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Time skip




Current time

After their conversation Kakashi, and Hanara headed back to the bridge where the rest of Team Seven were surprised when they saw Hanara unharmed and unrestrained. Kakashi then explained the situation to them who accepted the quick explanation but still kept a tight watch on Hanara. After arriving at Konoha, Kakashi and Hanara immediately head to the Hokage Tower to explain Hanara's current predicament to Hiruzen.

After hearing the explanation, Hiruzen was quite surprised to see Hanara was willing to part with several of Jomae Villages secret Jutsu to join Konoha. When Hiruzen questioned Hanara as to why she was so willing to leave Jomae Village, Hanara answered that Jomae Village was never really a home to her as she had never been or seen the village as to side that should she be capture they weren't gain any useful Intel on it and that Konoha seemed much better alternative.

After a long discussion between the three, they came to the conclusion that Hanara will had to go through rigorous testing and interrogation to determine if she was truly trustworthy to join Konoha's forces.

Later with Konoha's council

After one hour all of the members of the Konoha's council sitting down by a large wooden 'U' shape table who were the clan head's of all the clans within Konoha the Hyuga, Aburame, Inuzuka, Sarutobi, Nara, Akamichi, Yamanaka, Shimura and Kurama though there were empty seats Uzumaki, Senju and Uchiha, next was the high ranking shinobi commander's, then there were Civilians side of the council which were all the most wealthiest merchant's within Konoha and finally the three elder's who were all students of the former Second Hokage Tobirama Senju and in the middle of all of them was the third Hokage.

"Now then I've been wondering why exactly you have call this council meeting so suddenly?" Hiruzen ask curiously.

"We call this meeting Hokage-sama because of a recent report about a mission" said Inoichi.

"I see and what mission are you wondering about?" Hiruzen ask but he can already guess what they were talking about.

"It's the missison involving team seven and Land of Waves" said Shikaku.

"Okay and what have you been wondering about?" Hiruzen ask.

"You know exactly what we been wondering about Hiruzen and I'll ask you directly is it true that the Genin Naruto Uzumaki knows the flying thunder Jutsu the same Jutsu that our sensei and the Second Hokage Tobirama Senju created and Minato Namikaze use during the Third Great Ninja War as well as Naruto possessing a more advance version of the Chakra-mold ability that Kushina Uzumaki possessed!" Danzo said wanting to know the truth.

Hiruzen took a deep breath as he already knew what everyone else's reaction will be like.

"Yes it is indeed true Naruto Uzumaki knows the Flying Thunder Jutsu and possess a more advance version of the Chakra-mold ability" Hiruzen said shocking everyone.

"How's that possible?!"

"Minato didn't teach anyone the Flying Thunder Jutsu even to his own students so how is this possible?"

"A more advance version of the Chakra-mold ability I wonder what exactly can he do with it?"

"The demon is getting too strong!"

"We must do something before it try's to destroys the villege again!"

"Hirzuen do you know how exactly does this know the Flying Thunder Jutsu and possess that bloodline?"

"No I don't know how exactly Naruto knows that Jutsu but as for the Chakra-mold ability I believe it somehow evolved within him perhaps because of the Kyuubi's chakra" said Hiruzen.

"What exactly can he do with the Chakra-mold ability now?" Shikaku ask curiously.

"He's able to do not only to do actual damage to someone beside suppress anyone's chakra and he can form it into anything else besides just Chain's" Hiruzen explained.

"The ability to not only to suppress anyone else's Chakra but also to be able to do damages and create other weapens would be a useful ability to possess" said Shikaku.

"Indeed it would be" said Inoichi.

"And then you add the fact that he knows the Flying Thunder Jutsu" said Choza.

"And from what I heard he's also a very talented Genin" said Tsume.

"We must find out how dose he know the Flying Thunder Jutsu in first place" said Hiashi.

"Indeed in case anyone who is planning to betrays the village get's their hands on it as well and they share it with our enemies" said Shibi.

"I must try to get this boy into the foundation with the power of the Kyuubi as well as the Chakra-mold ability and him knowing the Flying Thunder Jutsu, he would prove to be a useful weapon for the village in my hands and I'll make him teach all my other Shinobi the Flying Thunder Jutsu as I have been after it for years" thought Danzo.

A week later with Team Seven

Ever since their last missison involving the Jomae village Team Seven has only done low ranking missions again and now Kakashi stood in front of his three genin finally finishing their missison.

"And with that our is mission is complete and so you are all dismissed" said Kakashi.

"But it's only ten AM we can still do another missison" said Naruto.


"We literally have only just done two easily missions which were very simple missison's and your tried already you really need to train some more" said Naruto.


"Two things Sakura is that you need to at least train to be able to say that you can't train too much and secondly there are plenty of Kunoichi who train but instead of becoming muscular they got a great body from doing it" Naruto said surprising Kakashi.

"Wait so he does checks out Kunoichi's" thought Kakashi.

"All these missions we been doing have been nothing more than simply chores I need a better missison" Sasuke said proudly

"How else am I going get even stronger besides training" thought Sasuke.


"There isn't any better mission you can do anyway's that is it we'll meet up here tomorrow morning" Kakashi said before walking away leaving his students on their own.

"Maybe now cause we're finished early Sasuke and I can hangout together and he would see how perfect we are for each other" thought Sakura.

"You heard him Sasuke-kun, so how about today just the two of us.." before Sakura could finish she was interrupted by Sasuke.

"I'm going home" Sasuke said as he start to walk back to the Uchiha clan compound.

"There is one missison" Naruto said to himself under his breath but was overheard by Sasuke and Sakura.

"What are you talking about?" Sasuke ask curiously.

"There is one mission that if we succeed it will come with a great reward and we will known throughout the entire village for it and almost almost everyone will be jesoula of us" said Naruto.

