That was what she has been told since she was a child. Growing up in the modern world where those with knowledge were frowned upon because of her personality. She could and she can express emotions, but she just chooses not to. With a small sigh escaping her lips as she removed her face mask, the woman just stared at her computer screen. The person on the other side kept babbling on and on about upcoming meetings. She already knew. It was still boring to listen to.

"So, Doctor Zunino, the next meeting will take place at the city hall regarding what the next move for the epidemic will be. Honestly, I want to skip it but duty calls." The person at the other side of the computer screen said.

"Understood. I honestly don't understand why people are so against wearing masks. I swear, the world has gone mad." Dr Zunino said as her left hand was typing on another keyboard.

"I feel the same, but it is our job. Sigh. Anyhow, take a break. How long have you been on the computer?" The person asked.

"10 Hours. Non-stop." Dr. Zunino answered as their right hand was typing on another keyboard.

"Sophia, you really should at least go for a walk." The person said, worried in their voice.

"Aga, I have been busy with Zoom meetings with my patients. A presentation in a few days as well as the town hall meeting soon. Not to also mention me teaching the new doctors how to do proper surgeries. I'm also still in grad school for my PhD. How on earth am I supposed to get a break with my schedule always filled?" Dr. Zunino, also now as Sophia, muttered as she kept typing.

"Don't you have any assistance in your clinic?" Aga said and Sophia nodded once more.

"I do. Why?" She always answered with a monotone voice.

"Are they single?" And at that, Sophia stopped typing, slowly turning back to the computer screen with a "I'll kill you look."

Aga coward as she spoke.

"Hands off my cousin." Sophia spoke in a threatening tone that spelled their demise.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Aga screeched.

"Good." Sophia's face became neutral again, "Anyhow, I'll see you in a few days. Tell Nicky I said hi." She said and the computer screen shut off.

Sophia let go of another sigh as they turned to the door, they heard it open.

"Sophia! I got good news!" A young woman wearing a lab coat and carrying an iPad, grinned, "You got two full days off tomorrow!"

"Wait what?" Sophia blinked multiple times to make sure she was hearing things right.

"Yup! No appointments tomorrow and for the next two days, as well as no zoom meetings or anything else! You can finally relax!" The woman said excitedly as she walked over to her desk.

She handed Sophia the iPad and sure enough, scrolling through the planner app, she had today and next two, free of appointments.

"Iris...I can...relax?" Sophia whispered as she slowly looked up to her cousin.

"Yes!" Iris beamed, "I would take you shopping but considering we're in the middle of a global epidemic, sadly we can't."

"Do not worry." Sophia replies with a smile and half lidded eyes, "I'm moving some things to my new apartment, so I want to get that done first." She said as she looked over to two suitcases.

"Ah. That explained why they were here. What's in them anyway?" Iris asked as she tilted her head a bit.

"Well the red one has all my medical equipment for surgeries as well as my books. And the other one has my clothing and my violin." Sophia smiled softly.

"It's rare seeing you smile." Iris said, "Glad that you finally got your own place." She grins.

"Same. Anyhow, you should go home. I'll be going in a bit." Sophia said and turned back to her computer.

"Alright! But don't stay too late! Take care!" Iris says and waved goodbye as she walked out the door.

Sophia nodded as she turned her computer back on and couldn't help but look around her office.

It was the typical office for a doctor except this was her personal one. A desk made of maple wood stained black. The walls were a light blue color of aquamarine. Hanging on them were framed pictures of the human body as well as a few personal pictures. The wall behind her displayed her bachelors and master's degrees, which she was proud of. The windows had shutters which she closed. Her desk had few thinkers other than books and computers. She stood up, put her documents away, and went to her suitcases. She pressed the button to release the trolly handles and pulled them to leave. To others, pulling them people would think they were filled with bricks, but they were not. Like she said, they had her clothing, books, and such. She hummed a tune as she was outside, he clinched and locked the door.

"Hmm~ Hmm~ Reach for my hand, I'll soar away." Sophia sang softly as she pulled her suitcases.

She wonders what she should do for her next two days off. Sophia thought she could play Fire Emblem Three Houses all over again but then again, she already completed the game. Played all the routes, unlocked all the marriage proposals, as well as all the support conversations. Not to also mention she recently was listening to the soundtrack.

"Hmm...I haven't touched my 3Ds in a while." She thought.

Should she play Fates? Echoes? Or Awakening? Either one will do for her. Perhaps bake some sweets? She has been in the mood for flan as of lately. She continued walking down the sidewalk, a favorite hobby of hers during the night. Why? Because she lived in the bay area of California. The area she lived in was Santa Cruz, near the boardwalk. She loved walking through the sand at times as well as feeling the ocean water.

"Too bad we can't be at the beaches because of the virus. Sigh..." she sighs a bit, her eyes showing sadness despite her face had not emotions.

