Hi I'm Bella I am a totally normal girl, I have a boyfriend I eat almost every food. Well not really I am a witch but i am also Selena Gomez one thing is that tomorrow my school is having a concert and i am supposed to be on stage , the school knows that someone from the school is famous but doesn't know who, also I haven't told Edward that i am famous and i think that he wont like me anymore because of fame and the paparazzi. I have to go to sleep and i will hope that i can think of a way to tell Edward this. Tomorrow is national witch day which means that all the witches get there full powers which makes me nervous again cause my eyes will go a dark purple and blue which will marble together.


I am so nervous I must go to look in the mirror at my eyes to see what they look like.

"AGHHHH!" I screamed because they look exactly like what i told you purple and blue and marble together ahh whats Edward going to think now that my chocolate brown eyes have changed into this.

I got into my new style of fashion which i am so glad that Alice didn't pick out my clothes for today that would have sucked.

Next I got in my truck and drove to school. I saw around about 60 people with cameras as i parked up and got out all the camera's flashed at me and loads of people were screaming "OH ITS SELENA OMG OMG!" which made me really embarrassed because all the Cullen's were standing there like all shocked then i saw my friends that i thought i would never see again it was Ashley and Mackenzie, Mackenzie was a model and Ashley was an actress, they screamed when they saw me and came running to give me a hug.

"ITS BEEN SOO LONG!" Ashley screamed so excited to see me then Edward and the Cullen's came over and i blushed as Edward came and put and arm around me.

"Bella why is everyone going like OMG ITS SELENA thing?" Edward asked "OMG WHY ARE YOUR EYES PURPLE?! I must call Carlisle!" He said

"NO!" me and my friends screamed at Edward.

"I will explain come!" I said taking his hand and leading him over to my car.

"Alright don't get mad, I am a witch and today its national witches day that is why my eyes are purple and blue! Also i am... Selena Gomez!" i admitted glumly and starting to sob into Edward, he wrapped his arms around me for comfort. "I was afraid that you wouldn't like me anymore!" I cried into him then Alice came over.

"Bella are you alright?" She asked trying to get to an angle so that she could see my face.

"Alice I am not alright can you please grab the other Cullen's?" I asked trying to stop my sobs.

"Guys don't be mad. Firstly i am a witch and that is why my eyes are purple because today is national witches day and i am...Selena Gomez." I admitted to them all the started crying into Edward again. "I was scared that you woldnt like me anymore"

"Bella did you really think that we wouldn't like you anymore? That would never happen EVER!" Emmett said sternly then i heard someone announce that the concert would be starting very soon.

"Guys I will see you after, i need to get ready for the concert!" I said giving Edward one last hug.

When i reached the back of the stage I quickly met my band members and got changed into my outfit which was a black T-shirt, black ripped jeans and my Edward necklace and put some of my makeup on then i told the band what song we would be performing which is Still into you by Paramore and they were ready and we walked out on stage and everyone clapped, screamed, and cheered

Can't count the years on one hand that we've been together

I need the other one to hold you

Make you feel, make you feel better

Its not a walk in the park to love each other

But when our fingers interlock, can't deny, can't deny, your worth it

Cause after all this time

I'm still into you

I should be over all the butterflies but I'm into you, I'm into you

And even baby on our worst nights

I'm into you, I'm into you

Let 'em wonder how we got this far

cause i don't really need to wonder at all

Yeah, after all this time

I'm still into you

Recount the night I first met your mother

And on the drive back to my house i told you that, i told you that i loved ya

You felt the weight of the world fall off your shoulder

And to your favorite song we sang along, to the start of forever

And after all this time
I'm still into you

I should be over all the butterflies but I'm into you, I'm into you
And even baby our worst nights
I'm into you, I'm into you
Let 'em wonder how we got this far,
'Cause I don't really need to wonder at all
Yeah after all this time
I'm still into you

Some things just, some things just make sense
And one of those is you and I
Some things just, some things just make sense
And even after all this time

I'm into you
Baby not a day goes by that I'm not into you

I should be over all the butterflies but I'm into you, I'm into you
And even baby our worst nights
I'm into you, I'm into you
Let 'em wonder how we got this far,
'Cause I don't really need to wonder at all
Yeah after all this time
I'm still into you
I'm still into you

I walked off stage and feeling VERY nervous about what Edward and his family thought of my performance. I met him and the family just left of the stage and Edward pulled me into a hug.

