the Kyuubi.

"You mean like that Clan that all the members had white eye's but I'm an orphan and clan less so how do I have a bloodline" said Naruto.

"It doesn't matter that your orphan you still had parents but neither of them had these bloodlines expert for your mother she kind of had two of them but they have evolved greatly within you because of my chakra entered your body back when your mother was still my jinchuuriki and her name was..." Before the Kyuubi couldn't finish its sentence Naruto interrupted.

"Kushina Uzumaki" Naruto said in confuse tone.

"Yes that was her name but how did you know that?" The Kyuubi ask curiously.

"I don't know why but I just do like I now that Mito Uzumaki who later on became Mito Senju was your first jinchuuriki" Naruto said confuse on how he knew things.

"Hmm interesting perhaps it has something to do that maybe" The Kyuubi said to itself.

"What are you talking about what something?" Naruto ask wondering what the Kyuubi was talking about.

"Well five years ago when the Fourth Hokage sealed me within you he had also seal the last of his and your mother's chakra in you as well in hopes of meeting you again when you are older however both of their chakra's didn't stay in you like it suppose to instead they merged your own and this must be the side effect, you have gain both of your parents memories and knowledge and the only reason why you are getting them now is because your bloodline had awaken" The Kyuubi explained.

"Wait the Fourth Hokage his name was Minato Namikaze and he was my father" Naruto said in shock.

"Yes Minato was your father and the one who seal me within you" said the Kyuubi.

"Then it's all his fault" Naruto whispered.

"Hmm what are you talking about?" The Kyuubi ask curiosity.

"The reason why my life has been so miserable is all because he choice to protect the villager and condemned me to all this pain" Naruto said with tears going down his face.

"And what exactly are you going to do about it?" The Kyuubi ask curiosity.

"I'm done with it, all of it why should I be their punching bag, why should I try to understand them after everything they done to me" Naruto said in anger.

"Ha-ha that something I will like to see okay then how about a deal" said the Kyuubi.

"What kind of deal?" Naruto ask curiously.

"Simply I'll will help out in exchange you give me access to your senses like sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch because it gets really boring in here and I'll like to know what's going on outside in the real world?" said the Kyuubi.

"You will help me in fights against strong people who want to hurt me?" ask Naruto.

"Yes that is exactly what I'm talking about and you know that I'm not lying about this if you have both of your parent's memories you know I can't do anything to you even if you agree to this" The Kyuubi said and made Naruto think for a moment and with his new found knowledge he knew the answer.

"Your right it won't affect the seal or me if I give you access to my senses there is just one more thing I would like from you" said Naruto.

"Oh what's that?" The Kyuubi ask curiously.

"As you probably know I don't trust this place so I want your help with my plan" said Naruto.

"And what plan is that?" The Kyuubi ask even more curiously.

"It's a safeguard so that if this place ever try's anything against me I'll have a place to go to if I decide to go rogue on them" said Naruto.

"If that's what you want then sure I agree" said the Kyuubi.

"Then we have a deal nine tail's" said Naruto.

"Kurama my name's Kurama" said the now revealed Kurama.

"Okay then Kurama" said Naruto.

"This may turn out to be very interesting" Kurama thought.

At Konoha's hospital

As Naruto slowly open his eyes he found himself in a familiar hospital room and was laying down on a bed Naruto figured that someone must have found him and brought to the hospital but just then the door open and Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi walk in.

"Naruto my boy you have finally awaken up I was so worried for you" Hiruzen said in a kind tone.

"W-what happen?" Naruto ask while he rub both of his eyes.

"Naruto my ANBU found you unconscious inside a warehouse" said Hiruzen.

"Oh yeah" said Naruto.

"Naruto there were dead bodies of villagers all around you and they were all impaled by wooden spikes so please tell me honestly what happen in that warehouse?" Hiruzen ask serious but also curiosity.

"When I saw it myself i immediately knew it was Wood style but how is that possible since Wood style is a mutation and not an actual bloodline since only Lord Hashirama has possessed it and if it was an actual bloodline then Lord Hashirama's son Itama or his grandchildren Tsunade and Nawaki would have inherit it, so how come Naruto possesses it? Hopefully it isn't because of those experiments and if they were then who perform them on him Orochimaru or Danzo and if so when did they do it" Hiruzen thought trying to understand.