She stopped and stared out to the ocean, something she loved to do when she was lost in thoughts.

"I'll head to the shore rocks." Sophia muttered and turned the opposite direction she was originally going.

Carefully pulling her suitcases, she walked for around 10 minutes till she reached the flat shore rocks. She was a bit surprised to not see anyone there.

"Guess it's my lucky day." Sophia's voice held a bit of joy as she made her way near the edge.

She sat down; her suitcases next to her for some security. The waves crashed softly against the rocks. The place filled with the scent of sea salt as she felt a few specks of sea water on her feet. She had removed her shoes to keep them from getting soaked.

"Hmmmm~ Your scent, Your stories~" Sophia suddenly began singing, "Pieces of love are still all over my body~ my wish, my wish is just, Somewhere, I hope you are crying like me~" she sang.

At times when Sophia felt a bit out of it, she would sing. It has been a while since she sang, and it felt refreshing. Ever since the epidemic started, it's been so overwhelming. Nearly every single day there has been a rise in cases. She and her colleagues have seen so many people lose their lives and it hurt delivering the news to their loved ones. These past few months have been so stressful, and it was honestly a miracle she got two days off.

"I'm hungry." Sophia muttered and stood up, dusting herself.

Unfortunately, at that moment, the earth began to shake.

"Ahhh!" Sophia screamed and quickly hugged her suitcases tightly.

The ground began to shake harder; the woman grabbed her suitcases and began running as fast as she could with them. Unfortunately, she did not reach very far. As she ran, not caring that her lungs burned, the waves of the ocean rose higher and higher. The shadow loomed over her and Sophia's biggest mistake was turning her head. Her blood ran cold as she saw the giant wave of sea water. It almost looked like a hand. The girl screamed as she turned to run but unfortunately, like bricks, the water crashed down on her. The force was so strong, she tumbled in the water, desperately trying to swim to the surface for air. No matter what she did, it felt like the currents of the ocean kept dragging her back.

The water felt like icicles prickling her skins. Sophia kept desperately trying to grab onto something. Her throat burned; her eyes burned because of the salt in the sea. She managed to grab onto some sort of rock, the edges sharp. She could feel it cutting her flesh, but she didn't care. But luck likes to strike where it hurts.

"No!" Sophia mentally screamed as she saw something heading her way.

It hit her hard. Like hard enough to knock her unconscious, give her a bloody forehead. The woman's world went black. Her last memory was the grip of the ice-cold water all over her body.

- ? -

She was curled up in a ball. Hugging her knees yet she felt like she kept falling deeper and deeper into the darkness. She could hear the faint sound of water, yet it felt so cold. She wanted to be warm.


Shadow likes hands emerged from the darkness and crawled towards her. They wanted her. They needed her. She was afraid. She didn't want to feel cold again. She wanted to be warm.

"I want to be warm..."

She muttered softly as small bubbles left her lips. The shadows giggled and cackled as they were so close to wrapping around her yet, it never did. The shadows screamed and screeched as light green colored light began to surround the girl. Holding her gently, making her feel warm and safe. The girl stirred a bit yet smiled softly as a female figure took shape from the light. They cradled her in their arms like a born child.

"Little one. You've suffered so much. You have closed your heart in an iron maiden, afraid that you may be harmed."

They spoke softly to her. They fixed a strand of her hair, and gently held their right hand. They smiled softly.

"It is time. Write your own fate. For this is my final blessing. I give it to you."

They placed their hands over their chest, the girl glowed faintly. The girl was no longer cold. But it felt warm. The female figure smiled softly as she let go of the girl, letting her turn to dust.

"Now go. Write your path and help create a peaceful future."

- Unknown location -

"Hmm~ Hmm~ I wonder how Mustafa is doing?"

Along the seashore of the rocky land, a young man walked as he hummed a tune. A smile always on his face as he walked, yet also looking around. He wondered if there had been any news of war. The king of this nation theist for blood and approved raids and attacks on the other two nations. While he is quite excited to join, he might first work to get what he wants.

"Hmm?" He stopped when he noticed the crowd circling near the ocean shore.

They usually did that when they found something to eat but something did not feel right. Despite his eyes closed, he walked towards the direction of the circling crows. The closer he got, the more the wet sand made a squish sound. He stopped as he came upon the first thing. A strange colored box? With some sort of small miniature wheels.

"Strange." He muttered as he got closer and tried to pick it up.

"Ghhaa! Heavy as a boulder!" He couldn't even pick up the damn thing.

He panted and just to make his life easier, he used wind magic to make it float. The more he walked, the closer he got to his destination. He encountered another strange colored box. It was just as heavy as the other one, so he made it float. Another walk of three minutes and he arrived. He made the boxes land back onto the sand and stared.

"Are they alive?" He thought as he walked up to the body that lauded still on the sand.

