The Right AngleCategory: Harry PotterPairing: DramioneRating: TSummary: Two strangers talk in a run down bar about their hobbies. A war is slowly brewing as the world turns.Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to Harry Potter and this is a gift to my friend. ((You know who you are))Important notes: This is a non-magical AU and the roles are reverse. I wanted to attempt to do something different.~~Story Begins~~

Nothing seemed out of place. The newest model of a phone buzzed on the alcohol and food stained bar counter. The screen gave off an eerily light as it notified the owner of an incoming call from Ron.

A tumber was sat down next to the phone, two square cubes with a tint of an amber color. Emerald nails tapped against the glass as the owner enjoyed the tap tap sound that blended in with the steady beats of the rain. The low volume of the beaten up television showed the local news and weather that promises the residents that there is more rain to come.

The phone had stopped buzzing for a few seconds before it lit up again. This time, the contact that was trying to call was named Harry.

"You must be having a bad night," a velvety voice said from beside her. "That's the tenth time thie Harry person called. Twelve from Ron. Not to mention this Dumbles fellow called five times."

Whiskey eyes glance to their neighbor to meet grey eyes that bordered on being silver. The dim lighting of the bar made his yellow hair seem darker in its slick back style.

"Work drama," an angelic voice said as she looked back down at her empty glass. "They NEED me to come into work when I have been working straight these past months. Today was supposed to be the last day of my vacation which I never got to enjoy."

She let out a sigh as she smoothed her brown curly hair down, a feeling of her hair already turning to a frizz mess.

"All I wanted to do for my vacation was read my books, do some research, binge watch some shows, but find the right moment to take a shot."


"Hermione, what are you?" a man with ginger curly hair sain with a whine to his voice. "We have already collected all the evidence from the crime scene. I'm hungry and was supposed to be home an hour ago for supper.""Ron, I was supposed to be on vacation this full month," Hermione said with a determination in her eyes as she held up a camera. "So just because you are late for supper doesn't mean that you get to ditch work."She snapped a photo of a graffiti art on the wall which Ron rolled his eyes at. He mumbled to his partner whose black hair hid a scar that resembled a lightning bolt."I swear she's gone mental, Harry," Ron whispered."That's enough," Hermione said in a loud voice that made the two men stand up straight. She shoved the camera at Ron's chest. "Good luck solving the case on your own. Tell Dumbledore that I am not returning work, I am going to enjoy my vacation."


"The right moment?" the male asked as the bartender refilled the females class.

"Yes," she said with a wistful smile. "That moment when everything just lines up to create a beautiful shot. Where you just get this wonderful little feeling that the universe is looking out for you to make everything line up."

He nodded his head and raised his own glass to his lips. "I understand what you are talking about completely. That moment when you just feel like nothing can get in between you and the target that is in your focus."

"Yes, exactly," she said with a smile. "Finally, someone who understands what I'm talking about."


"Dumbledore is getting to close to us," a man with black curl hair and dark eyes said as he paced the length of the room.A man with blonde stylish hair and silver eyes leaned against the wall as he watched the man pace. Those older than the both of them kneeled at the floor with black capes on to hide their identity."Sir, perhaps we should lay low for now," one of the coverer figures said. "Let their trail on us go cold.""You imbecile," the pacing man said with a sharp hiss. "If we did that than Dumbledore would think he won with his precious golden trio.""Tom," the man with the blonde hair said. "May I offer a plan in private? We have been in this meeting for fifteen minutes and just running around in circles."Tom looked at him with a glare. He looked over at his other followers and waved them off in dismissal. Once they were out of the room, Tom turned his focus on the other person in the room."What is this plan of yours, Draco?""I have already met one of the golden trio," Draco said with a smirk. "She is quite fed up with her friends and boss. Let us stay on the downlow for now while I try to wiggle my way into her life. I mean, more than just going to a seedy bar that serves good food while listening to her complain about being taken advantage."Draco got out of his phone and typer something up. Within minutes, Tom's own phone beeped."I just sent you all the information over who I think should be our newest target," Draco said. "I'm sure you wouldn't mind who it is."Tom opened his phone to check the message.

Dolores Umbridge


The man placed his elbow on the counter and leaned his head on his open palm. "That wonderful feeling of using your favorite lens in order to get the right angle."

She clapped her hands together in joy. "You have no idea over how long I have been wanting someone to talk to over my own hobbies. Instead of just bloody sports and whats for supper. Tell me, do you prefer taking shots in the day or night?"

"Night. There is always something so mysterious about the way the shadows form."

"Agree, but I prefer the daytime. The way the natural light takes over."

The television started to show some breaking news.


"Sir?" Draco said with a single blink to show his confusion."I do believe that I made your next target clear. You are to eliminate one Mr. Harry James Potter," Tom Riddle said. "His police unit is getting too close to use. Truthfully, I'm sure once he's dead, Mr. Weasley will abandon our case. Am I clear?""Yes, sir, but may I speak my mind?""What is it?""Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley are not who you should be targeting," Draco said.Tom Riddle raised an eyebrow at Draco."The person who you should be targeting is the criminal profiler, Ms. Hermione Granger. She is the one who is has been putting the clues together for those two idiots. Sheriff Dumbledore has been pretty much using her for her brains and gives the credit to Potter and Weasley.""Please, spare me the useless rattle and tell me what you are trying to say," Tom said with a roll of his eyes."The Death Eaters should focus on Ms. Hermiome Granger. Not as a target, but as a potential recruit. She's brilliant and her college scores are equal to ours."Tom went to say something but Draco raised his hand up to silence him."Yes, I have been talking to her and scouting her. She believes in my trust that I won't tell anyone in the police department, but she's thinking of quitting. She's tired of being under appreciated for her work as a profiler among other duties and just wants to focus on her own research and photography. As she said, she 'bluntly hates Dumbledore with every nerve in her body.'"Tom puts his hands together and rested his chin on top of them. His eyes showing interest in the topic. "How do you think she will benefit us?"Grey eyes stared into dark eyes without a single emotion in their depths."It's simple, Tom," Draco said. "Our last four targets, she had tried to push for them to be placed behind bars. She showed me some of her binders of them and they were categorized and had enough evidence to proof they are guilty in the court of law. Dumbledore told her that she didn't have enough to make a case."Draco shrugged. "You hate Dumbledore, she hates Dumbledore, I hate her two so-called best friends. Not only will she make our target selection smoother, but we take her away from the authorities and Dumbledore's image of a capable police force to the media will shatter like a glass castle.""There's something you aren't telling me," Tom said. "You wouldn't recruit anyone unless there is a benefit to you.""She promised me a date if I can get her to join the Death Eaters. Plus -"Tom let out a sigh. "She's here, isn't she?""I hope you don't mind me intruding," a voice said from behind Draco. "However, poor Draco really didn't have much of a choice."


"Police Chief Dumbledore has been found dead in his office," the newcaster said as the coverage of breaking news filled the bar.

Somewhere in the far corner of the bar, a patron raised his beer stein in the air with a cheer.

The man's phone buzzer and he pulled it out of his pocket. A smile lit up his eyes

"Tell me, are you ready to leave the town? Tom has everything ready for us, Hermione," the man said.

"More than ever, Draco," Hermione said.

They left the bar together, a phone left on the bar counter as it buzzed again with a call from Harry.