"You did great Bella!" He said happily. I looked up and started smiling at him.

"Let's go home and we can talk about this and you can let it all out!" he said guiding me to the car.

I was very quiet on the drive home because I was very nervous about what i would say to them.

We pulled up and Edward let me inside just as i started sobbing again, when Carlisle and Esme saw me sobbing they rushed over to see what was wrong.

"Bella are you alright?" They asked I didn't respond so Edward did for me.

"We need to have a very important chat guys!" Edward said still holding me to him as we walked into their oversized living area.

"So i am very sorry and guilty for wha i have done to you all and i have lied lots of times and i am not showing my true self!" I said trying not to sob into Edward any more but it was difficult since i had been lying for amost the 8 years i had been with Edward. "I am Selena Gomez!" I admitted then the guilt that i felt all came to me i just weeped. "I am sorry for everything but there is one more thing i have to say..." i couldn't say it.

"What is it love?" Esme asked trying to see my eyes.

"I'm a...Witch" i admitted and everyone gasped, i was so embarrassed that i ran up to Edwards room which was on the third floor of the house and grieved until Rosalie came in and hugged me close to her cold stone body.

"Shhh, we all forgive you its alright!" she said calmingly rocking me back and fourth soothingly.

"I..i...i can't stop crying" I said then i felt practically ill and sick. "Sick.. I feel sick!" i said and Rosalie ran at vampire speed to grab a bucket so that i could vomit and i heaved up everything that i had eaten in the last few hours.

"Let me get Carlisle!" Rosalie said then ran downstairs and was back up in 2 seconds with Carlisle and Edward at her heels, i suspected that I looked like crap right now.

"I heard that you just vomited am I correct?" Carlisle asked sweetly as Edward came and sat next to my side.

"Bella what are you thinking right now?" Edward asked

"Do you want to know?" I asked raising an eyebrow at him

"Please tell me" he said

"I don't have to tell you don't go all crazy!" i said then shut my eyes and said

"A trace of Paternity clothes so dear, A lock of hair come to me come read my mind!" I said then opened my eyes.

"Holy cow!" Edward yelled smiling at me.

"There you go but if you get annoying then I will undo the spell, I am warning you!" I said pointing a finger at him

"Yes Bells" He obeyed

"Bella how do you feel now?" Carlisle asked taking my wrist and feeling my pulse.

"Fine now." I replied "Can I please go downstairs now?" I asked

"Yes" Carlisle replied and I jumped up and ran down the stairs.

"WE FORGIVE YOU!" The whole family yelled making me jump right out of my skin.

"Thanks guys! Now because I am a witch i can cast spells! Any questions?" I asked

"Mee mee!" Emmett yelled jumping up and down in his seat.

"Yes Emmett?" I asked

"Well can you show me some magic please" He asked

"Yes what do you want me to show you or do for you?" I asked

"Make me levitate please!" He boomed laughing probably hoping that I would say yes to doing that.

"Sure give me a minute" i said then shut my eyes and moved my hands and said

"Wake me up,

Bid my blood to run,

I can't wake up

Before I come undone

Save me

Save me from nothing

I've become!" Then Emmett lifted up into the air and everyone clapped and cheered then i put him back down.

"Anymore questions?" I asked

"YES!" They all yelled "MAKE US HAVE 999 BILLION DOLLARS!" They all said

"Ok someone get onto the bank and you will see it go up!" I said then Alice got up and went into the Cullen's bank and everyone crowded around her while i did my spell.

"By the power of the moon and positivity

Bring now to me wealth and prosperity

Bring forth to me

With harm to none

So mote it be" I said then I heard everyone scream the loudest scream that Australia probably heard it, there it was 999 Billion dollars in the bank.

"Edward its getting late I think I might go to bed see you guys in the morning!" I said waving goodnight with the hand that wasn't holding my phone in, Edward followed me up to his room where the huge bed that he ha gotten me for my birthday so that I could have a non disturbed sleep when I was at his house. I slumped onto the bed and Edward laid next to me and we talked and laughed then I didn't hear anything else because I was already fast asleep.