The crows chirped at him and one of them pecked the person's knee. More specifically, the female. She had strange clothing that he had never seen before. Her hair was a deep midnight blue that was pulled back in a ponytail. Her bangs stopped just above her eyebrows. Her skin was a very light tan. She wore a strange white mage? Cloak. She wore plain pants, a light gray shirt. Her shoes he could tell were heels.

"Caw!" A crow clawed, catching his attention as it jumped on her chest, lightly pecking her forehead.

He noticed the nasty gash and finally realized her hands were cut.

"Shipwreck?" The boy muttered and looked around.

There was no evidence of boat debris, but it was possible.

"Hmm...welp, I wonder what fun you'll bring miss water nymph? Nyhaha!" He laughed to himself and managed to pick her up.

Despite looking like a stick, he was strong and was able to carry her. It was a long road to the village, but he should make it. Not to also mention that whatever those strange boxes are may belong to the woman he is carrying.


The land and forest in peace they are. The village entrance a few people were out doing a few things. While there was a tense atmosphere, not much could be done. Tensions between the nations seem to rise as the king of their land only wanted more bloodshed by attacking innocent civilians of those nations. A woman in her mid-30's let go of a sigh as she just returned from the forest. She managed to pick a good number of wild berries today as well as catch fish. As she walked, she noticed a familiar face.

"Oh Henry!" The woman smiled as she made her way to the gates, "How are y-gasp!" The woman gasped, covering her mouth.

She was shocked at the young girl in the boy's arms, injured.

"What happened?!" The woman screeched and the boy now known as Henry, shrugged.

"I don't know. Found her washed up at the shore. I thought she was a goner by how cold her body was but looks like she is alive!" Henry smiled as the woman shook her head.

"Well I am glad she is! Quickly, bring her to my home!" The woman said and Henry followed her.

"What are those things anyway?" She asked, referring to the floating boxes.

"I think they belong to her. Possibly she survived a shipwreck." Henry said as they arrived at the stone house, the woman quickly opened the door.

Inside the stone house was simple. A wooden table with four chairs. A stove made of mud and clay to cook. They made their way through the house to the second room, where an empty bed laid. Usually, Henry would stay in this room when he would visit the village but for now, it will be used by this guest.

"Set her down. Gently." The woman says and he does that, as well as placing the strange boxes at the corner of the room.

While that was being done, a young boy came in, holding a stuffed animal. The boy blinked and grinned.

"Henry you're back!" The boy ran up to him, "Who's the pretty lady? Is she your wife?" He asked.

"Dana!" The woman turned to him shocked while Henry chuckled, "She is a guest. She is hurt and we are helping her." The woman scolded the boy.

"It's alright Ahura. Still, I do wonder who our mystery lady is? She doesn't seem to come from Ylisse nor Ferox. I don't think she's from Valm. Her clothing is...far too different." Henry smiled as he used some healing on her forehead.

The gash healed itself quickly, the skin mending itself. It left a faint scar which could be easily hidden with her bangs.

"Now out you two!" The woman, Ahura, shoos the two males out, "I need to change her clothing and bandage her hands! She'll catch a cold at this rate! Now shoo!" And she closed the door shut.

"Aww! I wanted to see!" Dana whined and Henry laughed.

"Nyahahaha! Don't worry! You'll get to talk to Miss water nymph when she wakes up." Henry laughed.


A loud cough and gasping for air were heard in the room, making the two boys quickly turn back to the door.

"Ahura, is everything alright?!" Henry yelled and quickly opened the door.

The blue haired woman that he brought cough out water and Ahura quickly brought her a wooden bucket because it looked like she was going to vomit. The girl did and Henry quickly asked Dana to go back to the living room. As much as the boy was worried, he obeyed.

"Brugh!" The blue haired woman vomited and Ahura gently patted her back.

"There there. It's alright." The older woman whispered as she rubbed her back a bit.

The girl gasped for air and gulped, slowly turning her head to the woman.

"Thank...you..." she fell to her left and knocked out.

"Oh! Hold on dear!" Ahura panicked and Henry helped her pick the girl up, setting her on the bed.

"She's out cold. She'll wake up in a few days." Henry smiled.

"Sigh...poor girl...she looks like she went through hell. For now, go. I'm going to change her clothing. I think the old dress I used to wear should do." Ahura said and Henry nodded.

He left, closing the door behind. He had to admit, he was excited. This mystery lady felt strange. There was magic sleeping inside of her. The possible potential for her to be a mage should she wake up. Magic that was in a slumber that only needed to be awakened. Henry hummed a tune as he made his way out of the home, walking through the path of the village.

"Hey Henry!"

The white-haired mage turned to see one of the village farmers walk up to him.

"Saw you bring a young lass! She alright? Looks pretty bloody if you ask me." The farmer said as he looked up to the sky.

"Think she may be a victim of war? Or a spy?" They said.

