This is a new story that me and a couple of friends decided to write because who doesn't love some Kili whump, and brotherly feels? I do NOT hold back on the hurt Kili, I let him have it because I'm mean. ;) Protective Thorin is also so cute to write! Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy chapter one, and let me know what you think! Our writing skills have improved worryingly much since we first started writing about three months ago, so this is more descriptive than any other works. Read on!

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Icy wind slashed at Thorin's face, rain dancing it's evil dance upon his head as he tried to gather his bearings, all the while sprinting through the forest faster than he thought he had ever moved in his life. He ran aimlessly through the trees and the leaves that were skidding at the wind that his legs and the air provided, as he sought out any form of track that could help his brother avoid the inevitable doom that Thorin had no doubt that he was about to receive. It pained him. It pained him more than words could describe. That orc, that creature, that monster, was going to pay for every bit of pain that was forced upon his little brother - that he vowed a very long while ago. The sword in it's sheath banged repeatedly against the bow that was laced across his back, as he stumbled down the path, the holes in his worn out boots turning his feet into blocks of ice.

Brother. Where in Mahal's name are you?!

The sound of a blood - curdling, absolutely horrific yet familiar scream vibrated in his ears and he peeked around the side of a tree at his little brother lying on the floor, Yaznug holding a knife above him. Thorin growled under his breath and silently unhooked his bow, notching an arrow and pulling the string back. He released. It missed. It missed Yaznug's filthy head, and the knife was brought down to end his brothers life. Thorin's heart shattered into a million little pieces as he looked away, trying to control his tears. This was his fault, and his alone. He whipped his head back and forth when he could bring himself to look back at the scene, and could see the filth nowhere. He cried in frustration and collapsed to his knees beside Frerin's body.

"Thorin?" He asked weakly, looking down at the knife imbedded in his stomach and his blood stained tunic.

"Frerin, hold on. I'm here, please hold on." Thorin for once let tears run down his face as he observed the scar embedded on his brothers face. It was the most horrifying scar he had ever seen, that started on his forehead and ventured down the side of his face, under his eye and ended under his lip. Thorin choked on his own shocked spit on laying his eyes on it.

"Frerin, hold on, please." Thorin begged, and watched helplessly as the life drained from his little brothers eyes. He let out a wail, and stood up angrily as he stalked into the woods. The anger seared through his veins, and in this moment he felt no other emotion. All he wanted was to end the life of that creature.

"Yaznug! You were too cowardly to fight me! Come out you beast!" He yelled, and to his surprise the orc actually stepped out from behind a tree, and Thorin drew his sword, and watched as Yaznug cackled.

"That is not the last pain I shall inflict upon your people, let me tell you that now. I gave Frerin the offer to fight me or stay as mine. But he decided to foolishly fight me, so it's his fault he died, not mine."

"You bastard!" Thorin screamed, charging at Yaznug who blocked the blow with ease. He brought a hammer on Thorin's back and Thorin crumbled to the ground.

"Don't you see? You will never kill me, even if you wanted to. Deep down you know that I made Frerin's life complete - he felt the connection that we shared too." Yaznug just shrugged before laughing. Thorin stood up on shaky legs and picked up his sword, holding it out defensively. The orc lunged at him, and Thorin stumbled back before stepping hastily to the side, and grabbing a knife out of his boot, as Yaznug jumped on top of him and knocked him to the ground. Thorin quickly stabbed his knife into Yaznug's shoulder who roared, but it didn't take long for him to recover as Thorin stood up, Yaznug grabbing his neck and forcing his back to hit a tree in the process, the bark causing holes to chip into his tunic. Thorin sword was knocked out of his hand and he cursed under his breath. He struggled in Yaznug's death grip on his neck, and saw only one option left. He yanked the knife out of Yaznug's shoulder and before the orc could react he plunged the sharp knife into one of the filthy creatures eyes. Yaznug made a noise in between a squeal and a roar, and Thorin let himself fall to the ground and relax for a moment, but when he looked back up Yaznug had gone.

Thorin couldn't bring himself to move though, and as he tried to stand on two shaky legs he realized that he couldn't stay awake any longer and he let darkness engulf him as his body made hard contact with the ground.

"Thorin? Thorin? Are you okay?" Balin. Thorin slowly opened his eyes and squinted at the brightness. He felt no ground beneath him, as it had seemingly evolved into a mattress. He was in a bed. He slowly moved his arms and was about to sit up when he felt two hands on his shoulders pushing him back down.

"Your not ready for that yet." Dwalin. He saw Oin gathering some healing supplies and walking over to him, shining a bright torch in his eye.

"Quit it!" He mumbled and Oin complied, before hurrying away to grab some tools.

"How are yer feeling?" Dwalin asked.

"I'm fine." Thorin mumbled, and then he remembered and it felt as though his entire world had collapsed around him. His eyes widened with worry and he looked around the room, feeling tears form in his eyes.

"Frerin?" he asked, looking at Balin, who shook his head sadly. Thorin sat up, despite everyone's protests and he put his face in his hands. He had failed. The little brother, who he had promised to protect, was dead. The grief was overwhelming, causing a nauseating pain, like a nightmare that he couldn't shake off. Dwalin sighed deeply, and Thorin could certainly detect sadness in it.

"I swear Thorin, that creature will have met the end of my axe by the time our lives are over." Dwalin promised, banging a fist to the table whilst Balin put a hand on his shoulder sadly.

Thorin growled deeply. "He will die."

After the funeral of his brother, Thorin spent most of his time in his room by himself, sitting with huddled up feet and buried in the corner of the sofa, tearing and twisting something with his slender, nervous fingers and gazing intently and fixedly at whatever his eyes chanced to fall on. If he wasn't doing this, he was angrily getting his hands on any sword possible and sharpening it, before chucking it to the side to clank in a large pile and taking more. Dis slipped quietly into her brothers room, and sighed putting her hands on her hips. He straightened his head before looking back down, leaning backwards against the wall.

"You know, sitting here all day isn't going to bring him back." She told him, sitting down next to him.

"He shouldn't be gone, sister. I am sorry I missed the shot. It was my fault, if I had jus..."

"Thorin Oakenshield! if you finish that sentence I will slit your petty throat. This was not your fault! I know how much Frerin meant to you - he meant everything to me too, but now we have to live on for him. He will always hold a place in our hearts, and.." She looked down at her belly and smiled slightly, breathing a small laugh. "And this baby will wish he or she had met his or her amazing uncle Frerin. Thorin, you've grieved before, and you can do it now. We will avenge him - Yaznug will die, you know nobody will feel safe to live until that filth dies." She told him.

Thorin nodded, smiling at his sister. She was right. He was being selfish. "And I have you. I don't know what I would do without you." He said, and Dis grinned as she embraced him. Thorin was never one to let out his emotions unless it was someone he cared for deeply. He pulled away and sighed which sounded like a hiss through his clenched teeth. "You are right, we cannot bring him back, and the Durin line will continue to live in his name. He will not be of any harm to this new babe." Thorin told her and she smiled.

"It's exciting. I've never had a child before." She murmured.

"What about names?" Thorin asked, deciding to change the subject to something happier that could lift their spirits.

"If it's a girl, Villi likes Falglia. If a boy, Fili." She replied, and Thorin smiled.

"I love them." He said, and helped Dis up as she exited the room and he looked out of the window with a sigh. Yaznug, I will kill you.

If it's the last thing I do.

Chapter one! Poor Frerin :( I can imagine Dis being a really nice lil sis tho! What do you think? Next chapter will be a bit of a time jump.