I sat down to an amazing looking meal with the other members of the Cullen family. I was wearing a red short dress which was wavy just like my hair because i had curled my hair since Alice had asked me to. I was just about to pick my wine glass up from the table when I saw something glisten it was a beautiful ring with a big diamond in the Edward got down onto one knee next to me and said

"Bella, When i look into my heart, I see only you. If you look into your heart and only see me, then we should spend the rest of eternity together. I promise you, no one will work harder to make you happy or cherish you more than me. When i think about you, I know that no one else will ever hold my heart the way you do. No matter what you are, Witch, Human, Vampire I will always, always love you. When your sick I will always be there with you to help you through it. We will go through everything together including in the worst of times. Will you marry me?" Edward asked

"Yes!" I said then jumped up and kissed him, this time it was a long kiss probably because we just got ENGAGED! Everyone clapped for us because they knew that a wedding was going to happen soon enough.

"Congratulations!" Alice said "Can I PLEASE do your wedding for you?" I exchanged a glance at Edward

"We'll think about it Alice and thats jot a YES YOU CAN DO OUR WEDDING ITS A WE WILL THINK ABOUT IT!" Edward said sternly

"YAY!" Alice squealed

"ALICE THATS NOT A YES!" Edward said very sternly more sternly than what he did before. I took his hand and squeezed it under the table to try and get him to calm down.

That night I went to bed feeling excited because this was mostly the only time we get together so we can talk and let all our worries and happiness spill out and over until we reached the point where we couldn't not talk about them.

"Where should be have the wedding?" Edward asked

"Well I kinda like the idea of having it here at the house do you?" I asked waiting for his opinion as I laid against his could chest with his cold steel arms wrapped around my body.

"That sounds great because then if Alice does plan the wedding then it will be nice and easy for her to deal with like that idea?" Edward asked

"Sounds amazing Just like you are!" I said kissing him on the lips, then fell asleep feeling absolutely exhausted from the long day that i had just tackled.


I woke up the next morning feeling great and fresh. "Good morning sleepyhead" I heard Edward says and I turned over so I could see his beautiful face with his golden topaz eyes.

"I was thinking that today we tell my friends Ashley and Mackenzie that we got engaged?" I asked wanting to text them right now to tell them that and to say to meet me at the waterfall meadow which is our secret friends place where we go to tell exciting news.

"Yeah that sounds like a great idea!" Edward said excitedly.

Edward left me alone to get dressed and i just put on some simple clothes for today then texted Ashley and Mackenzie to meet me at the Waterfall Meadow at 10am and the accepted right away.

"Edward I am taking you to a special place where only you, Ashley, Mackenzie, and me know about now so don't tell anyone else alright?" I asked

"Alright thats fine. What time are we leaving to go and see them?" Edward asked raising an eyebrow at my which always makes me giggle.

"Maybe in 10 minutes. The girls will go way way OTT about it though just warning you!" I warned sternly so he wouldn't go crazy afterwards.

"Alright." Edward said agreeing to my words.

"I will also block their thoughts from you because they can be thinking of how adorable you are. They always do that about boys when they see them!" I said just letting him know so he wouldn't freak out if he couldn't read their minds.

"Thats fine you can do that!" Edward said taking my hand before we said goodbye to the family for about an hour.

While we were driving I could sense that Ashley and Mackenzie were already there before me and Edward probably because they wanted to see us and not look like they were late. When I pulled up in Edwards Volvo Edward's face was a mixture of shock, amazement, and happiness. I leaned to his ear and whispered "I know its beautiful"

"Hi Bells!" They said both coming to give me a hug and we had one all together.

"I have something VERY important to tell you girls!" I said excitedly looking up at Edward then i realised that Ashley and Mackenzie were bouncing up and down with excitement. Then I blocked their thoughts from Edward as I said I would do.

"Well tell u-" Ashley started but i interrupted her

"We got engaged last night!" I interrupted excitedly and their mouths dropped down because they were so shocked.

"CONGRATULATIONS!" They said hugging me harder. "Can we see the ring?"

"Here" I said pulling my hand out of my fiancée's hand and showing them the beautiful engagement ring