"I don't think she's a spy. Her clothing didn't match any of the three countries nor Valm. She could be a traveler. Found her washed up in the ocean. Possible shipwreck. Pirates maybe killed her crew?" Henry chuckled.

"Gods, I hope not! Poor lass. I do wonder what Mustafa is going to say when he sees her. He should be coming back in a few days." The former sighs as they looked back to the sky, "War is only tearing apart this land. I wonder if we'll make it through the winter." They muttered.

- 1 Week Later -

For the past few days, Henry has come and gone from the village, hoping for miss little water nymph to wake up but she hasn't one bit. The lass looks like she is in a deep slumber, sleeping away. Her injuries have been healing steadily and seems whatever is sleeping inside of her wants to wake up. It's been a week and they haven't woken up at all. Henry was rarely impatient, but he wanted to talk to miss little water nymph. He originally was going to go through her belongings. Ahura said that it was rude to look through a lady's things. Currently, he walked beside Mustafa. The man had just arrived from the capital. He was a general in the army.

"I see...has the girl woken up yet?" The bulk of a man asked.

Mastafa was a huge man with tan skin, wore a dark red fur like button Cape. His shoulders were protected with armor in the shape of skulls with. He was a bald man with a beard. As for Henry, he was a man of white hair, light skin, wore dark mage robes with strange symbols. One his shoulder, was a crow.

"Not yet but I hope she does! I'm starting to grow a bit impatient!" Henry smiled and Mustafa let go of a sigh.

He was returning to his village for a short time to visit. When Henry told him about the strange girl he found, concern grew.

"Like I said, I don't think she's a spy and none of her clothing matched any of the three countries nor Valm. Looks like we have to wait till she wakes up." Henry said as they arrived at the village.

Small fast footsteps were heard, and the two men saw Dana running up to them.

"Welcome home Papa!" Dana yelled and jumped into his father's arms.

"Ahaha! I'm home Dana! You didn't cause your mother trouble now did you?" Mustafa asked and shook his head.

"No way Pa! I was a good boy!" Dana grins.

"What am I? I corpse?" Henry motioned to himself.

Mustafa was already used to Henry's dark humor by now.

"No. You're a skeleton." Dana stuck his tongue out at him.

"Oh! You wound me!" Henry pretended he was hurt, and the boy laughed a bit.

"Almost forgot! Miss Water nymph has woken up!" Dana said and at that, Henry quickly perked up.

"Well. Well."



Her head hurt. Her body hurt. Everything hurt. Her throat hurt. Her eyes stung. Her vision was blurry as she forcefully yet slowly made herself sit up.

"Where...?" Sophia muttered softly as her vision adjusted and she looked around.

The room she was in looked simple. A closet made of wood for clothing. A casemate style wooden window was opened. Red currents a bit open to allow some sunlight to come in. Sophia hissed and looked at her hands, they were bandaged. As she kept looking around, she suddenly felt a sharp pain on her head. Her eyes went wide as everything came crashing down at her. Her last memory was that there was an earthquake and the ocean suddenly rose up. She was hit by a tsunami and dragged her out to sea. She remembers the cold water as well as her struggling to try and survive. But the main question in her mind was, where was she? The fact that she is alive and survived would be considered a miracle. The door to the room opened and in came a woman in her mid-thirties.

"Oh! Thank goodness! You're awake!" The woman has short brown hair, tan skin and hazel eyes. Her clothing was a simple brown dress and boots.

"Hold on. I'll bring you something light to eat. Don't move so much. You still have bruises." The woman said and quickly left for the kitchen.

Sophia looked down at herself and realized her clothing had changed to a simple white gown. She heard the woman come back, carrying a tray of food. A bowl with a simple vegetable stew, a small plate with peaches cut, and a glass of water.

"Here you go." The woman sat at the edge of the bed, "This should help. And don't worry, I'm the one that changed you. You were drenched." The woman said.

Sophia was silent and tried to pick up the wooden spoon but winced at how painful it was.

"Need some help?" The woman muttered and as much as Sophia hates relying on others, she was in no condition to use her hands.

"Yes...please..." her voice was horse and the woman smiled sadly to her as she picked up the spoon.

"It's alright. I can tell you've had a rough time. My name is Ahura. This is my home." Ahura smiled softly as she fed Sophia the stew.

While Sophia didn't show any emotion, her eyes lit up at the taste of the stew.

"Delicious." She muttered and Ahura chuckled.

"Aww! Thank you, Lass! I make the best vegetable stew here in Farzad Village! Now eat up. Need your strength to properly talk and move." Ahura chuckled and a rare softly smile was on Sophia's lips.

"Thank you." Sophia muttered.

"It's alright. What is your name dear?" Ahura asked as she fed a peach slice to her.

"Sophia...Zunino...I..am...a..doctor." Sophia muttered a bit hoarsely but thankfully the woman was able to hear her.

"A doctor? Lass, what is someone like you doing all the way out here?" Ahura asked and right when Sophia was about to speak, the door opened.

