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Story takes place in Omniverse.

Ben was heading to the ship to stop Attea's plan, but Charmcaster was following him to stop Ben.

When Ben arrived at the ship, Attea saw him and started to attack.

Ben turned into Ditto to defeat the Incursean Army, Ditto defeated the Incursean Army.

Attea used her Incursean Blaster to atack Ben but Ben turned into Spidermonkey and quickly dodged her attacks.

Suddenly Charmcaster appearaed and started costing a spell, causing both of them to pass out.

Ben woke up and he thought he have lost.

Incurseans: Empress Attea, wake up.

Ben: Attea?

Incursean: That's your name Empress.

Ben noticed he was wearing a glove.

Ben quickly looked at the mirror and he was surprised.

Ben: What? Am ı... What happened?!