Ben: I have to find to find who caused all of this.

Ben was heading towards Pyros.

When Ben arrived at the Pyros, he have found Vilgax.

Vilgax was willing to find the Omnitrix but he also saw Ben and wanted help from him, but when Ben disagreed, Vilgax punched him and Ben passed out.

Ben: Where am ı?

Vilgax: You are trapped Attea, your weapons cannot do anthing to this Prison Cell.

Ben: Oh great.

Vilgax: I will leave you here.

Ben: What can ı do now?

Ben used his tongue and was able to destroy the Prison Cell but it turns out that Vilgax made the Prison Cell knowingly weak to see Attea's actions and prevent her from escaping by doing the same thing.

Vilgax easily defeated Ben.

Ben was in the Prison Cell once again.