Sophia tilted her head a bit as she saw three males come in. The first one was a little boy with tan skin, brown eyes and hazel colored hair. He wore a white shirt and black shorts.

"Miss Water Nymph! You're awake!" The boy grins and walks up to the edge of the bed, "Pretty eyes! They're like rubies and emeralds!"

"Dana be nice." Ahura said and the boy, Dana, pouted.

"Nyahaha! Don't worry about Dana too much!" Sophia looked up to the white-haired male.

"He looks familiar." She thought and looked over to the huge bulk of man.

"You seem to have recovered enough to talk." The man said and Sophia flinched a bit.

She was intimidated by how big he was. Mustafa noticed and his eyes softened a bit as he got the chair near the table and sat down.

"You remember anything? How did you get those injuries?" Mustafa asked carefully, referring to the cuts and bruises she had.

"I...was...near..the shore...then..there..was..an..earthquake." Sophia muttered softly since her throat still stung from all the screaming and water that went in, "Swept away..by..large wave."

"There has been an increase in earthquakes lately." Henry spoke, "It has just been affecting Plegia but also Ferox and Ylisse. So, it is possible. That explained why you were washed up at sea." He smiled.

"What?...Ple... gai...Ylisse...Ferox...what?" Sophia began to feel her heart rate increase by the second as the white-haired man spoke familiar words.

"Hmm? Miss you don't know?" Dana spoke, "You're in Farzad Village! It's near the coastal sea of Plegai!"

"No..no...that's impossible...Ple..gai...is just...a nation..in..fairytales!" Panic began to rise in her voice, emotions she rarely began to express began to show on her face.

Her breathing began to increase. It was obvious she was starting to hyperventilate.

"Dear calm down!" Ahura panicked as the girl breathing was becoming frantic.

Henry was amused. It was now clear this woman was not from any of the three countries, much less Valm. The way she is reacting meant she may be from a faraway land. The woman even went so far as saying that Plegai was a nation only fairy tales, ha! Amusing as it was seeing this girl in despair and panic, he needed more information.

"What's your na-ah. She passed out." Henry pouted a bit seeing that girl passed out cold.

She landed hard back on the bed and Mustafa looked over to his wife.

"She seems to be in a panic. Let her rest. Once she fully recovers, she should be able to speak properly." He said and noticed Henry walk over to the strange color boxes.

"She said her name is Sophia and that she is a doctor." Ahura muttered and looked over to her husband, worried.

"I don't think she's from the capital. And the name Sophia sounds foreign." Henry smiled as he may have found how to open the boxes.

"Boy what are you doing?" Mustafa asked as Henry barely managed to set the box down flat.

"If she claimed to be a doctor then might as well see if it's true. Wouldn't hurt to look through her belongings." The boy smiled as he pulled what looked like a lock. It made a strange zipping noise as he pulled it more, till fully opened. Pushing up the top like if it was chest, he smiled as he looked at the things in the chest.

"I don't think it is a good idea." Ahura said, unsure but her husband gave her a nod of reassurance.

Opening it, Henry felt like he hit a Jackpot. It was filled with books, as well as writing supplies, and one bag caught his attention. He opened it and inside were glass jars filled with herbs, some he had never seen before. Scalps of different varieties. Needles with a strange tube on them. Small white bottles that rattled. There seems to be some sort of pills in them. And other materials that looked like what an herbalist, mage or alchemist uses. Henry then picked up one of the books, it had a figure of a human skeleton and opened. He blinked multiple times.

"I can't read this." He said out loud and Mustafa looked at him surprised.

Henry stood up and showed him the book.

"This language is completely different from the one we know. Not even the books that Valm, Ferox and Ylisse have this language." Henry said as he went back to the case and looked through more books.

Some of them were in languages he had never seen before either. He put them back and quickly went to open the other one. To his disappointment, it was filled with clothing and Ahura smirked when he pulled up a small piece of clothing.

"Put her undergarments down!" The woman yelled and Henry quickly put it back, closing it.

"So, this confirms she is a scholar. A doctor like she said. But, could she be a noble?" Mustafa asked and Henry shook his head.

"I am not sure. We'll have to wait again till she wakes up." Henry answered and the group left the room.

During the time Sophia woke up, in a different country, called Ylisse, another tale began. A young tactician was found by a group of shepherds roaming the lands.

- Dream -

The water rippled softly as it seemed she was swinging through it. Despite before she felt the cold grip of it, this time it felt warm.

"Where am I going?" Sophia thought as she swam through the waves.

Her body was see through yet her eyes remained with colors. It was strange but somehow it felt comforting. There was light at the end of the tunnel she was swimming through and reached out towards it. The light blinded her a bit but suddenly she was in a giant city. People dressed similar to medieval times as they walked around, bustling. The place looked happy, filled with smiles and joy.

"Where am I?" Sophia thought as she looked around, but her body seemed to move in a specific direction.

