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Alex has lost Harper

Alex is now 166 years old, but she still look like 28 since she is a full wizard and as such is almost immortal and can look forward to being strong and sexy for at least 50 more years, maybe more.

Today she is sad though because her best friend Harper is dead.

Using magic, Alex has has extended Harper's life, but since Harper is mortal, Alex couldn't make Harper live as long as Alex herself.

It feels really abd for Alex to lose Harper.

Ever since kindergarten, the 2 of them have been best friends.

Alex still has her husband Mason and her daughter Bella, but it still hurt a lot to lose Harper.

"Harps, I'll never forget you." says Alex as she close Harper's coffin.

Justin and Mason place Harper's coffin in her grave.

"She is gone...I can't believe it." says Alex in a very sad tone.

Alex cry a bit.

"Why did she have to die? Harper was so sweet." says Alex.

"You knew she couldn't survive as long as you. As a mortal that would have been impossible." says Justin.

"I did know, but she didn't deserve to of all people was worth eternal life." says Alex.

"Perhaps she was. Things are not always fair though." says Justin.

"That I'm aware of. I don't like the fact." says Alex.

"Neither do I, Alex." says Justin.

"Guess this is the downside to being full wizard, to see your mortal friends die while you yourself is still strong and healthy." says Alex.

"Sort of, yes. It's the price we gotta pay for our nearly unlimited magic powers." says Justin.

"For once I almost wish I wasn't a wizard." says Alex.

"I'm sure that feeling won't last long. You've always enjoyed having magic." says Justin.

"And I still do, but not even all my magic could keep Harper alive. Despite all of my mganificent magic, I was unable to stop Harper from growing old and weak and then die. What is out powers truly worth if we cannot help those we love?" says Alex.

"We were blessed with magic in order to do good, but it's alos a huge responsibility. All wizards must try to use their powers to make the world a better place for everyone, wizards and mortals alike. That's our pimary purpose in life, to use magic for the benefit of all, not just ourselves." says Justin.

"True, but we should be able to use magic to help the people we care about." says Alex.

"No wizard should try to stop what is meant to be. Mortals are mortals, they are supposed to die eventually. Unlike us they are not meant to live for several hundreds of years. Nature attempts to keep the magic / mortal population ratio kinda 50 / 50 so Earth won't be overpopulated by immortal wizards. If there was a higher number of wizards than mortals there would't be enough space on the planet for all of them. This is one of the reasons for the introduction of the family wizard rule. It's intended to make sure that there are only a certain amount of full wizards at one time." says Justin.

"Before that rule, was there much more full wizards?" says Alex.

"Yes and it caused a lot of major problems. The number of full wizards were to large and many of them became dangerous with all of their great magic powers so the wizard government enforced the rule of family wizards and the concept around it, such as the family wizard competition and family wands to make sure that there were only a limited amount of full wizards around and it worked. The world became much more peaceful." says Justin.

"I understand, but it doesn't feel fair that so many are born magical, only to be dommed to a simple mortal life." says Alex.

"Maybe so, but if all wizards were allowed to gain full wizard magic it would also create a serious threat. Some wizards would use their magic in a negative way. It's better that full magic only goes to to people who have proven themselves worthy by claiming victory in the family wizard competition." says Justin.

"You're probably right. I just think it's a bit sad that some wizards never get to feel what it's like having full magic." says Alex.

"That's a good point, but not all wizards deserve the honor of full wizard magic." says Justin.

"Do I deserve my magic?" says Alex.

"Yes, of course. You won your full powers fair and square with honor. You've earned it." says Justin.

"Thanks. Sometimes I don't feel like I deserve my power?" says Alex.

"Relax. You do deserve your magic and so do I. Sure, I lost to you in our wizard competition, but since Professor Crumbs believed me to be a righful replacement for him, I was allowed full magic as well so I deserve it too, Alex." says Justin.

"I think you deserve it much more than me. You've always been a way better wizard than I could even dream of being." says Alex.

"Not entirely true, sister. You are a good wizard. That's why you won over me and Max." says Justin.

"Okay." says Alex.

Justin doesn't look like he has eternal youth like Alex do, but that's not because his magic is lesser than that of Alex. It is because he has chosen to look older, but his voice is still mostly the same and he may look kinda weak, but he's not.

Full wizards can decide if they wanna look young forever or age visually.

Alex did of course pick the option of looking hot forever.

Male full wizards who doesn't know that Alex is married often flirt with her.

She doesn't wear her wedding ring in the open so people cannot be balmed for thinking that she's a single lady.

Alex has put an enchantment on her wedding ring so that it is invisible most of the time and only can be seen when she want it to.

"Mom, you're an amazing wizard." says Bella.

"Thanks, Bella." says Alex.

Bella is also a full wizard.

Since she never had any siblings, Bella got full powers by default, but she has shown over the years that she deserve it.

The End.