(There has been two people with the Itama Senju with the first being Hashirama's younger brother while the second being Hashirama's son who was Itama as Hashirama named him that to honour his younger brother and Itama was the father of Tsunade and Nawaki Senju)

"I can tell him most of the truth except for the parts about my bloodlines and meeting with the Kyuubi since I don't know what he may do to me if he found out the whole truth" Naruto thought to himself.

"All I remember was that I was walking home from Ichiraku Raman before two men drag me to a dark alley and knocking me out and when I woke up I was surrounded by a mob then all of them attack me then everything went dark and now woke up here" said Naruto.

"Hmm I know that the Kyuubi didn't take control over him or everyone in the entire village would have felt it's dark Chakra but why do I feel Naruto is hiding something from me he would never hide anything from me he trust me completely, I better place some of my ANBU to keep track of him just in case" thought Hiruzen.

"Hey Hokage-san I don't feel bad or hurt can I go home?" Naruto ask in a hurry.

"Yes you can Naru...WAIT DID YOU JUST CALL ME HOKAGE-SAN INSTEAD OF OLD MAN!?" Hiruzen ask in shock.

"Yeah I did since you don't want to hear me call you old man right" Naruto said as he put up his clothes.

"No your right but still" Hiruzen said confuse.

"Okay i got to go" said Naruto as he rushes out of the hospital room.

"Now I know something wrong I better order my ANBU to keep an eye on him right away" Hiruzen said to himself.

With Naruto

Naruto was running towards a very special place and away from the hospital because of two reasons first was that now that Naruto has both of Minato's and Kushina's memories he now where his real home was the Uzumaki clan compound where Kushina grew up when she first came to the village from her original home village Uzushiogakure a village created by the First Hokage Hashirame Senju himself and was built into the side of Hokage Rock.

The second reason why Naruto left in a hurry was that now he know the truth he didn't know what to think about the Third Hokage as he kept the truth about were Naruto truly come from, why the villagers hated him so much and where he true home was from him.

As Naruto got closer to the compound he ran pass a couple of Sakura tree's and as he look at them he started to remember something happen that he wasn't involve in but instead It was parents memories.

It was about back when Kushina had just move to Konoha where she was bullied by the boys in her class because of her red hair and one day one of the bullies grab it and started to pull it but Kushina had enough and started to beat up all the bullies and Naruto's 'father' Minato had watched everything. However later that day as Kushina made her way home though the Sakura tree's the bully who had pull her hair stop her alongside his older brother who was a genin and the older brother beat Kushina up and told her that the village will never accept an outsider like her but just like before in the classroom Kushina had enough and started to beat the older brother up as well as give him two black eye's and then she beat the little brother again and once she was finish she look up and saw Minato standing on a tree branch watching the whole event.

But since Naruto had all of his memories as well he knew that when Minato was walking home he saw the brother's and overheard them talking about what they going to Kushina so Minato decided he wasn't going to allow that to happen but once he got there he saw that Kushina beaten the brother's up already.

When Naruto finally reach the Uzumaki Clan compound he saw that it was the same size as the Uchiha Clan and Hyuga Clan compounds with an large wall that surrounded the entire compound and haven't weaken over the years despite no one living there in years and taken care of it. As Naruto walk to the only gate which was large and had no handle's but instead a seal which covered it but Naruto knew thanks to his parents memories he knew that the seal was designed to allow only Clan members and other people who have been given permission from Clan members entry and all they had to do was to put a drop of blood on the center of the seal to open the gate's and they only have to do that once because after they would be allow entry all the time so Naruto bit his thumb hard enough which cause it to bleed then he place the drop of blood on the center of the seal which cause it to glow then the gate's open.

As Naruto entered the compound he saw that its entrance stands an elaborate torrii with a bridge over a small lake and it's style for it was traditional fashion like many other clan compounds in Konoha, it had the Uzumaki Clan symbol on the inside of the wall that surrounded the compound and most of it's many buildings were built into the mountain side and all the tiles on the roof of each building were red.

"I'm finally home" Naruto said to himself happily.

(The Uzumaki clan compound is Menma's secret hideout the training cave from Naruto Shippuden: The Road to Ninja movie)

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