The closer she got; she could hear voices. Two male voices and two female ones.

"C-Chrom..I mean. Prince Chrom! Sire! Forgive my dreadful manners!"

"Just Chrom is fine. I've never been much for formalities."

Sophia felt her heart freeze as she made her way closer to the group.

"It can't be..." she took a step back as she saw the group still talking.

"The princess and princess...That explains why Frederick tolerates all the teasing, eh?" A young woman with silver colored hair in two pigtails, ruby colored eyes.

She wore a long dark black coat with a bit of gold on it. Q cream colored shirt with the same colored baggy pants with brown boots. Next to her was a young girl who looked about 16 or 17 years of age. She has light blonde hair that was tied up in two high pigtails. She wore a headband of wool like buttons. Her dress was soft yellow. A brown corset she wore, and the hoop of her dress is made of metal. Her apron was like a maid because of the ruffles. She also held a staff. The blonde girl snickered as they turned to a man wearing armor.

"Indeed. Oh, the sacrifices I make for the good of the realm..." the man in armor sighs.

He wore a blue metal armor that reminded Sophia of an armor knight. As big and bulky as it looked, he walked comfortably in it. The man has brown hair combed back a bit and stren brown eyes.

"It looks like Emm is returning to the palace. Would you like to meet her?" The one man, in all his glory, Chrom.

He has dark deep blue hair, blue colored eyes, a long Cape that was a bit torn. He had a metal shoulder plate on his right shoulder. On his waist, was stepped on the Legendary sword, Falchion. And on his left arm, the brand of Naga.

"This can't be real...this can't be real..." Sophia began to mutter repeatedly as she watched the group walk away.

They were chattering among each other as they walked through the town, yet Robin felt like she was being watched. No, she senses the presence of someone familiar. Someone she felt safe with. Sophia panicked a bit and it only worsened when Robin suddenly stopped and turned her way.


At that moment, the dream ended, and Sophia returned back to her body.



"Robin, is everything alright?" Chrom said as he saw his friend suddenly stop and turn to look down the pathway.

Robin was silent as she kept staring to the location. She saw ruby green colored eyes filled with panic before they disappeared. The name Sophia left her lips. It was foreign name yet it felt so familiar for some reason.

"Yes. I just thought I saw someone I knew. My mistake." Robin smiled softly and quickly ran to catch up to the group.

- 1 month later -

"Not again..." Sophia muttered as she felt her eyes open once more and just prayed to all the Fire Emblem gods that she was just in a dream.

But no. She woke up the same place she did before. Her vision adjusted once more and she sat up, this time no longer in pain. Sophia carefully raised her hands, opening and closing them to make sure they worked properly. Her hands felt a bit numb, but the movement allowed a proper blood flow to return to them. Carefully she moved her legs off the bed and tried to stand up.

"Ngh!" She unfortunately tumbled down and began muttering curses.

If she could not walk, it meant she must have fallen asleep for a long time. Hopefully not for 5 years like certain mercenaries. At that moment, the door to the room opened and a gasp was heard.

"Goodness dear! Hold on!" It was the woman named Ahura.

The older woman quickly ran to her side and helped her stand up. Sophia felt her legs weak.

"One step at a time..." Ahura reassured her and the baby steps they took till they reached the bed.

Sophia sat down and hissed. Gods, she hates being bedridden.

"You've been asleep for nearly a month. Do not rush yourself." Ahura muttered and Sophia nodded.

"Thank you." Sophia muttered.

"It's alright. I'm glad you are awake. I was starting to get worried you entered a magic comatose." The older woman sighs as handed the girl a glass of water.

Sophia gladly gulped down and handed her the cup, thanking her once more.

"Umm...Could you...tell me where I am?" Sophia asked as the woman helped her put her feet back onto the bed.

"First, let's get you something to eat."

Indeed, Ahura got up and got her a light vegetable stew like before. This time, Sophia was able to eat herself. She listened to the older woman explain to her about the three countries and a bit of their history. Which, by the way Sophia already knew about but needed time to confirm it. Ahura also explained to her that the one that found her was Henry, a Plegai Dark Mage that works in the capital. He often comes to visit the village when the leader, you guessed, her husband, General Mustafa of Plegai, is away in the army.

"I'm going to be crying in silence tonight." Sofia thought as the woman finished talking.

"By the way, what's your story? How did you end up here in Plegai? I wish I could say you came during peaceful times but with the way The Mad King runs things...sigh..." Ahura sighs.

"I am doctor. I come from a country beyond the sea. It is called the United States." Sophia explained as she took another spoonful of stew, "The clothing I was wearing, it may not look like it, but I was a commoner also. I worked through grueling hours of studies and...other harsh things to reach where I am now. As a thank you, I more than happy to help you and the others in the village if anyone gets sick." Sophia said, despite her face not showing emotion, her eyes did.

