A story that plays with Mary Jane's original appearance in season one of Marvel's Spider-Man, and has her become the third person in New York to develop spider-powers. This story continues from the season one episode Venom and has Mary Jane become Spider-Man's second ally after Miles Morales.

Marvel's Spider-Woman

Chapter 1 - Something New, Something Different

Friday night in New York City. It was the last game of the year between Midtown High School and Truman High School. The seats were packed, stadium brightened the entire field, and the crowd cheered as the Football Players made their grand appearance.

Time to get your game face on Watson! Mary Jane Watson grabbed the head of the Midtown Tigers mascot and put it on to complete the costume. She followed the cheerleaders out onto the field, waving to the crowd as they made their way to the cheer section.

Flash Thompson gave her a high and said to her, "get this crowd pumping Mary Jane!"

Mary Jane heard Flash began a conversation with someone else soon after but didn't pay attention until she heard someone say, "Go get'em, Tiger!"

That voice... She turned around, and underneath the mascot costume, her face beamed at the unexpected person in the seats.

Peter Parker.

Mary Jane remembered meeting him when Mr. Salmero asked Peter to help her science class. Likewise, she helped Peter with history. She could remember how everyone told her to beg Mr. Salmero for another tutor. Peter had a reputation for being a flake...and a geek...and just plain weird. When asking about his friendship with Harry Osborn everyone would say that he's just taking pity on Parker. Mary Jane found out for herself that despite Peter's faults he was a kind and intelligent person. Honestly, those qualities are what made Peter unique from everyone else.

The two never did get to hang out that much after their tutoring sessions. That was around time Max Modell came to Midtown High to recruit students for his school, Horizon High. Peter transferred to Horizon High right off the bat after his saving of Midtown High's auditorium from a fire caused by a machine belonging to one of the Horizon students impressed Modell. At least Peter knew what he wanted to do with his life, and now that he was at Horizon High, a stem school, he will be ready for his future career as a scientist. Engineer? Whatever he wants to do after college. Mary Jane was still trying to figure out what she wanted to do after high school. Most of her friends would just say it's just their first year, or they haven't thought that far ahead. Mr. and Mrs. Watson would tell her that whatever she decides to do they would support her one hundred percent.

Maybe we could catch up after the game, Mary Jane mused as she began her fancy moves alongside two other cheerleaders. She did take a few glances back at Peter when she could. He was focusing on his tablet rather than watching the game. Maybe he was looking up football terms? Turning back to the field, Mary Jane could see Flash running with the ball in an attempt to break through Truman's defenses and reach the goal. A Truman player tackled him—

—and Flash was...bleeding. No, blood isn't black...and it doesn't wrap around a person like a cocoon.

Oh my god… Mary Jane moved away from the field with the two cheerleaders as Flash turned into some kind of monster. Some kind of monster version of Spider-Man.

Speaking of Spider-Man, he suddenly appeared and told everyone to get back as he confronted Flash or whatever that thing is. He gave a quick punch across the jaw, and the creature grabbed by the head and slammed him into the ground. Despite how much that should have hurt, Spider-Man bounced back up in no time.

Then a student from the stands pressed their blow horn, and it appeared to hurt the creature. Spider-Man shot a web; it whipped right past Mary Jane and reached for a blow horn.

"Everyone, all at once!" Spider-Man ordered.

Mary Jane grabbed a blow horn of her own and blew it to some dance steps to get everyone to join in. It worked! Everyone's blow horns managed to knock that creature off of Flash. Spider-Man went to see if he was okay. But the danger wasn't over. The creature crawled toward three Truman Football players and possessed them as it had done to Flash.

Faculty evacuated the students, and the cheerleaders and players ran to the locker rooms.

"Did you hear what happened at the Football game Friday night?"

"Yeah, I heard some monster possessed Flash and three dudes from Truman High."

"I heard rumors the monster came from Horizon High."

"I wouldn't be surprised if that was true. That guy in charge of the school and Parker were there last night. Probably tried to ruin our game since all they have is some nerdy baseball team."

That was the latest gossip going around after how Friday night's football was unfortunately canceled. Apparently, that creature was originally an experiment that belonged to Horizon and it somehow got onto Flash at the Stark Expo (which everyone is still surprised he won for Midtown High by the way). After Spider-Man had taken care of everything, Mr. Salmero and Max Modell cleaned up the field with the help of Spider-Man and Flash. Speaking of Flash, he appeared to be okay after what happened last night.

Mary Jane never expected anything like that to attack Midtown High. Besides the Vulture guy...and that robot that attacked Midtown a few days after the Vulture guy. Stuff like this usually happens at Horizon. No supervillains would be interested in an ordinary high school-like Midtown. Though it would give everyone something to read about in the school paper, Mary Jane thought.

"Well look who it is, Puny Parker!"

Mary Jane peeked from her locker to see three guys blocking Peter's path.

"Come on guys, I was just returning Mr. Salmero's equipment," Peter explained.

This wasn't the reunion Mary Jane had in mind, but Peter didn't deserve to get treated rudely for a quick visit.

"Ouch!" There was a spider on Mary Jane's hand. She flicked it away and noticed a red bump on her hand, "gross."

