Just wanted to tell you guys that you are loved. You may not know or feel like it, but there is someone out there who genuinely cares about you. No real reason for saying this so don't worry about something happening to me or anything, I just wanted to slip in a little positive message in one of my less popular stories real quick.

Onyx slowly came to, not sure what was happening. Everything was blurry, and his hearing was muffled. He raised a hand to his forehead and realized his mask was missing, but it didn't bother him as much as it should've. As feeling returned to his body, he realized he was lying on his back on a surprisingly soft mattress. Then he noticed the weight on his chest. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and got a better look at what it was, and was very surprised to see a scantily clad girl with cat ears in her underwear lying on top of him, her arms wrapped around his neck and sleeping peacefully. He looked further down and realized the bottom part of her panties had been pushed to the side slightly, as well as the fact that she had a soft tail that was currently curled around his leg.

He tried to move but was still too tired, and considering his position, he wasn't sure he wanted too. Then he remembered where he was, and his senses came flooding back. His hearing returned fully, and he realized the girl was softly purring, as well as the fact that his soft member was still inside of her. He looked to his right and saw on the floor his clothing and gear in a pile, as well as some Hyena stuff next to it. He looked around and he was in a room that looked like it belonged more in a brothel than anything the Hyenas would have set up in the House. He once again pressed his hands to his head and groaned as he began to remember what'd happened.


Onyx walked into the nearest room, the one he thought was the bar. And he was right, as he had to duck under a sailing bottle as it smashed against the door, drunken laughter following close behind. The floor was covered in empty bottles and shot glasses, quite a few broken to some degree. He sat at the bar, the bartender being a large man, larger than Onyx. He spotted him from the other end of the bar and smiled. Without even asking him what he wanted, he grabbed a bottle full of a green liquid that he could've sworn was glowing before pouring some in a shot glass and bringing it to him.

"Drink." He said, placing the glass in front of him.

"What is it?" Onyx asked, no small amount of suspicion in his mind.

"If you can down it without vomiting it back up, you've earned your right to drink here." As he said this, a couple people gathered around and started chanting.

"Drink! Drink! Drink!" They said. Now with an audience, Onyx wasn't about to back down from the challenge. He picked up the glass, shrugged, and lifted his mask enough to down it in one go. He immediately reeled as it felt like he'd just downed a shot of bleach and wood alcohol, and it burned like acid on the way down. He could feel it's agonizing descent down his esophagus and into his stomach, where it sat. He slammed his fist on the bar and everyone watched with bated breath while he worked to keep it down. Eventually he gasped for breath once he was confident it would stay, and smiled as he looked at the bartender.

"Another!" He shouted, the people watching cheered as the large man laughed and poured another shot for him. If he had to be here, he might as well make an impression.


Onyx struggled to stay standing in the shooting range, his gun in hand. He finally managed to suppress his drunkenness enough to get a proper look at the targets. Someone, he couldn't remember their name even as they stood directly next to him, had bet he couldn't hit three targets in a row, given his inebriated state. Onyx, naturally, told him he could hit five targets without missing, no problem.

The targets scarecrows were burlap sacks over their heads tied to poles, and Onyx could've sworn he saw them moving, but he just attributed that to whatever the fuck was in the bartender's drink. He raised the pistol he'd borrowed from the better and took aim. After a solid thirty seconds of staring at them, he thought "Fuck it", and let off five rapid shots. Each one hit their marks straight in the head, winning him the bet. He heard someone shout something and the better let out an impressed whistle as he handed Onyx a stack of Lien.

What was weird was he thought he saw the spots he shot begin darkening, but he was too distracted by the alcohol and his winnings to care. He stuffed the Lien in his pocket and handed the gun back to the man before stumbling off to do something else.


There was a loud cheer as Onyx tossed a man over a table, breaking it and knocking him out cold. Another one jumped onto his back and he grabbed him by the shoulders before throwing him over, the crowd parting as he hit the wall and slumped over, unmoving but still breathing. Onyx was about to cheer until he felt a blade hit his arm. It sliced through his arm, due to the rules of the fight being no Aura or Semblances, just a brawl, but the alcohol numbed the pain completely.

He knocked the man back before ripping out the knife and stabbing him in the leg. As he yelled in pain, he kicked him in the face, his head rebounding off the wooden floor hard and taking him out. He looked around at the small, impromptu arena and took in the sight of the six or seven unconscious brawlers who'd challenged him. Even while drunk as shit, he could still fight.

As he went to leave and find something else to do, one of the Hyenas, a cat Faunus judging by the tail, grabbed his wrist and began dragging him off somewhere as someone else shouted something at them he couldn't quite make out and laughed.

"C'mon big guy, I've got something real special for you." She said, the tone in her voice being something he just couldn't put his finger on, but he went along with it.