"I see. Thank you." Ahura smiled sadly to her, "Now rest for now. I think you should be able to walk in a few days." Ahura smiled and Sophia nodded.

It felt nice spending the next few days talking to Ahura. Sophia, despite her face being a black piece of cardboard, her eyes showed emotions when she would speak to the older woman. She was able to speak with Dana, who she learned is her son. Sweet boy reminded the blue haired woman of her own younger siblings. But during the night, Sophia would silently cry herself to sleep, not even letting a sob escape her lips.

"I don't think I could go home..." Sophia muttered one night.

Reality was a cruel thing when realization began to crash down. The weight of it fell onto her light those raging waves. So, any questions she had about how she ended up here. And Plegai of all places. But then again, she is in a village. Part of her is glad because she really doesn't want to get involved in fighting. Much less a war or killing people. She is a doctor. She saves lives. But she needs to also be realistic.

"I can't sleep." Sophia groans as she sits up and thankfully, she can walk properly again.

Ahura has been helping her with physical therapy, which Sophia explained what it was. The older woman was impressed, and it was adorable seeing Dana cheer her on. Sophia stood up carefully and put the blanket over herself like if it was cloak. She unfortunately had the habit of walking silently, making no noise whatsoever. A skill she learned when she was younger for various reasons. Walking through the home, she could see Ahura and Dana sleeping together in the room across from her. She was silent as she walked out the house, closing the door behind her.

"Huh...The sky.. it's so much clearer.." Sophia muttered as she looked up to the night sky.

For her, walking around at night was a habit. Something about the pathway being lit up by the moon always felt comforting.

"I haven't seen a clear night sky like this in years..." Sophia muttered as she continued to walk and noticed she was near the edge of the forest.

The grass was nice, and she couldn't help but sit down. She looked up once more to the night sky, yet tears didn't fall. She wanted to cry. She needed to cry, but Sophia couldn't bring herself to do it.

"This is my reality. And I highly doubt the outrealm gate is still intact. It's been nearly 3,000 years...change in geography. Movement of clans and all. I do wonder if there are legends of Norh and Hoshido. Hmm..Can I learn magic? Will I have to kill? Shit, I hope I don't have to." Sophia grumbled and laid down on the grass.

Her hands behind her head, her left knee up as she places her right leg on it, crossing it. Staring up to the sky, a rare small smile appeared on her lips.

"The sky is clear...I missed nature." Sophia muttered and closed her eyes.

"On an ocean of stars,

Lo an angel they see.

Untouched by the war

That they waged."

The wind blew softly as the woman sang. The forest animals stopped their small chirps as they listened. Unknown to her, small little creatures with wings listened.

"(That song...I haven't heard that song since the age of Mila and Duma.)" One of the little ones spoke in an unknown language to their own kind.

"(Shh! Let us listen!)" Another whispered back.

"Lay low by their scars,

A people wounded by free

Seek what lies

Beyond this dark age.

The seasons they turn

Winter to spring

Dulling the pain and

Erasing the sting

The seasons turn

Summer to fall

Time's warm embrace

Begins to heal all

On the wild, at first light

The jasper lion will run

Hark an anthem he drums

Can you hear?

The people fresh from the night

Rise and listen as one

The land that they were promised

Is near

Sophia slowly opened her eyes, finishing the song. Unknown to her, they glowed a bit however...

"!" She never expected someone to be looking down at her face.

"Why hello there!" A closed eye smile that had too much cheerfulness in it, Henry.

The little creatures quickly flew away because a certain mage was present.

"My you must really like my face." Were the first words out of Sophia and the boy just laughed as he moved, allowing her to sit up.

"Nyhahaha! Don't think those be the first words you say Miss Water Nymph!" Henry smiled as she sat across from her and the woman turned his way.

"Everyone has been calling me that. Is it because you found my cold corpse near the beach that you are surprised it's still breathing?" Sophia muttered as she propped her elbows on her thing, resting her cheek on her hand.

"Oh! Not bad describing yourself! Yeah, I thought you were a corpse when I found you." Henry chuckled, "You're speaking to me so casually."

"Well, this is how I usually am. Names Sophia. I'm a doctor." Sophia said bluntly and Henry grinned.

"Names Henry. Now, since we're speaking so casually..." he opened his eyes, just a tad bit, "Who are you Miss Water Nymph, named Sophia? You aren't a Yilesse spy, now are you?"

Sophia could feel the hidden killing intent hidden in that smile. She needed to play her cards right since she knows Henry's history.

"I should be honest." Sophia thought and spoke.

"Well, like I said my name is Sophia. I am a scholar and doctor. I come from a land beyond the sea called the United States of America." She explained the first part.

Simple and clean. She hates dragging things out and wasn't the type to be into a lot of conversations.

"I never heard of this United States of America. Ugh. Handful to say." Henry smiled.