She turned back to where Peter and the bullies were at to see Peter walking away from Flash. Though she tried to catch up to him, the final school bell rang for the day and the sea of students slowed her down before she made it over there.

"Hey Mary Jane, you just missed tiny tutor over there," Flash smiled, "had to get a couple of guys off of his back."

"You were actually saving Peter?" Mary Jane asked with a little humor in her tone. "I remember when you picked on Peter yourself."

"Well for a scrawny little egghead Parker's alright. He helped me ace Mr. Salmero's test last week too."

"I just wish he could have stayed a little longer," Mary Jane admitted, "or at least visit Midtown High more often."

"I don't see why he would want too. He's at nerd haven over at Horizon and actually has a group of friends now."

"Peter Parker?" Mary Jane asked. "The same Peter who would skip lunch to go to the science lab, Peter?"

"Yeah, some guy and two girls," Flash was oblivious to Mary Jane wincing at that last part, "they're a bunch of more eggheads...eggheaded than Parker. But they are cool when you get to know them and they must really like Parker if they're friends with him."

"Yeah, it's good that Peter's made some from friends at Horizon," Mary Jane's voice got lower as she looked to her side.

Flash happened to notice, "you okay MJ?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

Flash moved to the opposite side of her, "you look like your sick. Do you need to see the school nurse?"

"No, I'm...I'm okay," Mary Jane did feel herself sweating out of nowhere. Why was she sweating? The school's a/c was on full blast. And she ate a good breakfast. "I'm just going to head on home."

"Need someone to walk with you?"

"I'll be fine," Mary Jane reassured as she went back to her locker, and grabbed her books before leaving the school.

"Okay, I am not fine…"

Mary Jane didn't know girls could sweat this much. She didn't know that she could sweat this much. She was only walking and she felt like a faucet with each step. It was near the end of the school year, but it still wasn't the time for some weather. And from looking at everyone else she appeared to be the only one sweating like crazy.

'Just make it to the Subway MJ and then to your home at 3245 Alameda Street—'

She suddenly felt a headache. Only, it did not feel like a headache. No pain, just a sort of tingling feeling, and the vibrations were growing louder— A car horn sounded off.

Mary Jane turned and it was if the world around her was moving in slow-motion. Then she saw the taxi cab heading straight for her. She was scared and wanted to move. She did move. She moved, but not out of the way of the taxi.

Mary Jane took a leap over the taxi cub, flipped over it, and landed on her feet.

'Wha—what the heck was that?' She looked at her hands and then the rest of her body. Then she turned to the crowd of people who were applauding her. She smiled nervously, "gymnastics…"

She felt another buzz and moved out of the streets.

Philip Watson and Madeline Watson only saw a flash of red, gold, and blue as their daughter immediately ran upstairs.

Mary Jane ran into the bathroom and looked at the hand that was bitten by the spider. She could have sworn there was a red knot there before she made it home. And she recalled from the time a spider bit her father that it takes time for the swelling to go down. Not to mention leaping over a taxi cab. Of course, Mary Jane did participate in the cheerleading routines and other exercises as part of being Midtown High's Tiger Mascot, but even she wasn't good enough to leap over a taxi cab like that. That was almost—

"Mary Jane are you okay?" her father asked from downstairs.

"Yeah dad, I'm…I'm just trying to see if this bug that was in my look bit me or not!"

"Well if it itches uses the calamine lotion and a bag of ice. It'll help the swelling go down and ease the itching. By the way, your schools in the evening NEWS. You didn't tell us that a creature interrupted the football."

"It must have slipped my mind," Mary Jane inspected herself in the mirror, "everyone's been saying that it was from Horizon High because that Max Modell guy showed up after Spider-Man stopped it."

Mary Jane realized something after mentioning Spider-Man, 'No...that's just...no...but could I…'

"Honey, is that really you leading everyone with that airhorn?" Her mother asked.

"Yeah, mom!" Mary Jane left the bathroom and moved toward her room. "Spider-Man needed everyone to blow theirs and I just guided them."

"I guess that makes you a hero like Spider-Man," her chuckled, "I'm recording this to the DVR so we can remember this moment. Our daughter, the superhero."

"Go me!" Mary Jane said as she closed the door to her room.

She looked at the palm of her hands and placed one against the wall. She pulled away from it slowly and grasped her hand. Then she kicked her shoes off and took off her socks, getting a feel of the floor with her bare soles just as she did with her hand and the wall. Something was different, something felt different.

'Something is different.'

Mary Jane took off her Midtown High jacket, stretched her muscles, stood with her feet shoulder-width apart, raised her arms, squatted, and did a backflip. Only she did not land on her feet or on the floor of her bedroom.

She landed on the ceiling; above her bed and near the poster of Ross Caliban on the wall at the head of her bead.

'Definitely different…'

Not the second Spider-Man story I was expecting to write. For the most part, I didn't outline this story, but I have ideas listed in an order I want to write them.

For Mary Jane's portrayal, I'm going with her easy-going personality with bits inspired by her mainstream, ultimate, and PS4 game counterparts. I know her relationship with her father is different between different media, but I decided to have him actually be a good father since Mary Jane usually or wishes that they could have made up after getting better.

The story will follow the events seen in the show, but with Mary Jane being the spider it'll cause some divergences. Spider-Island, Superior, and Goblin Wars will turn out different than in canon.