Today is beautiful day, weather is sunny with soft summer wind. Birds are chirping, people talking and going trough theirs routines, and cars are honking. If someone was to describe atmosphere of this place, it will be positive.
Vytal festival is going to be there soon. People are preparing and helping each other, they put maximum effort into it. If you looked at their faces, you will see smiles. That is not true for person looking from window of abandonded warehouse. This person have hard task, one that they intend to finish.

Their code name is John Smith. Mr. Smith is wearing black military style suit with face mask and his weapon of choice is scoped Coilgun that fires 35 mm projectiles at speed 60 000 m/s. There is no amount of aura that will protect you from this, one shot is enough to turn your torso into mince. This weapon was chosen for single purpose, as a revenge. Mr Smith smiles as he sees his target come near the shop.

"Ruby, slow down, that upgrade won't run anywhere," said female with lilac eyes and blonde waist-long hair to female with black and read cloack. Ruby turn around and narrow her eyes.
"Yang, you know how long I waited for it! I will not let anything stop me!" Ruby replied to her sister. She turned and started walking much slower. They were closing in to the shop.


Everything went silent for moment, then everyone started screaming and running away. Ruby was looking around for the bad guy, but weak voice stopped her, "R..R..Ruby?"
Ruby looked behind herself with look of raw terror. Yang was sitting on the ground with shocked face. Ruby couldn't move, she just looked at the bleeding stump that used to be her sister's right arm. Just as she snapped out of it and went to help Yang, her head exploded and she heard another loud explosion. Ruby dropped to her knees next to her sister with tears in her eyes and cryed, it was cry of anguish, pain and rage.

Mr. Smith was recording the whole thing, he put his gear into his pocket dimension and took normal looking suit. He disappeared in alleyways. He kept walking, changing direction several times, and after thirty minutes he was in his base of operation. He pulled out his scroll and called, it ringed few times before it was answered.

"Who the fuck are you?! Do you know who I am?" Said female voice. There was edge to it that will make normal man shit themself, Mr. Smith was anything but normal.
Mr. Smith smiled, "I know who you are Raven Branwen, and before you start talking I want to let you know something very important."

"Do tell." It was an order from, one that Mr. Smith will do to the letter.

"You took someone important from me, now I did the same," said Mr. Smith in cold tone, receiving passive agressive 'what' from bandit. He just smiled and send her the video.
After 30 seconds of silence Raven Branwen roared loud enough to shatter glass, Mr. Smith just laughed and crushed the Scroll with his bare hands.

Mission accomplished, next target Adam Taurus