"Just call it the USA. It's a pain in the ass anyway to say the whole damn name." Sophia bluntly said and Henry laughed.

"For a lady you sure have a sailor's mouth." Henry laughed.

"I've been told that often. Besides, if I didn't have a sailor's mouth, I would be a corpse displayed on a wall where I live. Gotta have words to turn to daggers to deal a killing blow." Sophia comments and Henry laughed.

"Agree! After all, give a man a match, and he'll be warm for a few hours. Set a man on fire, and he will be warm for the rest of his life." Henry said and there was complete silence.

Crickets could be heard. Henry was used to it. After all, normal people don't laugh at his j-

"Pfft." Sophia could help but let a snicker escape and it suddenly became a laugh, "Hahahahaha! I haven't had a laugh like this in years!"

She rarely showed emotions and she really showed them when dark humor was involved. Henry couldn't believe what he was seeing. There was someone out there who was into dark humor like him.

"I got one!" Sophia grinned, "One man's trash is another man's treasure. Wonderful saying, horrible way to find out you were adopted." She said.

"...pfffft! Ahahahahahaha! Oh Gods! That was horrible and funny!" Henry laughed loudly as he held his stomach.

"I like you. I think you and I are going to get along just fine." Henry grins, "So, tell me about your job? Do you get to cut people open? Sew skin together? Lots of blood?" Excitement in his voice as he asked that.

"Okay, one I am part surgeon, so I have seen all of that." Sophia sighs, "And two, I don't just cut people open because I want to!" She glared.

"Hahahah! Well you still open people up!" Henry smiled, "Say, what's your country like?"

"Well," she thought for a moment as she tapped her index finger on her chin, "Well, there is no magic where I live. We have more advanced knowledge and technology that allow us to live normal lives with no magic at all." Sophia explained.

"What? That's impossible." Henry frowns, "Are you saying magic doesn't exist in your country? And are you able to live perfectly normal lives without? That's..." he smiled, "Absolutely fascinating!"

"But I do find it strange. I am able to sense some sort of magic in your body." He pointed to her chest, "Magic flows in your veins."

"Hahaha, very funny." Sophia sighs "That should be impossible."

"Wanna bet?" Henry smiled and Sophia shivered.

"No. I feel like my body will explode if I make a bet with you." She says and he laughed.

"Fine then. Let's make a deal." Henry smiled, "If you can use magic, I teach you how to properly use it." He grins.

"But I know you wouldn't just teach out of the good in your heart. What's the catch?" Sophia as she crossed her arms under her chest.

"You teach me about your own knowledge. I say...you seem to know a lot of interesting things." He licked his lips a bit.

"Fine. But another condition." She raised her finger, "I can't read the language of this land. Teach me it and I will teach you the language of my land. I can tell you want to read my books." She says and Henry chuckled.

"I do. Your strange tools are also so interesting." Henry smiled at her.

"I feel I'm making a deal with the devil." Sophia thought.

"So, deal? By the way, do you even have a place to live? Money?" He asked and then that came crashing down her too.

"Shit!" Sophia cursed, "I don't want to trouble Ahura, Dana, and Mustafa with me staying with them. I already caused enough trouble with me sleeping for a month." She pulled her hair a bit.

"There's an old abandoned cottage in the forest no one wants. You could live there. By the way, I'll help you repair it in exchange you show me more things." He smiled and Sophia nodded.

"Fine. Deal." She extended her hand to him.

"You made the right choice." Henry smiled as he stood up, "Now better take you back. Don't want Ahura to panic." He extended his hand to her and she took it, the two sealing their deal.

The two chatted as they walked back to the village, a few things here and there. Sophia decided to tell a few stories of her home to satisfy Henry's interest. Meeting Henry for the first time, she admits, she was intimidated. Of course, she never said out loud for obvious reasons. Surprisingly, she gets along well with him.

"Well, we've arrived." Henry turned back to her as they arrived back to the house, "I'll be sleeping on the couch by the way. And I do recommend speaking to Mustafa tomorrow. I think he'll let you stay here in the village." He explained.

"I will. And thank you." Sophia smiled softly.

"Huh. I can tell you don't show emotions much, so I'll say this is a rare smile I see." Henry grins as he goes in.

"I rarely smile." Sophia thought as she told him good night and went to the room, she was staying in.

She was silent as she closed the door and stared at her suitcases. She walked to the pink colored one where her clothing was and opened it. All her clothing was in there and she moved it. Underneath the pile, was her violin along with a small jewelry box she inherited from her grandmother. It held so much meaning to her and held close to her chest, letting the tears she was holding back once more fall.

"This is my reality...I need to adapt.." she whispered.

Hopefully tomorrow, the day will be better.

Chapter 1: Crashing Through the Waves


Welcome to my new story! This story will take place on the Plegai side of the war. I hope you all are looking forward to it. More on Sophia will be revealed in the future. She eventually will meet the Shepherds.

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