The girl bounced on his cock with her hands on his chest, letting out cute cat-like moans while she smiled, his dick slamming deep inside of her. He had his hands on her hips, feeling the fabric of her lace underwear and grunting as he counter-thrusted, her tail wrapped around his waist.

"Fuck yeah, fucking give it to me!" She yelled, riding him harder. She crooned her arms behind her head, giving him a great look at her cleavage, and opened her mouth to let her tongue hang out still smiling. Eventually she collapsed on top of him, wrapping her arms around him and capturing his mouth with hers, content to let him thrust inside of her. Eventually she came, the contractions pushing him over the edge, and she sighed happily as he filled her up.

He lightly scratched her ears as she fell asleep on top of him, the last thing he heard was her sweet purring before he too passed out.


Onyx went to posh the girl off of him, but she held on tightly, in more ways than just her arms.

"Mmm, warm." She mumbled, snuggling deeper into him. He could feel himself getting hard again, so he knew he had to go before she woke up and made him stay for round 2. He managed to push her off without waking her up, her hands now under the pillow. He got his clothes on and got his gear together. He realized his mask wasn't there before realizing it was just on the nightstand.

Looking back at the girl, he admired her nice rear and figured "What the hell", before finding a pen and some paper, writing down his Scroll number along with a message inviting her for round 2 the next time he was able, left it in the place of his mask and exited the room.

He exited out into a fairly long hallway with multiple other rooms lining the wall. Out of curiosity, he peeked inside one and saw another pair in a similarly compromising position he and the unknown cat Faunus had been in. Thing is, they were both also Hyenas, if the pair of gas masks propped up against each other on the floor was any indication. He walked down the hall to the exit, and left into the courtyard of the House. This was when he noticed it was the middle of the night and it was dead quiet.

"Guess these guys take their sleep seriously." He mused to himself. He quietly krept to the front of the House, stepping over unconscious Hyenas with care so as not to wake them. When he passed through the bar, he was surprised to see the only person in there was the bartender, whistling to himself while picking up broken glass with his bare hands. He briefly looked up at him and nodded with a smile before going back to cleaning up.

He got to the door and noticed the guard fast asleep in his chair, his head leaned back and snoring loudly. And next to him, propped up against the wall with a sticky note and a smiley face, was the rifle he'd gotten from Nox along with the ammo for it. Not even bothering to question it, he picked it up along with the darts, slung it over his shoulder and left the House.

He breathed in the cool night air before suddenly remembering something. He quickly pulled his Scroll out and saw he had 10 missed calls and numerous texts, all from Mason. The texts were asking where he was, progressively becoming more panicked as time went on, the last one having been minutes before he'd woken up with the Faunus chick. Feeling bad for making his friend panic, he quickly shot him a text saying he was fine and had just had way too much to drink and was on his way back. Mason immediately responded.

Good, I thought Nox had done something and was gonna contact Junior in the morning. Come back, I'll probably be asleep by then.

Onyx sent an ok and got in his car, starting it and beginning the drive back home.


Nox looked over the party from his office window, seeing Onyx hitting five of their target practice dummies in one go with a pistol. He chuckled at the display before his attention was drawn to a knock on the door.

"Who of you calls for my attention?" He yelled through the door, and his question was answered when it opened and three people who hadn't visited him before walked in, the lead woman baring a cocky grin on her face while the other dark skinned girl looked disgusted, and the boy looked like he wanted to join his gang in their revelry. Nox let out an exaggerated gasp before addressing them.

"Ms. Fall, what a pleasure to have you here in person!" Her smirk dropped immediately upon him revealing he knew her. "Oh don't give me that look, it would be rather… unprofessional of me to not know you. Although I don't recognize the girl." He said as he eyed up the green haired girl, disliking not knowing who she was. Cinder shook her head of the shock before reaching into a pocket and pulling out a picture.

"I need you to tell me everything you know about this girl." She said, and he took the picture.

"Oooh, I'd like to pick that daffodil." He said as he looked at the picture of the young girl with black and red hair, a large scythe and a pair of silver eyes. The girl once again reacted, pulling a face of disgust while the other two didn't really care. "Oh I know her alright, but what are you willing to pay for such… ludicrous information?" His LED eyes turned to Lien signs and looked at her, waiting.

"I can pay you 10,000 Lien for the information. Any more, and I might as well track it down myself." A spinning loading icon popped up on his mask as he thought about it, before it returned to normal and he offered a handshake.

"You've got yourself a bargain! Just a handshake to seal the deal." He said. Cinder was reluctant to touch the man, even as he straightened the tie of his slightly disheveled suit. She eventually gave in and reached out to shake his hand, but as soon as she touched him, his mask went blank and he stood as still as a statue. She looked confused for a moment before the mask came back to life.

"Lovely!" He shouted before sitting back in his chair, leaning back and steepling his fingers. "Now let me tell you everything about our little Beacon Reaper." He said, a large cheshire grin slowly spreading across the mask.

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