Authors Note: I added on to another story ("I Am Chaos" by Prince Mikhael) and took elements from the fanfiction ( " Water Hemlock" by Aquamarine Stag) {just the part about Fey Folk}, copyrights to Loki goes to Marvel - all that belongs to me is Heliconia.

She always did have a dangerous kind of intuition. She supposes, however, that it is only to be expected of someone like her. A royal of the Fey folk, and the heir. Her species is regarded as the most savage and heartless, but the most beautiful. So it is no surprise that their crown princess could be regarded as the very embodiment of their species. Her beauty, for one, is staggering. She is slender, with unnervingly high cheekbones and ink-black hair. But her eyes are her most arcane trait, being phosphorescent green, the very color of death. So it is a surprise when she happens to witness a young boy, hardly a few centuries younger than her, trick an entire crowd of politicians- making them believe a lie that was so obnoxiously false that it made her almost burst out in peals of delighted laughter. And so, young yet, but with a soul that has lived three lives already, she quietly follows him. This continues for days, and she learns much about him. He is of royal blood, she ascertains quickly, but it surprises her that he is an Aesir. The Asgardians are notorious for their idiotic tendencies, but he behaves in such a different way that just thinking about the differences made her get a head pain, and she quickly realizes that he is in no way an Aesir, but a Jotun. His markings(which she could see under the ridiculous false skin Odin forced Loki to wear) indicated he was born into the house of Laufey, and if that didn't surprise her she didn't know what could. After all, Odin and Laufey's mutual dislike for each other was legendary, so she was clueless as to why the Allfather would take Loki. With that, she dives into the archives of her royal lineage- her parents could care less as to why- but, they care little for her either way. The house of Odin is difficult to find accurate information about, but she reminds herself that it is better than attempting to find accurate information about the house of Zeus- crazy inbred bastards they are- but, eventually, nearly 3 years after she first met the Jotun prince of Asgard, she knows all that she ever will about Loki. The tale of Jotunheim's fate because of Odin saddens her greatly, but she also can tell that her Loki is not fully Jotun, due to the standing facts that he was so small in comparison to other frost giants, and the fact that he looks more like a male version of her than a Jotun. Yet she knows not of which other race he belongs to. And it is just her luck that her parents have grown so bored with the " loathsome King Oddball" that they have decided to hoist her upon the seat of the diplomat for the upcoming solstice feast in Asgard, leaving her with free rein to terrorize politicians and nobility. Not that her people usually attend these brainless feasts, mind you. Therefore, for an entire week, she delights and dazzles the nobility of the other realms, all while elevating her own people in the eyes of others and keeping an observant eye on Loki. Thus, it surprises her not when Odin confronts her in a hall, not so subtly demanding answers from her about her motives, and, being the delightful being she is, she answers question upon question - Yes she is aware that she is hardly a fit diplomat, hardly being at her coming of age - No, she is not plotting to overthrow Asgard. Consequently, she leaves with a charming smile on her face after noticing the frustration obvious in the Allfather's eyes. She only realizes that her favorite Jotun is following her ( much like she did to him all those years ago- the irony is not lost on her) when his obnoxious brother- and really, this is the crown prince?- confronts him about a most spectacular prank that was so obviously something her Loki would do that it hurt her to witness. But, just like all those years ago, he effortlessly displayed a lie as a truth and set his brother on the wrong path. It is then that she realizes that Loki, her darling Loki, is of her species- a Wild Fey- for there is nothing else he could be ( she really should have seen this earlier- dear Gaia he looks so much like a Fey). Biting back a giggle as she watched the fairer haired brother depart, she spoke softly,

" Oh, what tangled webs we weave, when we first practice to deceive"

She delightfully laughs as he responds,

"My fairest lady, I know not what you mean."

Thoughtfully observing him, she tilted her head to the side as the tangled threads of fate sang to her, expressing things to be, things that were, things that are, and things that would have been. Making her decision, she says,

" Come my little spider, let me speak to you of tangled webs and how to avoid getting caught in them."

"Why should I trust you?"

" My true name is Heliconia- ( she watches as his eyes go wide, after all, the true name of a Fey was a weapon of its own, given by Yggdrasil itself- showing just what you were dealing with- you would be hard-pressed to find a Fey that gave his real name; hers shows that she is a lover of the arts- but it also showed that she was someone who made people believe something untrue ) but you may call me Vana."

" Why me?"

"Why you, indeed"

Over the centuries, they grow close, evolving from a mentorship to a romance, and, as she learns more about his adoptive family, she is hardly surprised when she discovers his first act as a true spider, and later, when they together move to Loki's ( or his birth name- Loptr) birth realm, Jotunheim, she discovers that what he was to be if he never met her- the God of Mischief and Trickery- he was, instead- the God of Chaos. She, herself- after meeting- and saving- the royal family of Asgard from Amora and her minions, was crowned the Goddess of Politics and Victory. Years later, she and her Loptr became the heads of the royal monarchies of the Wild Fey and the Jotuns. But, Vana thinks, she supposes that she should have known this was going to happen in the first place, after all, she always did have a dangerous kind of intuition.