"Like what?" Sasuke ask getting even more curious.

"To see what exactly Kakashi sensei face really looks like under that mask" said Naruto.

"I hate to admit it but he does got a point I wouldn't mind seeing what he actually looks like" thought Sasuke.

"There's no way you will be able to get Kakashi Sensei's mask off right Sasuke-kun" said Sakura.

"I wouldn't mind seeing what Kakashi really looks like" said Sasuke.

"I couldn't agree more" Sakura said changing what she said a second ago.

"What a total fan-girl" thought Naruto.

"But how do we find out what he really looks like?" Sakura ask curiously.

Just a man with brown hair, grey eye's, purple Mark's around his eyes that go down his cheeks, he was wearing a green trench coat, a light brown scarf wrap around his neck and had a bag on while holding a camera.

"The photo submitted to the Hokage for the ninja registration form should be one of him without a mask on but it's an extremely classified top-secret document accessing it would be no easy task" said the man.

"Who are you?" Sasuke ask curiously.

"I'm Sukea, a photographer I travel to the east and west looking for scoops and I have been searching around for a scoop and I happened to over heard an interesting conversation" said Sukea.

However Naruto knew who he really was despite the disguise there was one thing that the person couldn't disguise and that was there Chakra signature and this person in front of them was none other than Kakashi and Naruto used his sensing ability to see if this was transformation but it wasn't instead it was a get up meaning that it was Kakashi's actual face.

"So that what he looks like under his mask" thought Naruto.

"Well you are right there's a rule that the phone for the ninja registration form must be of your entire face" said Sasuke.

"Will you let me join you in this adventure?" Sukea ask.

"What's your motive?" Sasuke ask curiously.

"If I'm able to capture this Kakashi guy without a mask, I'll have the biggest scoop since the hidden leaf was established" said Sukea.

"I don't think seeing your actual face would be that important" thought Naruto.

"Even if it's hushed up, I'm sure to make a lot of money out of this" said Sukea.

"Will we be getting some money out for this as well?" Sakura ask curiously.

"I'll buy you all dinner so how's that sound" said Sukea.

"Fine this may turn out interesting" said Sasuke.

"Well I got nothing better to do" thought Naruto.

Sometime later

It was dark when team seven sneak into the area where Konoha ketp it confidential documents on its own Shinobi's the ninja registration forms and currently Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Sukea aka Kakashi were hiding in a building planning their next move.

"So the secret documents are stored here so this is an infiltration missison Mr. Sukea, will you be able to keep up?" said Sakura.

"Will you be able to" thought Naruto.

"Before I started taking pictures I was a rank-and-file ninja" said Sukea.

"Alright them let's being the missison" said Naruto.

With that all four of them went and stealthily jump across the buildings avoiding the the guards and finchley entered the building where the the room that they needed to get into had a lock on the door so Sasuke try lock pick it despite Naruto to could do it easily with his Chakra-mold ability to form the key to unlock it but he had no luck.

"Can we switch" said Sukea.

As Sukea and Sasuke switch places Sukea immediately started to try to unlock the lock and he managed to do it quickly without any trouble at all.

"Wow it's open" said Sakura.

"Sukea what division did you belong to?" Sasuke ask curiously.

"The Intel unit that reported directly to the Hokage" Sukea said surprising Sasuke and Sakura.

"That's that?" Sakura ask curiously.

"The ANBU black ops" said Sasuke.

"Things happened and now I'm retired" said Sukea.

"Considering your past, is it wise for you to be doing this you'll be targeted by the ANBU?" Sasuke ask.

"Don't worry about it now c'mon, let's go" Sukea said as he opened the door and as they entered the room it was large and had many selves the had boxes on them.

"We have to search in all of these?" Sakura ask.

"Let's hurry" said Sukea.

After awhile of Team Seven and Sukea searching though boxes fill with documents about Konoha's Shinobi trying to find Kakashi's document and eventually one of them found it.

"Found it! This is it!" Sukea said Sasuke and Sakura rush over to him while Naruto simply walked.

"Okay, let's open it" Sukea said as he opened the document and slowly pull out the sheet of paper.

"We been found" thought Naruto.

Just then four cloak and masked people appeared right behind them.

"We're taking you in, make a move and we'll take that as resistance, depending on the situation we may have to take you down" said one of the ANBU black ops member.

Afterwards the four anbu black ops member brought team seven and Sukea straight to the Hokage's office where the third Hokage and a shadow clone of Kakashi was waiting and the Hokage then gave them all a long lecture and threatened them that if they do something like that again they would send to prison or worse.

"Really? An infiltration mission?" said Kakashi.

"I'm so sorry I tried to stop them, but they insisted" said Sukea.

"So you planned on blaming us from the start if this failed" said Sakura.

"They wanted to see what you really look like" said Sukea.

"You're a former ANBU black Ops, aren't you? Honestly! Who cares what I really look like?!" said Kakashi.

"Well I won't lie I'm a bit curious to know myself" said Sukea.

"Anyways try not to get in any more trouble okay" Kakashi said before he performed the Shinshun no jutsu to vanished.

But not far from Team Seven and Sukea down the road hiding from them was the real Kakashi meaning that one that they were talking to was just a shadow clone and this Kakashi didn't have his mask on showing that he has a narrow jaw-line and a beauty mark under the left corner of his mouth.

However just as Kakashi put his mask back on he look up at the sky it was there he saw something shocking which was on top of the building that was in front of him was Naruto looking straight at him before vanishing in a golden flash.

"Wait did he knew that it was me the whole time!" Kakashi thought in shock.

But what Kakashi didn't know was just before he spotted Naruto he had a camera with him and he took a picture of Kakashi's face without his mask on.

To be continue

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